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Do You Want to Visit the Whole World in 1 Day

Covering an area of 480,000 square meters, Window of the World in Shenzhen is a large-scale theme park designed to show the essence of world's culture. In the park, you will see many replicas of landmarks in the world. Meanwhile, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Shenzhen.

There are 8 zones in the park which vividly copy those iconic places in Asia, Europe, Oceania, Africa and America. This theme park features incredibly detailed reproductions of 130 major landmarks from the whole world, including Pyramids of Egypt, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower of Paris and so on, some life-size and some much smaller (with the proportion of 1:1, 1:5, 1:15, etc.). Once come here, you will truly realize how much faster you could see the world - sort of - by visiting this theme park. No wonder it is called "Window" of the world.

As a theme park, it surely has some amusement projects, such as Top Speed of Mountain Fuji, Go Across Europe, Fly Through the United States, etc. No matter you are planning to have a family tour, or you are a thrill seeker, you can't miss the fun of playing these projects. A successful amusement park also can not be separated from splendid shows and Window of the World also provides various performances. You could watch both traditional Chinese dances and other countries' dances. Meanwhile, you could witness the show of light and fireworks at night. Furthermore, the park holds charming activities to celebrate festivals like Valentine's Day, Easter Day, International Beer Festivals, etc.

No matter when you go there, the park is always ready for giving you an unforgettable impression through these iconic places, amusement projects, night show and festivals.

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Window of the World Shenzhen Window of the World Shenzhen
Window of the World Shenzhen Iron Tower in Window of the World Shenzhen

Window of the World Shenzhen - Amazing Activities

Travel Across the World

In Window of the World Shenzhen, you will have a chance to visit the whole world in just one day. Because the park has the zones of Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa and America and in each of them there are reproductions of the most famous landmarks of the same area in the world. In addition, there are World Plaza, International Street and Sculpture Zone, from which you could also experience the cultural diversity.

In World Plaza, a square could hold more than 1 million people, and you will be amazed at the wall of relief with more than 2,000 square meters and the 108 big stone pillars with different styles. Then when you go into Sculpture Zone, you will find more than 50 outstanding sculptural works in the world like The Thinker, Johann Strauss Monument and Discobolos. When wandering around the international street, you will catch a glimpse of buildings with European, Asian, and Islamic styles.

Window of the World Shenzhen Egyptian Pyramids
in Window of the World Shenzhen

Play Exciting Amusement Projects

Window of the World also provides service of amusement projects, including Top Speed of Mountain Fuji, Go Across Europe, Fly Through the United States, Alpine World of Ice and Snow, Colorado Canyon Rafting Expedition and Amazon Jungle Shuttle. Here we just introduce the top three projects.

Top Speed of Mountain Fuji is conducted by Dynamic XD Movie Theatre system which includes dynamic seats, dynamic film, dynamic wind effect, dynamic light effect and so on. With such system, you could truly feel weightlessness, fast speed and chasing.

Encircled by British-style ballad and imbued with fragrance of French flower field, the heart of Europe takes you to the small town within mountain chain of Switzerland, the kingdom of Dutch windmill, the magic tunnel of Denmark and the fruit farm of Spain. Through the Go Across Europe, tourists will enjoy the romantic countryside and humanistic amorous feelings.

Fly across the United States is an overhead dome theater, and is an entertainment project with the most advanced film technology and entertainment equipment. The dynamic effect of ”flying across the United States” will leave you shocking visual experience. The giant spherical screen with the diameter of 30 meters will make you "rise" with the large hydraulic lifting cabin within 20 seconds. The high-tech intelligent control technology integrates with the vision and movement and thus achieves the most fantastic flight trip and the most stimulating experience.

Window of the World Shenzhen Top Speed of Mountain Fuji
Window of the World Shenzhen Fly across the United States

Enjoy Splendid Shows & Celebrate Fascinating Festivals

Window of the World also provides dance programs for tourists, like Great Century, Phoenix Dancing In The East, Exotic Performances and Carnival Parade. The former two shows are traditional Chinese art.

Both Great Century and Phoenix Dancing In The East are music and dance epics featuring with grand music and both of them combine multiple kinds of Chinese traditional art and essential culture, such as dancing, traditional opera, kung fu and acrobatics. They show the charm of the Chinese traditional art from an all-round perspective.

From Exotic Performances you will see indigenous songs and dances of southeast Asia, the performance of original Africans, etc. In Carnival Parade, exciting music, lyrical dancing and beautiful clothes will be a visual feast for you.

During western festivals such as Beer Festival, Saint Valentine's Day, Easter, etc, you will have the same feelings as in your hometown, if you come to Window of the World. You could spend Valentine's Day in the Rose Valley of the park which is so romantic. In Beer Festival, thousands of people gather in the Caesars Palace to drink beer, watching magnificent performances as dancing, singing, acrobatics, etc.

In every Chinese Spring Festival, May Day (1st May every year) and National Day (1st October ~ 7th October every year), the park will hold World Customs and Culture Festivals, such as Europe Culture Festival, Chinese New Year Festival, etc. In these activities, you could totally feel the different culture behind different customs. Just come and join the sea of joy!

Show of Great Century Show of Great Century
Window of the World Shenzhen Light Show of Iron Tower
in Window of the World Shenzhen

Enjoy Splendid Shows with Window of the World

Places Items Time
Front Plaza National Flag-raising Ceremony Saturday/Sunday/Festivals: 10:00
National Flag-lowering Ceremony Friday/The Day Before a Festival: 18:00
Japan Garden Tea Ceremony 9:45, 10:15, 14:00, 17:00,
Friday to Sunday: 12:00 & 13:15
Japanese Singing and Dancing Performance 11:00, 14:30, 15:30, 16:30
Southeast Asian
Waterside Village
Southeast Asian Singing
and Dancing Performance
10:30, 11:30, 15:00, 17:00
Maori Dwellings Maori Singing and Dancing Performance 11:00, 14:30, 15:30, 16:15, 17:00
African Dwellings African Singing and Dancing Performances 11:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00
Playing Games with Tourists 14:00
Indian Dwellings Indian Singing and Dancing Performances 11:00, 15:00, 16:30, 17:10
Playing Games with Tourists 14:00
Church at European Styles Street Bible Story 15:10, 16:20, 17:00
Triumphal Arch Changing the Guard Performance
with European Style
Friday~Sunday/Festivals: 14:00~14:10
Light Show of Iron Tower 19:15,21:20
Large Fireworks Show Saturday/Festivals: 21:00
Iron Toweer World Singing and Dancing Performances Tuesday~Sunday: 18:00~18:20
World Plaza Large Music and Dance Epics (Evening Party) 19:30~20:55

Note: The Information is for reference only, for more detailed information please contact our private consultant.

Recommended Routes in Window of the World Shenzhen

Window of the World Shenzhen can be divided into 8 parts including World Plaza, Asia Zone, Oceania Zone, Europe Zone, Africa Zone, America Zone, Sculpture Zone, and International Street.

A Tour of Dynamic Entertainment (Half Day):

Watch the world beauty and experience fun

China Gate - Top Speed of Mountain Fuji - Cross Europe - Pyramid Fantasy  - Colorado Adventure Rafting - Fly Over America - Climb Inca Rock - Amazon Jungle Slide - Indian Archery - Return to the Jurassic - Frozen World of the Alps

A Tour of Night Site Seeing (2 and a Half Hours):

Enjoy a dream of fantasy

China Gate - The Global Arena Extravaganza - Fireworks Show in Triumphal Arch - Iron Tower Light Show - the Taj Mahal

A Family Tour (One Day):

Enjoy the fantastic tour with your family

China Gate - Japan Garden - Top Speed of Mountain Fuji - Southeast Asian Waterside Village - Maori Dwellings - Venice The City of Water - Cross Europe - African Folk Dwellings - Pyramid Fantasy - Niagara Falls - Amazon Jungle Slide - Fly Over America - Indian Dwellings - Return to the Jurassic - Frozen World of the Alps - Iron Tower, Triumphal Arch - The Global Arena Extravaganza

Window of the World Shenzhen Map Window of the World Shenzhen Map
(Click to Enlarge)

How to Get to Window of the World Shenzhen

Window of the World Shenzhen is located at the Nanshan District of Shenzhen city. As a well-known tourist attraction, there are stations of metro and bus near the park. It is about 13km from downtown area of Shenzhen city. You can easily take metro line 1 to get off at the station of Window of the World.

In addition, we have private transfer service for you. During your travel, our private transfer service will save your time for waiting for the vehicles and other parts along the road. The private driver will escort you from airport to your hotel, or between any other two places. With such service, you will no longer worry about your transportation during your trip in Shenzhen. You can contact us for more detailed information about this private transfer.

 Window of the World Shenzhen Window of the World Shenzhen Location Map

Window of the World Shenzhen Ticket Price

Entrance Tickets:

Daytime:  Full Price - ¥220  Half Price - ¥110

Evening:  Full Price - ¥100 (No Half Price)


1. Half Price Ticket is for the elder with 65~70 years old (including 65 and 70 years old) and children with the height of 1.2m~1.5m (including 1.5m).

2. It's free for children with the height lower than 1.2m (including 1.2m).

Attending Tickets for Evening Party:

Seat Monday to Sunday Festivals
VIP Seat Free ¥80/person
A1 Zone ¥50/person
A2 Zone ¥30/person
A3 Zone ¥20/person

Window of the World Shenzhen Opening Hours

Item Ordinary Days Festival Days
Opening and Closing Time 9:00~22:30
Evening Show Entering Time is 19:30
Alpine World of Ice and Snow 10:00-21:00 10:00-21:30

Note: The Information is for reference only, for more detailed information please contact our private consultant.

Warm Tips

1. If you want to watch evening performance after playing in the park in daytime, then you can book free seats for evening performances with your daytime entrance tickets. This will not work during festivals (such as Spring Festival).

2. On Saturday and any other important festivals (such as Spring Festival), you can see fireworks show at 21:00 near the Triumphal Arch.

3. You could buy souvenirs near the Iron Tower, Paris Spring Street and Roman Holiday Square.

4. You could spend ¥20/person for small battery car to any zones. There are also other types of cars and the Information is for reference only, for more details please contact our private consultant.

How to Plan a Shenzhen Tour

Shenzhen is one of the China's first-tier cities, here you will know more about the China's speed of development and experience a modern China. It is a young energetic city, and it offers many interesting things for you to have fun. If you are going to have a short stay tour here, here we have a 3 Days Classic Shenzhen Tour for you. During this tour, you will touch the essence of Shenzhen. Although there are not many ancient historical spots, Shenzhen has created its own spectacular culture. You could choose the 3 Days Shenzhen Culture Tour to have a better cultural tour in Shenzhen.

In addition, Shenzhen also has some other attractions and you may have your own interests for your Shenzhen tour, then you can contact our private consultant to help you make your own tour plan in Shenzhen.

We provide you the most experienced tour plans. You could just tell us about your demands, and we will meet your taste. In your trip, our professional local guides will explain every scenic spot for you carefully. Meanwhile, our private drivers will escort you for your whole trip. You will no longer worry about transfers, tour guides and other problems, and just enjoy your trip!

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