Things to Do in Haikou, Haikou Attractions 2024

Haikou, the capital of Hainan Province, has been selected as one of the most charming cities in China. Although it is not as famous as Sanya, it is much quieter than Sanya and the romance of the island is no less. Sailboats looming between the sky and the sea along wide Haikou beaches. Ancient volcanoes are covered with coral-like lava flows, solidifying the past time in silence and comfort. Originated in the Han Dynasty (around 110 BC) and opened as a port in the late Song and the early Yuan dynasties (around 1071 AD), Haikou is also the city with the most historical and cultural charm on Hainan Island.

Strolling along the old street of Haikou at dusk, listening to the tinkling of the tricycle bell from street corners, finding a thriving Laoba Teahouse to take a break, tasting authentic Haikou food and chatting with hospitable local residences, you will find that this is the “Coconut City” you've been dreaming about. This is the quiet and comfortable, retro and nostalgic Haikou.

Top 1: Meet Arcaded Architecture and Taste Delicious Haikou Food at Qilou Old Street

Things to Do in Haikou, Haikou Attractions

Qilou Old Street © qiloulaojie

Things to Do in Haikou, Haikou Attractions

Haikou Qilou Snack Street © 塞外小野/travel.qunar

  • Places to Visit: Qilou Old Street
  • Type: Old Street, Food, Culture
  • Tickets: Free
  • Recommend Length of Visiting: 1~2 hours
  • Location: Deshengsha Road to Changdi Road, Longhua District, Haikou City (海口市龙华区得胜沙路到长堤路)

Qilou Old Street (骑楼老街), with a total length of 4.4 kilometers and over 600 arcade buildings, has the most distinctive street landscape of Haikou City. The buildings on Qilou Old Street were mostly built by the overseas Chinese who came back from abroad at the beginning of the 20th century. Arcade buildings are mostly full of elegant and meticulous sculptures and foreign decorations, which are very baroque. Among which Sipailou (四牌楼) is the oldest building, which was built in the Southern Song Dynasty. Although more than a hundred years have passed, you can still enjoy the beauty of the buildings along Qilou Old Street in Haikou.

Haikou Qilou Snack Street (海口骑楼小吃街), located on Datong Road, integrates six elements of Hainan Culture, which are Hainan Arcade, Qiong Opera, brocade of Li nationality, Hainanensis, porcelain and local snacks, and has been appreciated by tourists for its unique decorative style and traditional local snacks. There are not only famous Hainan cuisines like Wenchang Chicken, Jiaji duck, Dongshan Goat and Helle Crab, etc., but also snacks such as Hainan noodles, Lingshui sour noodles, Baoluo noodles, fish pot and Anding rice dumplings, etc.

Top 2: Appreciate Geological Wonders at Huoshankou National Geopark

Things to Do in Haikou, Haikou Attractions

Leiqiong Global Geopark © 照强/meipian

Things to Do in Haikou, Haikou Attractions

Ma'anling Crater © geopark-leiqiong

  • Places to Visit: Huoshankou National Geopark
  • Type: Nature, Volcano, Geopark
  • Ticket: CNY 60/pp
  • Recommend Length of Visiting: 2~3 hours
  • Location: Shishan Town, Xiuying District, Haikou City (海口市秀英区石山镇)

Leiqiong Huoshankou National Geopark (雷琼火山口国家地质公园) is the only urban coastal tropical volcano group in China and the first world-class tourist attraction in Hainan Province. The main geological remains of the park are the Quaternary volcanic group composed of 40 volcanoes, like a natural volcanic geology museum. The iconic landscape is Ma'anling Crater (马鞍岭火山口), which is fused with ancient banyan trees, wild pineapple trees and tropical fruit forests, showing the infinite charm of tropical scenery and volcanic integration. Climbing up the crater, you can overlook downtown Haikou. When the weather is perfect, you may also look out across the Qiongzhou Strait and farseek Hai’an into the distance.

No.3: Bask on the Holiday Beach and Enjoy Spectacular Impression Hainan Island Show at Night

Things to Do in Haikou, Haikou Attractions

Holiday Beach © 蒋聚荣/

Things to Do in Haikou, Haikou Attractions

Holiday Beach - Sea Sports Area © 蒋聚荣/

  • Places to Visit: Holiday Beach
  • Type: Beach, Sea, Nature, Resort
  • Ticket: Free
  • Recommend Length of Visiting: 2~3 days
  • Location: The Northern Part of Qingling Avenue, the West Extension line of Binhai Avenue, Xiuying District, Haikou City (海口市秀英区滨海大道西延线庆龄大道北部)

Sunshine, sea, beach and coconut trees set each other off at Holiday Beach (假日海滩), forming a beautiful and moving natural picture. The whole beach is divided into the sun bath area, sea sports area, sea food catering area and leisure resort area. It is the most representative seaside resort in Haikou city. Along the beach, there is a wide and clean promenade. It's very pleasant to take a stroll and breath the wind here.

No.4: Learn about the Ancient System of Exiled Officials by Visiting Wugong Temple

Things to Do in Haikou, Haikou Attractions

Five Official Temple (Wugong Temple) © 旅行家小白/new.qq

Things to Do in Haikou, Haikou Attractions

Hairui Tomb © 海口市旅行社协会/ishar.ifeng

  • Places to Visit: Five Official Temple (Wugong Temple), Hairui Tomb
  • Type: Historical Relic, Culture, Temple, Tomb
  • Ticket: Five Official Temple CNY 25/pp; Hairui Tomb CNY 10/pp
  • Recommend Length of Visiting: 1~2 hours at each site
  • Address of Five Official Temple: Haifu Road, Xiuying District, Haikou City (海口市秀英区海府路)
  • Address of Hairui Tomb: No. 39, Qiuhai Avenue, Longhua District, Haikou City (海口市龙华区丘海大道39号)

Wugong Temple (五公祠), also known as "Hainan First Floor," is a wooden complex built in memory of five officials deported to Haikou during the Tang and the Song dynasties. Paying a visit here, you can know better the relegation rules and culture in ancient China, the history and culture of Hainan Province, and learn more about the ancient architectural art of Hainan.

Hai Rui (1514 AD ~ 1587 AD), an official of the Ming Dynasty, was respected and remembered for his incorruptible and integrity. The architecture and buildings in Hairui Tomb (海瑞墓) are solemn and primitive. There is a towering stone archway at the front gate, horizontal incised "Righteousness of Eastern Guangdong (粤东正气)". The over 100-meter path leading to the grave is paved with granite, stone carvings such as stone men, stone sheep, stone horses, stone lions, stone turtles standing on both sides.

Top 5: Know more about Hainan Culture, Minority and History at Hainan Museum

Things to Do in Haikou, Haikou Attractions

Hainan Museum © hainanmuseum

Things to Do in Haikou, Haikou Attractions

Display of Hainan Chrysanthemum Pear © 海南日报/wechat

  • Places to Visit: Hainan Museum
  • Type: Museum, Culture, History
  • Ticket: Free
  • Recommend Length of Visiting: 2 hours
  • Opening Time: 9:00~17:00 during the low season; 8:30~17:00 during the peak season, close on Mondays
  • Address: No. 68, Guoxing Avenue, Meilan District, Haikou City (海口市美兰区国兴大道68号)

Hainan Museum (海南省博物馆), a comprehensive museum in Hainan province and also a national first-class museum, covers an area of more than 60 mu, with a construction area of 44,500 square meters, an exhibition area of 12,000 square meters. It is a major cultural construction project of Hainan province, and is rated as one of the six most beautiful buildings in Hainan.

The museum has its own exhibition system. With "Nan Ming Qi Dian (南溟奇甸)" as the exhibition theme, it has planned three basic exhibitions: "Maritime Civilization Display in the South China Sea", "Hainan History Display" and "Hainan Customs Display". Two special displays of Hainan chrysanthemum pear and Hainan aloes; and four intangible cultural heritage displays including “Hainan Traditional Craftsmanship Display", "Hainan Food Culture Display", "Hainan Minority Intangible Display" and “Qiongzhou Performance Art Exhibition”, etc.

Thousands of cultural relics are on display in the museum. It is mainly divided into three parts: historical relics, modern relics and ethnic relics. The exhibits in the museum highlight the characteristics of Hainan, ethnic groups and border areas, and let visitors understand the history and current situation of Hainan in a form of interesting performance.

Top 6: Have fun Playing Golf and Spend a Relaxing Holiday at Mission Hills Haikou

Things to Do in Haikou, Haikou Attractions

Play Golf at Mission Hills Haikou © missionhillchina

Things to Do in Haikou, Haikou Attractions

Mission Hill Huayi Brothers Feng Xiaogang Movie Town © missionhillchina

  • Places to Visit: Mission Hills Haikou, Huayi Brothers Feng Xiaogang Movie Town, Volcanic Hot Spring Valley
  • Type: Resort, Hot Spring, Golf, Theme Park
  • Ticket: CNY 160/pp
  • Recommend Length of Visiting: 0.5~2 days
  • Location: No.1 Mission Hills Avenue, Longhua District, Haikou City (海口市龙华区观澜湖大道1号)

Mission Hills Haikou (海口观澜湖度假区), in the capital of southern China’s Hainan Island, opened in March 2010. It cements the brand’s unique place among the world’s leading resorts, and is central to a government-led initiative to make tropical Hainan the sports and leisure capital of Asia.

Conveniently located 15 minutes from Haikou’s Airport, the resort occupies a vast, lava rock-strewn landscape of undulating terrain punctuated by ancient trees and sweeping wetlands. Highlights include 10 spectacular golf courses; a world-class luxury hotel with 538 spacious guest rooms and suites; premium clubhouse; an outdoor water-theme park; a natural mineral springs reserve; 12 delectable dining establishments; state-of-the-art recreation center; shopping arcade centre carrying the world’s finest brands and esteemed spa facilities; Mission Hills Huayi Brothers Feng Xiaogang Movie Themed Town (海口观澜湖华谊冯小刚电影公社), etc.

Top 7: Take a Stroll around Wanlv Garden and Enjoy the Slow Pace of Life

Things to Do in Haikou, Haikou Attractions

Panoramic View of Wanlv Graden © lvmama

Things to Do in Haikou, Haikou Attractions

Wanlv Garden © 行者ehorse/

  • Places to Visit: Wanlv Park
  • Type: City Park, Landmark
  • Ticket: Free
  • Recommend Length of Visiting: 2 hours
  • Location: Binhai Avenue, Longhua District, Haikou City (海口市龙华区滨海大道)

Wanlv Garden (万绿园) is a city park with the largest open tropical coastal ecological forest in Haikou. The most amazing thing about the park is its’ vastness, thousands of acres of lawn stretching as far as the eyes can see. Along the coastal road, there are nearly tens of thousands of tropical trees, mainly coconut trees, dancing and swaying in the wind. The coastal road is several kilometers long, suitable for running, sword dancing, kite flying, tandem biking... Every morning and evening, exercise can be seen everywhere.

How to Plan a Haikou Tour

Best Time to Visit Haikou: October ~ Next May

Places to Visit: Qilou Old Street, Huoshankou National Geopark, Holiday Beach, Hairui Tomb, Hainan Museum, etc.

How to Get There: Flights from Beijing (4hrs), Shanghai (3.5hrs), Xian (3hrs), Chengdu (2.5hrs), Guangzhou (1.5hrs), etc. and bullet train from Sanya(2hrs).

Normally, it takes 1~2 days for travelers to explore Haikou City, 1 day to visit historical sites, museums, architecture and old streets in the downtown area including Five Officials Temple, Hairui Tomb and Qilou Old Street, etc. and enjoy delicious local cuisines and snacks. Take another day to immerse yourself in the embrace of nature, bathing in the tropical sun. You are suggested to rent a car and visit East Harbour Mangrove Forest, Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park and Leiqiong Global Geopark in one go.

☛ 3 Days Haikou Tour

To fully indulge in the coastal landscape and activities, lie on the beach and bathe in the sunshine, you may continue your tour to Sanya (3~5 days), which is praised as “China's tropical answer to Hawaii”. It is one of the best places to visit in China in winter and an ideal place for vacations and honeymoon.

☛ 4 Days Sanya Beach Resort Tour

☛ 6 Days In-depth Luxury Sanya Tour with Two Free Days

☛ 8 Days Hainan In-depth Tour

How to Plan a Haikou Tour Qilou Old Street © How to Plan a Haikou Tour Sun and Moon Stones of Tianya Haijiao

Travel Haikou with China Discovery

Let our professional travel consultant to help you with the hotel booking, airport pick-up and drop-off and day-by-day arranging! Even though Haikou has already built a convenience tourism system, it maybe still a troublesome thing to get to some top attractions in rural area, such as Leiqiong Global Geopark and East Harbour Mangrove Forest, etc. by yourself. Moreover, our experienced travel guide can take you on an immersive exploration of local food, culture and slow pace of life. The tour is customized for you with your interest, need, group size and every special requirement. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!

How to Plan a Haikou Tour Our travel consultant Sean visited Wuzhizhou Island

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