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Suzhou Metro - Suzhou Rail Transit

Suzhou Metro is called Suzhou Rail Transit. There will be about 9 rail transit lines in Suzhou with the now operating Line 1 connecting Mudu (木渎) and Zhongnan Street (钟南街) and Line 2 from Qihe (骑河) to Sangtian Dao (桑田岛).

Line 3: Suzhou New District to Yiting Road: about December, 2019

Line 4: Longdaobing to Tongli: about April, 2017

Line 7: Muli to Hongzhuang: about April 2017

Suzhou Metro Maps – Operating Lines

Suzhou Metro Map

Suzhou Metro Map

Rail Transit Line 1 (Green)

Line 1 running from between Mudu in the west and Zhongnan Street in the east mainly passes through Lindun Road, Xiangmen, the Gate of the East (with many starred hotels), etc.

  • Mudu: about 3 km from Mudu Ancient Town (木渎古镇)
  • Lindun Road (临顿路): about 1.4 km from the Master of the Nets Garden (网师园)
  • Xiangmen (相门): about 700 m to Pingjiang Road (平江路)

Rail Transit Line 2 (Red)

Line 2 is from the north to the south between Qihe to Sangtian Dao. This line runs passing Suzhou North Railway Station, Suzhou Railway Station, Shantang Jie, and so on. Also, you can transfer into Line 1 at Guangji Nanlu Stop.

  • Suzhou North Railway Station (高铁苏州北站) – come out from Exit 1 and walk about 50 m to Suzhou North Railway Station
  • Suzhou Railway Station (苏州火车站) – Just under Suzhou Railway Station
  • Shantang Jie (山塘街) – come out from Exit 3 and walk about 100 m to Shantang Street (山塘街)
  • Shilu (石路) – come out from Exit 1 walk about 1000 m to Lingering Garden (留园)
  • Shihu Donglu (石湖东路) – come out from Exit 2 and walk about 260 m to Wuzhong Bus Station (吴中汽车站)

Suzhou Metro Tickets


Ticket fees of Suzhou Rail Transit are various based on the distance and number of stops, which is from RMB 2 to 8.


Apart from the once-ticket, there are other three types of tickets for visitors as following:

1-day ticket:RMB 15; timeless takes within the 24 hours from your first take.
3-day ticket:RMB 35; timeless takes within the 72 hours from your first take.
Monthly tickets:First-time Charge: RMB 60 / 20 times; RMB 85 / 30 times; RMB 130 / 50 times;
Recharge with ticket: RMB 50 / 20 times; RMB 75 / 30 times; RMB 120 / 50 times;
You can take the rail transit for the specific times within the calendar month and can recharge for only once the next month.

Suzhou Metro Operating Time

Line:Line 1Line 2
Operating time:about 6:10-22:30;
about 6.5 min a train
about 6:00-22:10
Peak period
Morning peak:
Evening peak:
Peak period: 7:45-9:00; 17:00-19:00;
about 6 min a train
Peak period
Peak period: 11:00-20:40;
about 5 min a train
about 6 min a train

Warm Tips to Take Suzhou Metro:

1. One adult can take the rail transit with one child (no more than 1.3 m), and pay the ticket of the his/her other child if there are more than one (no more than 1.3 m)

2. Take care of the child especially while passing the turnstiles.

3. Get through the restricted lane under the help of the staff if you take a wheelchair, trolley, baby carriage, large luggage, etc.

4. Flammable, Explosive, poisonous articles are prohibited to take on the train.

5. Bicycles, inflation balloons, animals, etc. are not allowed to take on the train.

6. Smoking, drinking, eating, etc. are not allowed in the train.

Suzhou Metro - Suzhou Subway

Suzhou Rail Transit Tickets

Metro Suzhou

Metro Station of Rail Transit Line 1

Subway Suzhou

Inside Decoration of Suzhou Rail Transit Station

Suzhou Metro

The Carriage of Suzhou Rail Transit Line 1

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[Important] Travel News for Expats: China travel is reopening now! Travel with China Discovery and learn about where to visit & requirements for each destination! Read Details >