Things to Do in Jinan

Jinan, the City of Springs, is well known for its abundance of clear springs, as well as many other beautiful natural tourist sites.

There are already 72 registered springs (the famous one Baotu Spring) throughout the city and there are even more that have not yet been registered or discovered by tourists.

We’ve been selecting our favorite Jinan attractions, and are still trying to find everything worth visiting in the Spring City. Do your best to enjoy all of them if you have enough time!

Jinan Attractions Map

  • Top Attractions
Baotu Spring Park

No.1: Baotu Spring Park

Type: Natural Park

Grand Event: Springs Cultural Festival from Sep.25 to Oct.25

Recommended Length of Visit: 1-2 hours

Jinan is called the hometown of springs, and among all the springs, Baotu Spring is the most outstanding one, which enjoys the reputation as the No.1 spring in the world.

The Baotu Spring Park is just located in the middle of the current Central Business District of Jinan City, with the famous Baotu Spring in its center. It also features more than 30 other springs, some of the most popular being Shuyu Spring, Liuxu Spring, Xibo Spring and Dukang Spring etc. While strolling in the park, you will appreciate a remnant of historical beauty that survived the ravages of development. It is always crowded at weekend and during festivals.

Daming Lake

No.2: Daming Lake

Type: Historic Scenic Area

Grand Event: Daming Lake Lotus Festival in July & Aug.

Recommended Length of Visit: 2 hour

Daming Lake is a natural lake formed from nay springs, and the Park of Daming Lake is regarded as one of the TOP 3 attractions in Jinan.

In spring, the colors are fabulous with lots of different blossoms. In summer, many lotuses are growing uninhibitedly filling half of the park with its fragrant scent, the lakeside weeping willow is in accordance with depending on, the flowers and trees are luxuriant and well-spaced. It is a good place for a leisurely walk, and you can also go on boats here to get across. There are also some historic heritages in the park, like the Tie Xuan Temple and Beiji Temple.

Spring City Square

No.3: Spring City Square

Type: Other

Recommended Length of Visit: 0.5-1 hour

Embraced by mountain, spring, river and city, Spring City Square is the central city of Jinan.

Looking around, you can have look at the city old in the north, see Baotu Spring spurting or flowing slowly in the west, looking into distance at the verdant Thousand Buddha Mountain stretching along in the south and look ahead the Liberation Pavilion fresh and elegant as a picture in the east.

Black Tiger Spring

No.4: Black Tiger Spring

Type: Hot Springs/ Geysers

Recommended Length of Visit: 1-2 hour

The Black Tiger Spring is ranked as the second most significant among the 72 named springs in Jinan (after Baotu Spring). The spring water rises from a cave and cascades from three stone animal heads, dropping from a height of 28 meters into a stone pool that is 13 meters long and nine meters wide. Winds emit a terrifying roar as they blow through the cave where the water flows out; therefore, the spring got its name of Heihu (Black Tiger).

Better yet, the spring is located right next to the Hucheng River, as well as several other free scenic areas, such as Baishi Spring, Jiunv Spring and Pipa Spring. In the summertime, walking along the river is a great way to cool off during the daytime.

Thousand Buddha Mountain

No.5: Thousand Buddha Mountain (Qianfoshan)

Type: Scenic/ Historic Walking Areas, Nature/ Wildlife Areas, Mountains

Recommended Length of Visit: 3 hours

Thousand Buddha Mountain, as one of the top 3 attractions of Jinan, is located in the south of the city. Atop the small mountain, you could overlook the Spring City on clearer days.

The mountain is adorned with temples, caves, pavilions, terraces, towers, and Buddhas. Scenic spots include Thousand-Buddha Cliff, Xingguochan Temple, Tang-Dynasty Pagoda Tree Pavilion, Shandong Nine Clouds, and Cloud Passing Zen Temple etc. You can walk up the mountain using the traditional stairs (about 1 hour) or you can use the chair lift to get to the peak. Once you’re ready go back down, you can take the cable car down the mountain.

Five Dragon Pool

No.6: Five Dragon Pool

Type: Parks

Recommended Length of Visit: 1-2 hours

The Five Dragon Pool, located north of Baotu Spring, is truly a hidden gem in the city of Jinan. This park consists of 27 smaller springs in addition to the Five Dragon Pool spring, which is the deepest circulating artisan spring in all of Jinan.

Legend relates the Five Dragon Pool to the Tang Dynasty general Qing Shubao, whose residence is said to have stood at the site. According to the legend, the spring pool formed after torrential rains and submersed Qin Shubao’s home. This tranquil park is with lush greens and ancient Chinese architecture. You could walk on the stone tiled floor, feed fish, and climb to the top of a small building…Just enjoy some leisure time here.

The Terracotta Warriors of Weishan

No.7: The Terracotta Warriors of Weishan

Type: Ancient Ruins

Recommended Length of Visit: 2 hours

Terracotta Warriors of Weishan, Located in the western city of Zhangqiu, is the third largest terracotta army in China.

There are three Han Dynasty Pits. Pit No. 1 is for chariot pits, pit No. 2 is the owner of the tomb and life of the pits, pit No. 3 in addition to the sarcophagus and wooden boxes scattered bones, unearthed some clay pots, pots and other artifacts. The Terracotta Warriors of Weishan is an important archaeological discovery, and the third largest Terracotta Army after Qin Shihuang Terracotta Army and Shaanxi Xianyang Yangjiawan Terracotta Army.

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