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Where to Stay in Guilin: Best Areas & Recommended Hotels in Guilin

Guilin, famed for its spectacular karst landscape, appealing countryside scenery and lifestyle, and charming ethnic culture, somewhat always comes into millions of people's must-visit lists. Tourists of all over the world are deeply attracted by this “best scenery under the world”. Every year, hundreds and thousands of tourists will visit this ideal place and spend days or months there. Some are fascinated by the landmarks in Guilin downtown, some are crazy about the countryside life in Yangshuo, and others are enthusiastic about the rice terraces in Longsheng.

The ever-increasing number of tourists promotes the rapid development of hotels. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that booking a place to stay in Guilin can be overwhelming! Below we carefully select the best hotels in different areas of Guilin. You can choose your best interested areas and hotels after reading.

Best Areas to Stay - Guilin, Yangshuo or Longsheng?

Guilin Yangshuo Longsheng Location Map

Guilin Yangshuo Longsheng Location Map

To tour all the highlights of Guilin in the most convenient way, travelers are usually highly advised to stay at the hotels in Guilin city for 1-2 nights, in Yangshuo for 1-2 nights and at least one night in Longsheng. Check the below details about the answer of Why and When you are advised to do so.

Guilin City Center - The Best Place for Your First and Last Night in Guilin

Guilin City area is considered to be the best place to stay for First-Timers, because it is the transportation hub of Guilin and it has many attractive landmarks waiting for you to explore, such as the Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave, etc. Besides, it is also the best choice for the travelers who want to experience the stunning Li River cruise. All the Li River cruises only make one-way journey from Guilin to Yangshuo and depart in the early morning from Guilin at about 9:00-10:00.

Yangshuo - The Best Place to Explore Countryside Scenery

There are also travelers choose to stay at hotels around West Street, Xingping Ancient Town and Yulong River in Yangshuo to have an in-depth visit of Guilin's karst landscape and relaxing countryside and to enjoy the grand Real Landscape Night Show - Impression Liu Sanjie.

Longsheng - The Most Convenient Place to Visit Longji Rice Terraces

If you also want a unique experience of the spectacular Longji Rice Terraces in the mountainous area of Longsheng County in Guilin, you are highly advised to make one-night or two-night stay at Longsheng, especially in the villages among the scenic area, such as the most popular Ping An Village.

Near Guilin Airport - For Those Who Need to Catch Early Morning Flights

The Guilin downtown area is only about 20km (12 miles) from Guilin Liangjiang International Airport, hence usually you are more suggested stay in Guilin City center area even though you want to catch flights in the next morning. However, if you still feel nervous about missing your flight, you can also stay one night near the airport.

Guilin to Yangshuo Li River cruise Guilin to Yangshuo Li River cruise
Yulong River Bamboo Rafting Yulong River Bamboo Rafting
Longji Rice Terraces Longji Rice Terraces

Best Hotels in Guilin City Center

There is a large selection of hotels ranging from the three to super five-stars in Guilin city center, most of them are within a walking or short driving distance from the downtown attractions, such as Elephant Trunk Hill, Zhengyang Pedestrian Street, Reed Flute Cave, Diecai Hill, etc. Below are two 5-star hotels and one 4-star hotel for you to choose, all of which are the top choices of Guilin explorers.

Shangri-La Hotel - The Leading Luxury Super 5-star Hotel in Guilin

● Chinese: 桂林香格里拉大酒店
● Address: 111# Huan Cheng Bei Er Lu (桂林市环城北二路111号)

This deluxe super 5-star hotel in Guilin is located at the east bank of Li River, about 5km from the Reed Flute Cave, 7km from Elephant Trunk Hill and 32.9km from Guilin Liangjiang International Airport. It offers the most spacious accommodations among Guilin Hotels and also the leading exceptional service. Its huge floor-to-ceiling windows provide gorgeous views of the Li River. There are 449 air-conditioned rooms of all kinds for you to choose, with complimentary wireless internet access, free shoes cleaning, babysitting (surcharge), laundry service, free buffet breakfasts, etc. The Shangri-La Hotel also offers guests a choice of restaurants, bars, kids club, organic Farm, game lounge and a mini zoo, etc.

Shangri-La Hotel Guilin Shangri-La Hotel Guilin

Lijiang waterfall Hotel - Luxury 5-star Hotel with 3 Restaurants

● Chinese: 漓江大瀑布饭店
● Address: 1# North Shahu Road (桂林市杉湖北路1号)

This luxury hotel is located at the junction of the busy Zhengyang Pedestrian Street and Central Square, about 30.4km from the airport and 3.4km away from Guilin Railway Station. It is a landmark itself, featuring the huge man-made Guinness record-making waterfall rushing down from its top. Just several minutes' walk away from some of Guilin’s hottest attractions like the Sun and Moon Twin Towers, Elephant Trunk Hill, this hotel is bound to offer you a memorable and fascinating Night Scenery to your vacation. It is also a fantastic place to savor delicious foods, because it has 3 restaurants, providing Chinese, Japanese, and international cuisine.

Lijiang waterfall Hotel Lijiang waterfall Hotel

Guilin Park Hotel - Best Suggested 4-Star Hotel with Moderate Price

● Chinese: 桂湖饭店
● Address: Luoshishan Road, Diecai Distinct (桂林市叠彩区螺蛳山路1号)

This 4-star hotel with a well-liked restaurant is located in a beautiful lake area away from the hustle and bustle of the business district, but within easy access to any attractions in city area. It boats 266 rooms and suites including standard and luxurious suites deluxe suites and special rooms for the handicapped. All are well furnished with central air-conditioning, color TV, IDD & DDD, minibar and tub with shower.

Guilin Park Hotel Guilin Park Hotel

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Best Hotels in Yangshuo

The hotels in Yangshuo are mainly gathered on West Street at the center of Yangshuo, at Yulong River a little far away from the center, and at the nearby Xingping Old Town. If you are curious about the busy West Street and the real Landscape Night Show - Impression Liu Sanjie, you can choose a hotel in the center area, and if you want a more rural atmosphere, you can choose the hotels along the Yulong River. For the tourists keen on the charming ancient villages, you can also stay at least one day at Xingping Ancient Town.

Green Lotus Hotel Yangshuo - Convenient 5-star Hotel near West Street

● Chinese: 阳朔碧莲江景大酒店
● Address: No.1 Guanlian Road, Yangshuo (阳朔观莲路1号)

This 5-star hotel is situated at the foot of Green Lotus Peak of the beautiful Li River, hence the name. It is the firstly built 5-star hotel in Yangshuo, with short walking distance to Li River, West Street and Liu Sanjie Venue. This friendly hotel provides a variety of western dishes at its Garden Restaurant, and also Chinese cuisine at the Lucky River Restaurant.

Where to Stay in Yangshuo - Green Lotus Hotel Yangshuo Green Lotus Hotel Yangshuo

Yangshuo Mountain Retreat - Luxury Holiday Resort along Yulong River

● Chinese: 阳朔胜地酒店
● Address: Foot of Wanggong Mountain, Fenglou Village, Gaotian Town, Yangshuo (高田镇凤楼村委王公山脚)

Yangshuo Mountain Retreat is settled on the bank of Yulong River in Yangshuo countryside, so it offers unique and spacious room with a great balcony overlooking the river. Besides, dinning at the riverside there must be your memorable lifetime experience. After the meal, you can free yourself with some leisurely outdoor activities like cycling, bamboo rafting, Moon Hill hiking, etc.

Where to Stay in Yangshuo - Yangshuo Mountain Retreat Yangshuo Mountain Retreat

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Secret Garden Yangshuo - Unique Boutique Hotel in Yangshuo Countryside

● Chinese: 阳朔秘密花园酒店
● Address: Jiuxian County, Yangshuo (阳朔旧县村)

Secret Garden Yangshuo is a beautifully restored old mud brick homes which was built in the Qing Dynasty, surrounded by amazing countryside views of Yangshuo. It is located in the ancient village of Jiuxian (旧县), just a 10-minute walk away from the dock of Yulong River, where you can experience a leisurely bamboo raft. This hotel is a widely known ideal site for overseas tourists, with only 17 rooms all beautifully designed in a classic Chinese design with an eye for detail.

Where to Stay in Yangshuo - Secret Garden Yangshuo Secret Garden Yangshuo

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Best Hotels in Longsheng

The hotels in Longsheng are main gathered at Ping An Village (平安寨) in Ping An Rice Terraces, Dazhai Village (大寨) and Tiantouzhai Village (田头寨) in Jinkeng Area, and Ancient Zhuang Village (古壮寨) in Ancient Zhuang Rice Terraces (Guzhuang Village). Usually, most of the travelers will make a stay at Ping An Village, because it enjoys the largest amount of hotels, restaurants and also other modern amenities like foot bath center. Below are the top 2 recommended hotels in Ping An Village.

Longji Ping An Hotel - Great Setting for Accommodation, Dinning and Sightseeing

● Chinese: 龙脊平安酒店
● Address: Ping’an Village, Longsheng County (龙胜县平安寨)

Longji Ping An Hotel is in the middle area of Ping An Village. Thanks to its great location near to the No.2 view point - Seven Stars around the Moon of Ping'an Terraced Field (about 8-minute walk away), you can conveniently start your sightseeing journey from your room there. Besides, if you have already booked the room with balcony facing the magnificent rice terraces, you can drink tea or coffee leisurely while enjoy the marvelous view! And if the weather permits, you can also enjoy sunset and sunrise at your room. This Hotel has its own restaurant, offering both local dishes and other popular Sichuan cuisines for you to choose.

Longji Ping An Hotel Longji Ping An Hotel

Longji Star-wish Resort - Best Recommended Budget Hotel

● Chinese: 龙脊星愿山庄
● Address: Ping’an Village, Longsheng County (龙胜县平安寨)

Longji Star-wish Resort is in the upper area of Ping An Village (about 120m from Ping An Hotel), surrounded by many local restaurants, souvenir shops and bars. It is the best recommended budget hotel among the scenic area. It also has rooms with balcony facing the rice terraces.

Longji Star-wish Resort Longji Star-wish Resort

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How to Plan a Guilin Tour

Guilin is such an ideal place that really deserves your 5-6 days exploring. Usually, travelers are more suggested to start their Guilin tour from the city center area, because there has the only airport and 3 main railway stations of Guilin. At the arrival day, you can pay a visit to the landmark in the downtown area - Elephant Trunk Hill, and then indulged yourself in the night view at the Sun and Moon Twin Towers. At the next morning, you can take the stunning Li River cruise to Yangshuo and spend 2-3 days at the charming West Street, Yulong River and Ten-mile Gallery (Moon Hill, Big Banyan Tree) area. After the in-depth of the Yangshuo countryside, you can head to the Longji Rice Terraces in Longsheng County to appreciate the marvelous rice terraces and snap some amazing pictures of the sunrise and sunset on the mountainous area.

For more details about how to plan your Guilin tour, you can check the following most popular tours as reference:

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Li River Li River

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