Trains to Guilin - Schedule, Distance, Duration & Price

Guilin is regarded as a famous scenic city where not only multiple airlines are able to reach but also the railway network is busy working. Besides normal trains, the main serving power is high speed bullet trains (G Trains & D Trains), and they carry the passengers departing from different regions, such as Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Kuming, Changsha, and Nanning. There are about 140 trains stopping over at different train stations in Guilin, more than 40 trains arriving / departing there every day. Check the following schedules to know more about trains to Guilin.

Route Train Type Distance Duration Frequency (per day) Price (CNY)
Hong Kong → Guilin G 656km 3.5h 1 ¥379.0 ~ ¥607.0
Guangzhou → Guilin G/D 487km 2.5h 47 ¥124.0 ~ ¥495.0
Shenzhen → Guilin G 621km 3h 6 ¥238.5 ~ ¥712.0
Beijing → Guilin G 2030km 11h 2 ¥806.0 ~ ¥2530.0
Shanghai → Guilin G 1514km 9h 1 ¥659.5 ~ ¥2054.0
Chengdu → Guilin D 1134km 6.5h ~ 7.5h 12 ¥377.0 ~ ¥655.0
Chongqing → Guilin D 847km 4.5h ~ 5.5h 22 ¥280.5 ~ ¥864.5
Kunming → Guilin G/D 981km 4.5h ~ 8h 5 ¥371.5 ~ ¥1155.0
Changsha → Guilin G 498km 3.5h 15 ¥181.5 ~ ¥557.0
Nanning → Guilin G/D 388km 2.5h 36 ¥96.5 ~ ¥373.5


Hong Kong to Guilin Bullet Train

There is one bullet train to Guilin departing from Hong Kong Kowloon Railway Station every noon. It takes about 3 hours to reach Guilin West Railway Station. If you transfer in Hong Kong and expect to visit Guilin, the newly running Train G312 is totally qualified to take you there with a high speed and comfortableness. You can also transfer at Shenzhen and Guangzhou where the bullet trains to Guilin are more frequent, in case that you miss the only Hong Kong Guilin train.

Dep. ~ Arr. Railway Station Train No. Scheduled Dep. ~ Arr. Time Duration Second Class Seat First Class Seat Business Seat
Hong Kong West Kowloon → Guilin West G312 12:06 ~ 15:25 3h 19min ¥379.0 ¥607.0 ¥1138.0

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Guangzhou / Shenzhen to Guilin Bullet Train

The geographic distance between Guangzhou and Guilin is relatively close, only about 484km. Over 40 D trains depart at Guangzhou Railway Station/ Guangzhou South Railway Station every day and deliver passengers to the different train stations in Guilin, while there are also 6 G trains from Guangzhou South Railway Station to the 3 train stations in Guilin. The followings are some recommended train schedules for your reference.

Dep. ~ Arr. Railway Station Train No. Scheduled Dep. ~ Arr. Time Duration Ticket
Guangzhou South → Guilin West G1862 07:00 ~ 09:36 2h 36min

Second Class Seat: ¥164.0

First Class Seat: ¥263.0

Business Seat:¥495.0

Guangzhou South → Guilin West D1810 09:20 ~ 12:03 2h 43min
Guangzhou → Guilin West D1857 12:50 ~ 15:32 2h 42min
Guangzhou South → Guilin North D2906 14:58 ~ 17:25 2h 27min
Guangzhou South → Guilin West D2842 18:10 ~ 20:59 2h 49min
Guangzhou South →Guilin North D2982 20:16 ~ 22:54 2h 38min

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There are totally 6 bullet trains bounding for Guilins, and all of them are G trains, departing from Shenzhen North Railway Station, arriving at Guilin North Railway Station / Guilin West Railway Station/ Guilin Railway Station within about 3 hours.

Dep. ~ Arr. Railway Station Train No. Scheduled Dep. ~ Arr. Time Duration Ticket
Shenzhen North → Guilin North G2902 07:21 ~ 10:31 3h 10min

Second Class Seat: ¥239.5

First Class Seat:¥363.5

Business Seat:¥694.5

Shenzhen North → Guilin North G2904 11:45 ~ 14:49 3h 4min
Shenzhen North → Guilin West G312 12:28 ~ 15:25 2h 57min
Shenzhen North → Guilin G2908 13:05 ~ 16:23 3h 18min
Shenzhen North → Guilin North G2906 14:26 ~ 17:25 2h 59min
Shenzhen North → Guilin West G2930 14:50 ~ 17:57 3h 7min

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Beijing / Shanghai to Guilin High Bullet Train

Beijing and Shanghai both serve as the first-tier cities in China with a great number of moving population. Though they are quite far fro Guilin, a few G trains are still running and ensure that Guilin is connected. The only Shanghai bullet train to Guilin Railway Station departs from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, taking about 9 hours, and the two Beijing G trains depart at Beijing West Railway Station in the morning, arriving at night.

Dep. ~ Arr. Railway Station Train No. Scheduled Dep. ~ Arr. Time Duration Second Class Seat First Class Seat Business Seat
Shanghai Hongqiao → Guilin G1501 10:03 ~ 19:02 8h 59min ¥659.5 ¥1089.5 ¥2054.5
Beijing West → Guilin G529 07:08 ~ 18:22 11h 14min ¥806.0 ¥1290.5 ¥2530.0
G421 09:05 ~ 19:46 10h 41min

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Chengdu / Chongqing to Guilin Bullet Train

As an important traffic hub city in the southwest of China, Chengdu serves about 12 D trains heading to Guilin, and they all depart from Chengdu East Railway Station and arrive at Guilin Railway Station or Guilin West Railway station. It takes around 7 hours to get there. The followings are some selected trains schedules for your reference.

Dep. ~ Arr. Railway Station Train No. Scheduled Dep. ~ Arr. Time Duration Ticket
Chengdu East → Guilin West D1841 06:39~13:04 6h 25min

Second Class Seat: ¥402.0

First Class Seat; ¥642.0

Chengdu East → Guilin D1779 07:15 ~ 14:45 7h 30min
Chengdu East → Guilin West D1820 09:18 ~ 16:38 7h 20min
Chengdu East → Guilin West D1785 11:08~18:43 7h 35min
Chengdu East → Guilin West D1851 13:23 ~ 20:15 6h 52min
Chengdu East → Guilin West D1833 14:13 ~ 21:05 6h 52min

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Chongqing is around 847km to the south of Guilin with 22 D trains from Chongqing West Railway Station heading to Guilin. The main arrival station is Guilin West Railway Station with a few trains stopping at Guilin Railway Station and Guilin North Railway Station. The duration is usually within 5 hours. The following are some selected train schedules for your reference.

Dep. ~ Arr. Railway Station Train No. Scheduled Dep. ~ Arr. Time Duration Ticket
Chongqing West → Guilin West D1861 07:20 ~ 11:55 4h 35min

First Class Seat; ¥449.0

Second Class Seat; ¥281.0

Chongqing West → Guilin North D1793 07:54 ~ 12:35 4h 41min
Chongqing West → Guilin D1791 08:11 ~ 13:21 5h 10min
Chongqing West → Guilin West D1817 11:41 ~ 16:38 4h 57min
Chongqing West → Guilin West D1851 15:31 ~ 20:15 4h 44min
Chongqing West → Guilin West D1833 16:18 ~ 21:05 4h 47min

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Kunming to Guilin Bullet Train

There are 5 bullet trains from Kunming South Railway Station to Guilin, including 2 G trains and 3 D trains. All the D trains arrive at Guilin Railway Station, while the two G trains are to Guilin West Railway Station and Guilin North Railway Station. Normally, it takes around 7 or 8 hours to reach Guilin. However, the fastest train G314 only needs about 4 hour to complete its mission.

Dep. ~ Arr. Railway Station Train No. Scheduled Dep. ~ Arr. Time Duration Ticket
Kunming South → Guilin D3942 07:38 ~ 15:30 7h 52min

Second Class Seat: ¥401.0

First Class Seat: ¥641.5

Business Seat: ¥1155.0

Kunming South → Guilin West G314 09:19 ~ 13:34 4h 15min
Kunming South → Guilin G3968 10:36 ~ 18:44 8h 8min
Kunming South → Guilin D3932 13:52 ~ 21:39 7h 47min
Kunming South → Guilin G2952 17:48 ~ 22:33 4h 45min

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Zhangjiajie to Gulin Train

Although the geographical distance between Guilin and Zhangjiajie is relatively close, there are no direct flights or trains, due to the non-developed transportation facilities in Zhangjiajie. To help the passengers who want to get to Guilin by train, there are some transferring cities we recommend, such as Changsha or Nanning where you can take bullet trains to Guilin.

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Guilin Train Station

There are altogether 3 train stations in Guilin. Guilin Railway Station and Guilin West Railway Station?are the main stations serving bullet trains to/ from Shenzhen. You can reach the city center of Guilin from any single one of them within 1 hour by car. >> Learn more detailed information about Guilin train Stations

Guilin Railway station(Pinyin: Guilin Huochezhan 桂林火车站)

Address:39 Zhongshannan Rd, Guilin桂林市中山南路39号

Guilin North Railway Station (Pinyin: Guilin Beizhan 桂林北站)

Address: 6 Zhanqian Rd, Diecai District, Guilin桂林市叠彩区站前路6号

Guilin West Railway Station (Pinyin: Guilin Xizhan 桂林西站)

Address: Dingjiang Village, Dingjiang County, Guilin 桂林市灵川县定江镇


High Speed Train Tips

How to Book, Alter and Cancel a Ticket

There are many ways to book a train ticket, including booking online, booking with a travel agency, booking at the ticket offices in China’s Railway Stations, etc. For foreign travelers, you are suggested to book with travel agency so you won’t meet with the language barrier. A ticket can be altered at appointed counters in railway station to an earlier or later train. It is also available to cancel your ticket before the scheduled departure time. However, you might be charged with service fee. Check details>

How to Collect a Ticket

You need to go to the Collecting Window of the railway station or the ticket agency to collect your ticket. If you want to collect your ticket in the departure day, we suggest you get to the rail way station 2-3 hours early. It is best to collect your tickets as early as possible during the peak seasons (like in Spring Festival, Chinese National Day). Check details>

How to Read a Ticket

From the train tickets, travelers could see the departure time, departure and arrival train stations, train number, carriage number, seat class/number, passport number & passenger’s name, boarding gate, prices etc. Please pay attention to the departure and make sure which one you should go. Check details>

How to Board & Disembark a Train

Before boarding a right train, you have several steps to follow: 1) Prepare your documents well (passport, visa); 2) Get to the right trains station in advance 3) collect train tickets; 4) Read your train ticket; 5) Pass the security control; 6) Security check & luggage check; 7) Find right waiting room; 8) Cross the ticket checking gate; 9) Get to the right platform; 10) Get on your train. After you get off your train, your ticket will be checked again to leave the station. Check details>

Baggage Allowance

Traveling with a train, each passenger is permitted to take baggage in certain amount, weight and volume. Besides, some items are prohibited to be carried to the railway stations and the trains, like weapons, knives, live animals, etc. Check details>

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