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How to Get from Guilin to Kaili

Kaili, the capital of Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, is called "a Pearl of Southeast Guizhou" with many ethnic groups living in. You could explore the colorful ethnic culture and various ethnic villages here.

Most travellers would like to travel from Guilin to Kaili, through the peaceful Yangshuo county to the ancient Miao villages...this tour offers people an off the beaten path route to explore the real life of the local ethnic minorities, appreciate the marvelous Karst landscapes and enjoy a leisurely life in the rural villages.

However, you may don't know how to get from Guilin to Kaili, How to plan your Guilin Kaili tour? Keep reading to make everything clear!

Where are Guilin and Kaili

Guilin is situated in the northeast part of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Kaili, located in east Guizhou Province, is about 188 kilometers from Guiyang, the capital and transportation hub of Guizhou Province. Kaili is located at about 267 km northwest of Guilin. The driving distance between Kaili and Guilin is about 389 km by car (About 4 hrs 40 mins). There is no direct flight, train or bus from Guilin to Kaili. Then here are 4 ways for travellers: connecting flights, high speed trains via Guiyang, travel with China Discovery's Guilin Kaili tour package, and long distance bus. It is recommended to take high speed trains via Guiyang or travel with China Discovery.

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Guilin to Kaili

Guilin to Kaili Map

Guilin to Kaili Flight - No Direct Flight

So far, there is no direct flight from Guilin to Kaili, and if you want to go there by flights, you need to transfer via other cities. Meanwhile, you need far more than one day if you take transfer via other cities. Therefore, it is not recommended to take flights from Guilin to Kaili. By the way, the information may change according to different situations. You could contact us for the latest information if you want to go Kaili from Guilin by flight.

Guilin to Kaili Trains - No Direct Train & Transfer via Guiyang

From - to: Guilin - Guiyang - Kaili

Duration: About 3 hrs 15 mins ~ 4 hrs

There is no direct train from Guilin to Kaili, but you could transfer via Guiyang. Then you need to go to Guiyang East Railway Station or Guiyang North Railway Station first, and then transfer at the same station to Kaili South Railway Station.

Tip: When you arrive at Guiyang, you could spend about 2 days to travel in and around Guiyang firstly, then go to Kaili.

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Step 1: Guilin to Guiyang (High Speed Trains)

Duration: About 2 hrs ~ 3 hrs 15 mins

Generally, there are 44 or 45 daily high speed trains from Guilin to Guiyang during 08:10~19:40. These trains depart from Guilin Railway Station, Guilin West Railway Station and Guilin North Railway Station. They finally will arrive at Guiyang North Railway Station and Guiyang East Railway Station. The time needed for a single way is about 2 hrs ~ 3 hrs 15 mins. You could check for more details at Guilin to Guiyang Train Schedule & Tickets >>

Step 2: Guiyang to Kaili (High Speed Trains)

Duration: About 35 ~ 45 mins

There are totally 39 ~ 42 daily high speed trains from Guiyang East Railway Station or Guiyang North Railway Station to Kaili South Railway Station. Among them, the number of high speed trains from Guiyang East Railway Station is generally fixed and fewer, and there are 7 every day. The time needed for a single way from Guiyang to Kaili is about 35 ~ 45 mins. Check for more about Guiyang to Kaili Train Schedule & Ticket >>

You could also check How to Get to Kaili from Guiyang >> for more details.

Guilin North Railway Station Guilin North Railway Station
Guiyang to Fanjingshan Guiyang North Railway Station
Kaili South Railway Station Kaili South Railway Station

How to Connect your High Speed Train via Guiyang

As you need to transfer via Guiyang, it is advised to transfer to the train from Guiyang to Kaili at the same train station you arrived at. Meanwhile, you need to leave yourself enough time for transferring (Around 1 h).

Considering this, we provide you the following recommended high speed train combinations.

Recommended Train Combinations:

Number Guilin - Guiyang Guiyang - Kaili Stations Transfer Time Duration
1 G2930
Guilin West - Guiyang North - Kaili South 26 mins 3 hrs 25 mins
2 G408
Guilin West - Guiyang North - Kaili South 27 mins 3 hrs 15 mins
3 D3572
Guilin North - Guiyang North - Kaili South 28 mins 4 hrs
4 D1798
Guilin - Guiyang East - Kaili South 30 mins 3 hrs 40 mins
5 G408
Guilin West - Guiyang North - Kaili South 35 mins 3 hrs 20 mins


1. The information above is just for reference and the real situation may vary. For the latest information, please feel free to contact us.

2. Here we just give several recommended combinations as above, and there are far more than these combinations. If you want any other combinations, you could ask us for help.

Travel with China Discovery's Guilin Kaili Tour - Top Choice & Worry-free

From - to: Anywhere in Guilin - Kaili

You could also choose to travel with China Discovery's Guilin Kaili Tour, which includes the private transfer service usually with a English tour guide. The driver will deal with any transfers you need and the guide will be with you along the trip. In your tour, you will fully enjoy beautiful scenery and the colorful ethnic elements. You will not only travel in and around Guilin, such as Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave, Longji Rice Terrace, Huangluo Yao Village, etc, but also travel to Kaili from Guilin via Rongjiang ( to visit Zhaoxing Dong Village). Along your tour, you will no longer need to worry about problems such as transportation, accommodation, how to plan trip and so on. All you need to do is just to relax and enjoy your trip!

Otherwise, you could also customize your own Guilin Kaili Tour concerning your own interests. If you are interested, please feel free to ask our professional travel expert for details.

Travel with China Discovery Travel with China Discovery

Guilin to Kaili Long Distance Bus/Coach - No Direct Bus & Not Recommended

The driving distance between Guilin and Kaili is about 389 km by car (About 4 hrs 40 mins). There is no direct public bus from Guilin to Kaili. You need to take train to Congjiang or Rongjaing first, and then transfer to bus from these two places to Kaili. However, it is not recommended to do so.

How to Plan a Guilin Kaili Tour

Both Guilin and Kaili are two hot destinations for travellers. Most travellers would like to combine their Guilin and Kaili tour together to form a 9 ~ 10 days tour.

For Guilin, they will spend about 4 ~ 5 days to travel those attractions in and around Guilin. They will witness one of the most beautiful rice terraces in China - Longji Rice Terrace, the first village of long hair in the world - Huangluo Yao Village, Climb up to the great lookouts at Seven Stars with Moon and Nine Dragons and Five Tigers from which you can get superlative views of terraces and villages, have a Li River cruise to Yangshuo Town...

For Kaili, they will spend about 5 days. They will visit Kaili Ethnic Minority Museum, Qingman Village, Shiqiao Miao Village, etc to explore the ethnic culture in Kaili. They would also go to visit Huangguoshu Waterfall and some other attractions in Guizhou Province.

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Green Longji Rice Terrace (June ~ August) Green Longji Rice Terrace

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