Guilin Nightlife: Night Markets, Shows, Bars & Tips

Stunning Li River cruise, tranquil Yulong River, mystical Reed Flute Cave, magnificent Elephant Trunk Hill, marvelous Longji Rice Terraces… You may have already explored a lot of Guilin highlights during your day time. However, do you really know the charm of the nightlife in Guilin?

Guilin nightlife can also be quiet or frenetic, from after-dark shopping, all-night clubbing to midnight cruising - take your pick. You may be mesmerized by the lively night markets, the real landscape night shows and glitzy bars, or be indulged in the peaceful cruising experience near the Sun and Moon Pagodas. Below we have selected somewhat the best places to spend your night hours in Guilin city center, Yangshuo and also Longji Rice Terraces area in Longsheng. Pick your favorite places to visit and create more cherished memories in Guilin!

Best Things to Do in Guilin City Center at Night

The Guilin city center area is always hot chosen as the first stop of an ideal Guilin tour. Travelers coming from other countries or other hot tourist cities in China usually take flights or domestic high speed trains to Guilin downtown and spend at least one night there. After a change of peace or a half-day tour to some downtown attractions such as the Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Trunk Hill, Diecai Hill, etc. During the day, it’s the time head to explore the unusual nightlife of Guilin.

Top 1: Shop and Savor Snacks at Guilin Night Markets

Exploring the famed Guilin Night Markets is an interesting pastime at night during your Guilin tour. Strolling among these bustling bazaars leisurely and making stops at some shops for great souvenirs and tasty foods, you may never notice that time is slipping away. There are two main night markets in Guilin, one is Zhengyang Pedestrian Street near the Sun and Moon Pagodas Scenic Area, and the other is Xicheng Night Market on Zhongshanzhong Road.

Zhengyang Pedestrian Street

Location: Zhengyang Street, Xiufeng Distinct (秀峰区正阳路 - 正阳步行街)

Opening Hours: all day

It is the main pedestrian street in Guilin, starting just north of Sun and Moon Pagodas Scenic Area and stretching north for about 660 meters towards to the Solitary Beauty Peak Park, with two-story stores and restaurants in every nook and cranny, tightly pressed against one another.

Xicheng Night Market

Location: Zhongshanzhong Road, Xiangshan Distinct (象山区中山中路 - 西城步行街)

Opening Hours: all day

Another famous night market in the Guilin city center, this place is also a treasure trove of shopping items and great local cuisine. When the night falls, two dizzying arrays of stalls will be placed in front of the two-story buildings too, selling glittering trinkets, delicious and cheap snacks, local handcrafts, ethnic minority music instruments and any other items you are looking for.

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Top 2: Take a cruise around Two Rivers and Four Lakes

Location: Guilin city center

Opening Hours: all day (one-way cruises offer service from 19:30pm to 21:30pm, and the return-way cruises are available at 19:30, 20:40 and 21:50)

Two Rivers and Four Lakes are the river system and also the veins of the Guilin city, which includes Li River (the part within the city), Taohua (Peach Blossom) River, Mulong Lake, Guihu Lake, Ronghu Lake and Shanhu Lake. This scenic area can be divided into three areas in accordance with diverse themes. Travelers love the China Fir Lake and Banyan Lake scenic area mostly, where stands the most popular Sun and Moon Pagodas. The other two scenic areas are appealing too. After savoring pleasing local dishes and snacks at dinner time, you can take a leisurely walking around the Two Rivers and Four Lakes. Besides, you can try a 1.5-hour night cruising journey too, which enables you to appreciate the beautiful night view of Guilin with your friends or family in the most comfortable way!

Sun and Moon Pagodas Sun and Moon Pagodas

Top 3: Appreciate Guinness Record-making Man-made Waterfall

Location: No.1 Shanhubei Road Xiufeng Distinct (桂林市秀峰区杉湖北路1号), next to the Sun and Moon Pagodas

Opening Hours: 20:00 - 20:15

Lijiang Waterfall Hotel is next to the Sun and Moon Pagodas and the starting point area of Zhengyang Pedestrian Street. It is a 5-star hotel in Guilin city, featuring the huge man-made Guinness record-making waterfall tumbling down over its building's north face. If you are interested about this giant “waterfall”, you can take a side trip to this place at about 20:00.

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Best Things to Do in Yangshuo at Night

Yangshuo enjoys an equal popularity of Guilin. When you are holidaying in this amazing place, without exaggeration, you will enjoy your every second there. From Yulong River Bamboo Rafting, Yangshuo Countryside Cycling, to Moon Hill Hiking, Xianggongshan Mountain Photography, there are lots of interesting outdoor activities you can experience. After a day of various activities, you can catch an impressive Real Landscape Night show perfored in front of the jutting Karst peaks, or indulge in a music bar on West Street.

Top 1: Indulge in the Best Night Show in Guilin - Impression Sanjie Liu

Location: No.39 Tianyuan Road, Yangshuo, Guilin, with a walking distance for about 1.5 km from West Street

Opening Hours: 19:30 for the first show and 21:05 for the second show (from lunar January 3rd to the end of lunar November)

Impression Sanjie Liu is the largest and also the most outstanding performance in Guilin, blending of music, dance, illumination and the real Karst landscape of Yangshuo as the background. It is directed by the famous Chinese director, Zhang Yimo and its stage is the largest natural theater in the world. The whole show is performed by more than 600 singers and dancers and lasts for about 70 minutes. The ticket price of the show ranges according to different types of seats, which usually charges from 198RMB - 828RMB per person. Check more about Impression Sanjie Liu >>

Impression Sanjie Liu Impression Sanjie Liu

Top 2: Hit Night Bars on West Street

Location: West Street of Yangshuo city center

Opening Hours: 10:00 am - 2:00 am of next day

West Street, which enjoys the reputation of “foreigner’s street”, is a heaven for restaurants, souvenir shops and also bars. Bars can be found at main road and every side alley on West Street. For a classic Yangshuo night, visit the bars on West Street, which will drop you into another kind of world. Some of the bars on this busy street are opened by foreigners, and others are local managed. If you are looking for an atmosphere similar to your own country, choose a foreigner owned one, and head to a Chinese-style bar with gentle Folk music if you want a local one. No matter which kind of bar you choose, you will never get disappointed.

West Street West Street

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Best Things to Do in Longsheng (Longji Rice Terraces) at Night

Longji Rice Terraces in Longsheng County of Guilin is about 80km from downtown area. This wonderland is famous for its spectacular rice terraces and unique sunset and sunrise scenery. It is all located in the mountainous area, so there is not that many places you can visit at night compared with Guilin city center area and Yangshuo County. However, there are still several night bars and restaurants opened in the villages on the mountain. All the bars and restaurants are opened inside the local wooden stilted buildings, presenting a unique atmosphere that you may never have at any other places.

Warm tip: Longji Rice Terraces can be divided into three separate parts - Ping An Terraced Filed, Jinkeng Terraced Filed and Ancient Zhuang Terraced Filed, each of which can't get to other parts easily, so you are mostly suggested to book your hotel at the Ping An Village, which has the largest group of restaurants and bars.

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Touring Guilin with China Discovery

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Li River cruise Li River cruise

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