How to Get to Yuntai Mountain

Yuntai Mountain is a UNESCO World Geopark in Henan Province, an important cradle of China's civilization. Among Henan's numerous cultural relics and treasures, Yuntai Mountain shows its unique natural beauty. With virgin forest and various waterscape to appreciate, Yuntai Mountain have attracted many nature explorer and photographers. Here we give the up-dated information about how to get to Yuntai Mountain to make you sure you have an efficient trip to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

√ 3 Days Luoyang & Yuntai Mountain Tour

Where is Yuntai Mountain

Yuntai Mountain is located in Xiuwu County, Jiaozuo City, Henan Province (河南省焦作市修武县), about 95 km away from Zhengzhou City, 175 km away from Luoyang City, and 35 km away from Jiaozuo City. Most tourists choose to travel from Zhengzhou and Luoyang City, because of their better-equipped transportation and worthy-visiting attractions.

Zhengzhou to Yuntai Mountain Travel

As the provincial capital and transfer center of Henan Province, Zhengzhou can be reached by flights and high speed trains conveniently. You can take a daily flight from Beijing (about 2h), Shanghai (about 2h), Guangzhou (about 2.5h), Shenzhen (about 2.5h), Chengdu (about 2h), etc., as well as high speed trains from Beijing (about 3h), Xian (about 2h), Shanghai (about 3h), Chengdu (about 2h), Kunming (about 2.5h), etc. Zhengzhou Transportation>

Plan A: Zhengzhou to Yuntai Mountain Long-distance Bus or Private Drive

Usually, there are 2 daily buses operated from Zhengzhou to Yuntai Mountain. One departs from Zhengzhou Center Bus Station (郑州中心站) and takes about 3 hours, while the other departs from Zhengzhou North Bus Station and takes about 2 hours. If you use a private driving service, you can travel from Zhengzhou to Yuntai Mountain within 1.5 ~ 2 hours.

Plan B: Make Transfer in Xiuwu County

It is unavailable to get to Yuntai Mountain by high speed train directly, and you can make transfer in Xiuwu County, which is only 25km away from Yuntai Mountain

Zhengzhou to Xiuwu: There are around 5 daily high speed trains from Zhengzhou Railway Station (located in the downtown) to Xiuwu West Railway Station, with duration of 30 ~ 40 minutes.

Xiuwu to Yuntai Mountain: From Xiuwu West Railway Station, you can take a 30 minutes' tourist bus to Yuntai Mountain directly.

Plan C: Make Transfer in Jiaozuo City

You can also choose a Jiaozuo City as a transfer stop in your Zhengzhou Yuntai Mountain trip.

Zhengzhou to Jiaozuo City: There are about 20 daily highly speed trains running from Zhengzhou Railway Station to Jiaozuo Railway Station as well, taking 30~50 minutes.

Jiaozuo City to Yuntai Mountain: You can take a tourist bus (Referable Departure time: 06:20、07:20, 15:20, 15:50) to Yuntai Mountain, and it cost about 1.5 hours.

Zhengzhou Flights Map Click to Enlarge Zhengzhou Flights Map
Zhengzhou to Yuntai Mountain Map Click to Enlarge Zhengzhou to Yuntai Mountain Map

Luoyang to Yuntai Mountain Travel

Luoyang, known as the capital city of 13 imperial dynasties, is a great tourist destination and great gateway city to Yuntai Mountain as well. You can easily get to Luoyang by flights from Beijing (2h), Shanghai (2-2.5h), Chengdu (2h), Chongqing (1.5h), Guangzhou (2.5h), Shenzhen (2.5h), etc. or high speed trains from Beijing (4-4.5h), Xian (1.5-2h), Zhengzhou (40 min), etc. Read more about Luoyang Transportation>

Plan A: Luoyang to Yuntai Mountain Long-distance Bus

There is one daily long-distance bus running from Luoyang to Yuntai Mountain. It departs from Jinyuan Bus Station (洛阳锦远汽车站) around 9:20 in the morning and takes about 3 hours to reach Yuntai Mountain. If you travel by driving or chartering a private car, it needs only 2.5 hours usually.

Plan B: Make a Transfer in Jiaozuo City

There is no high speed train available from Luoyang to Yuntai Mountain, Jiaozuo City or Xiuwu County. You can only take a normal train to Jiaozuo first and then transfer to Yuntai Mountain.

Luoyang to Jiaozuo City: There are two daily trains from Luoyang to Jiaozuo, one departing from Guanlin Railway Station at 03:32 and the other departing from Luoyang Railway Station at 19:20. The whole train journey needs 2 ~ 2.5 hours.

Jiaozuo City to Yuntai Mountain: After arriving in Jiaozuo, you need another 1.5~2 hours' bus journey to Yuntai Mountain.

Luoyang High Speed Railway Map Click to Enlarge Luoyang High Speed Railway Map
Luoyang to Yuntai Mountain Transfer Map Click to Enlarge Luoyang to Yuntai Mountain Map

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How to Plan A Yuntai Mountain Tour

It is available to spend 1 ~ 2 days touring Yuntai Mountain. If you have only 1 day, you can focus on the natural highlights of this mountain, including Red Rock Gorge, Tanpu Gorge, Quanpu Gorge and Macaque Gorge. If you have another day, you can visit Zhuyu Peak, Diecai Cave and Glass Skywalk.

Undoubtedly, it will be a pity if you travel Henan Province without visiting Luoyang and Shaolin Temple. We suggest you start your tour from Luoyang, where it's worthwhile to spend 1 ~ 2 days visiting its Longmen Grottoes – masterpiece of Buddhist art and White Horse Temple – the oldest Buddhist monastery. On your way from Luoyang to Yuntai Mountain, take a memorable trip to Shaolin Temple to appreciate authentic Shaolin Kung Fu.

If your time allows, you extend your travel to Guoliang Village for the marvelous road hanging on the cliff or Kaifeng to experience the life of ancient Chinese people.

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