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Guilin Tourism

Guilin Tourism Board

Guilin is one of the top 4 tourist destinations for international travelers to China and is one of the best scenic appreciating places in the world for scenery seekers. A little different from other tourist destinations in China, Guilin is appealing to various people not only for landscape highlights within its city area, but for more incredible surprises of sightseeing, culture, history, ethnic minorities, and so on in its suburb and county areas, particularly in Yangshuo and Longsheng. Its incomparable Karst landforms and rice terraces entitle Guilin the favored choice of visitors to China for most time of a year. As transportation by flights and high speed trains are well accessed to and from Guilin, this dream resort really worth your discovery in your coming vacation!

Brief Guilin Travel Guide:

Following are the top useful travel information about things to do, activities, transportation, maps, photos and popular tour packages of Guilin, Yangshuo and Longji. Since we China Discovery are professional and rich experienced for providing tour service for international traveler guests, you can totally rely on us to travel Guilin and its surrounding areas. You can learn more at our Guilin Travel Guide 2023. For trip ideas, please contact us to Plan Your Own Trip to Guilin!

Top 19 Attractions to Visit in Guilin

Within Guilin in Guangxi Province, there is a rich array of top attractions for your close savory, no omitting the most famous Li River, jaw-dropping rice terraces in Longsheng, enchanting Yulong River and West Street in Yangshuo, etc. Check our detailed top 19 attractions to visit in Guilin, Yangshuo and Longsheng at below! To see more highlights, please check all things to do in Guilin and all things to do in Yangshuo!

In Guilin City

In Yangshuo

In Longsheng

Top 7 Activities to Experience in Guilin

Your stay in Guilin is going to be highly enriched, as Guilin is an outstanding land with diverse kinds of outdoor experience, cultural activities and other things to try, like cruising down the Li River, shooting great photos of the fantastic sceneries, taking bamboo rafts, hiking in the countryside and rice terraces, etc.! To know more activities to experience during your Guilin trip, please check all featured activities in Guilin and all featured activities in Yangshuo!

Important Guilin Travel Information & Tips

To help you solve with some doubts and plan your Guilin trip, we here collect the most important and useful articles with information and tips from your planning, visa, accommodation choosing, to recommended ways and places to visit, etc. Therefore, you can know more about what and how to experience your holiday! Please check them at below!

How to Plan Guilin Tour

How to Plan Guilin Tour?

The popular Guilin has its most highlights in the three major areas at its downtown, Yangshuo and Longsheng. Travelers need to make a good plan and know its top attractions and activities, transportation, best time, accommodation, traveling length, etc.

Guilin 72-hour Visa-free Transit

Guilin 72-hour Visa-free Transit

72-hour Visa-free Transit policy has been implemented for Guilin from January 1st, 2013 for citizens from the appointed 51 countries meeting the criteria. Know details of the country list, limited conditions, application procedure, etc. before your departure.

Guilin Hotels

Top Recommended Guilin Hotels

The best hotels from luxury 5 stars to budget 3 stars in Guilin downtown, Yangshuo and Longji tourist areas, with good location, well facilities, nice services, and good reviews from our guests and reputed websites.

Where to Stay in Guilin

Where to Stay in Guilin?

During your Guilin tour, stay in Guilin city, Yangshuo, Longji or near the airport? Know where to arrange your accommodation based on your visiting places and the top hotel recommendations at each place.

Where to Stay in Yangshuo

Where to Stay in Yangshuo?

Accommodations are offered wide within Yangshuo County. To stay around West Street, near Yulong River, the nearby countryside or Xingping Town? Check the advantages of each area and choose your favorite one from the top popular choices.

Guilin Weather

Guilin Weather & Best Time to Visit

Overall mild and humid all around the year, Guilin is suitable to visit either month, however, from April to November is its best time for travel. Check the detailed weather information of each season for a scenic Guilin discovery planning!

Guilin Travel Tips

Warm Travel Tips Before Visiting Guilin

What will you ask for traveling in Guilin? Here are the top 20 FAQs & Tips to let you get the answers of the locations, maps, transportations, weather, food, attractions, activities, accommodation, and so forth of Guilin.

Best Ways to Visit Li River

Top 3 Best Ways to Visit Li River

The hundred-mile gallery of Li River offers several ways to experience with different feelings and angles of vision. Compare the 3 best ways by cruise, bamboo rafting and hiking and know your most suitable way to soak in the charm of Li River!

What to Do for Free Time

What to Do for Free Time?

You may have some free hours after arrival, before departure…in Guilin. It is recommended to find some interesting things to do, such as a discovery of food, night view, climb a mountain, etc. to vigor your personal time to fulfill your trip to Guilin.

Guilin Nightlife

How to Spend Your Nightlife?

You can continue your discovery of Guilin after your fun time in the daytime. Either to stroll in the local night market in the downtown or to watch the Impression Sanjie Liu, etc., night hours in Guilin will be meaningful and enjoyable!

Top Guilin Restaurants

Top Guilin Restaurants

The heaven for landscape is also a palace of gourmets! Top restaurants in Guilin provide delicious cuisines to please the taste buds of global guests to Guilin and reputed highly! Check the top best restaurants for your seeking of flavors!

Guilin Old Towns

Top Guilin Old Towns & Villages

Top ancient towns and villages are also listed by numerous domestic and overseas travelers a lot, like Xingping, Daxu, Jiuxian… Roam to catch the tranquil and antique charm of the ancient houses, bridges, narrow paths, etc. and travel back to the past of Guilin!

Guilin Photography Tips

Guilin Photography Tips

As Guilin boasts excellent groups of landscapes, photographing is a must-do thing in a trip there! Know the useful tips about top photography themes, shooting places, best time, and recommended equipment, etc. for a photography tour planning!

How to Get to & Around Guilin

To get to Guilin, you usually directly get to Guilin city area by flights and bullet trains from major destinations in China or international flights from some cities (regions) in Asia! However, to get to the more popular Yangshuo, for most time, you need to transfer by cruise, coach, high speed train, or car from Guilin after your arriving there. Apart from that, you can also reach Yangshuo by coach, high speed trains or car from a few major cities beyond Guilin in China! However, to get to Longsheng, you usually also need a transfer from Guilin by coach or car! Here below is Guilin regional map and transfer guide. To know more transportation information of Guilin, please check how to get to & around Guilin!

How to Get to Guilin

Take Flights & High Speed Bullet Trains to Guilin

- Flights to Guilin

Guilin Liangjiang International Airport (桂林两江国际机场), the only airport in Guilin is about 28 kilometers from city center and takes about 1 hour by car. At present, it has international flights linking with Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and domestic flights connecting with 76 cities in mainland China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Kunming, Lijiang, Zhengzhou, Nanjing, Nanning, Harbin, Qingdao, Tianjin, Hohhot, Lanzhou, Haikou, Shenyang, Jinan, Yinchuan, etc.

- High Speed Bullet Trains to Guilin

Guilin has 3 major railway station on service for the about 140 daily trains to and from different places in China. Travelers now can catch a bullet G train or D train to Guilin from Hong Kong (3.5 hours), Guangzhou (2.5-3.5 hours), Shenzhen (3-3.5 hours), Beijing (10.5-11 hours), Shanghai (9.5 hours), Xian (10.5 hours), Chengdu (7-7.5 hours), Chongqing (4.5-5.5 hours), Kunming (4.5), Dali (10 hours), Changsha (3.5 hours), Wuhan (5-5.5 hours), Guiyang (2-3 hours), Nanning (2-3 hours), etc. to visit this lovely place. Besides, visitors can directly arrive in Yangshuo by bullet trains from Shenzhen (2.5 hours), Guangzhou (2-2.5 hours), Chengdu (7.5 hours), Chongqing (5-5.5 hours), Guiyang (2.5-3 hours), Nanning (3 hours) etc. with speed and comfort!

How to Get Around Guilin

Attractions in Guilin are most scattered in downtown area, therefore, you can visit those highlights such as Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave, Daxu Ancient Town, etc. with easy transfer by local taxi, buses, etc. However, to get to other farther places beyond the downtown, you can choose daily coaches, hire a car or choose our private transfer service, which enables you to get to the tourist attractions directly from your hotel with the accompany of our professional guide and driver with comfortable vehicle to ensure you a high class trip!

How to Get To & Around Yangshuo

Most travelers get to Yangshuo from Guilin! It is about 65 kilometers from Guilin downtown area, and to get to this county to meet the emerald countryside view and more fun outdoor experiences, you can choose the most classic Li River from Guilin for 4-5 hours. To go there by car, it usually takes about 1.5 hours. Furthermore, daily coaches and bullet trains are also available for your transfer of different appreciation of the views on the way! Within Yangshuo, taxies can be hailed, besides, bikes and scooters are more widely used to transfer within this county and experience the countryside life style! However, if you do not know how to ride, buses are available for your transfer to Yulong River, West Street, Ten-mile Gallery, Moon Hill, etc.

How to Get to & Around Longsheng

To get to Longji Rice Terraces in Longsheng County, the most convenient and most experienced way is transfer from Guilin. About 55 kilometers from Guilin city center, it usually takes about 1.5-2 hours by car. Moreover, daily coaches are available. Direct coach can reach Jinkeng Rice Terraces and need about 2-2.5 hours. To reach Ping’an Village and Huangluo Yao Village, you need to take a coach from Guilin to Longsheng County first, and then transfer to the specific place by local minibus, which takes about 2 hours in total.

Useful Maps of Guilin, Yangshuo & Longsheng

To help you know better about location of Guilin, Yangshuo and Longsheng, and all top highlights in this tourist city, including Li River, Yulong River, Longji Rice Terraces, Xingping, etc., here we prepare some useful Guilin maps, Yangshuo maps and Longsheng maps. Please check them at below!

Guilin Photos & Images

Guilin is an excellent tourist place to treat eyes and mind for both common travelers and shutterbugs. Here we sort out some beautiful photos of highlights you can get close during your trip in Guilin, including its winding rivers, rising Karst hills, delicious food, etc. To appreciate more beautiful images, please check all Guilin photo galleries!

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