How to Get from Guangzhou Airport to Downtown Guangzhou

To correctly make a right, detailed transportation plan from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (short for Guangzhou Airport) to downtown area in Guangzhou, travelers need to make clear where the city center of Guangzhou is. Actually, the city center has two ideas, one is the “old city center” and the other is the “new city center”.


Distance to City Center of Guangzhou

● Old City Center of Guangzhou: Yuexiu District is the oldest downtown area in Guangzhou which includes many historical and cultural sites ranging from eight dynasties over 2000 history, like Five-Ram Sculpture and Zhenhai Tower in Yuexiu Park, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, Museum of the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King, Sacred Heart Cathedral, Guangxiao Temple and more. The distance between Guangzhou Airport and Yuexiu District (namely Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall) is around 34 km/21 mi.

● New City Center of Guangzhou: Tianhe District (Its center is around Tianhe Stadium), created in 1985, is now considered to be the new city center of Guangzhou. It is mixed urban and suburban landscapes now include business and shopping centers constructed along with high-rise office and residential buildings. It is around 36 km/ 22mi between Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and the center of Tianhe District.

Map of Guangzhou Airport to Downtown Area

Map of Guangzhou Airport to Downtown Area


Get from Guangzhou Airport to City Center: by Metro, Taxi and Shuttle Bus

There are two terminals of Guangzhou Airport - Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. No matter you arrive at terminal 1 or terminal 2, you’ve got several transportation plans to travel between the airport and the city center - by subway, by taxi as well as by shuttle bus.

By Subway / By Metro

Taking the subway to head to Guangzhou city center is the cheapest way without any traffic jams. Both Chinese and English are served on the metro. If you are independent travelers, you are recommended to transfer by subway, within 1 hour to the places you wish to go.

Metro line 3 (North Extension) is well linked Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport with new downtown area. The service is running between 06:10~23:00 everyday. Travelers who arrive at Terminal 1 should board at the stop “机场南” (Airport South Station), and for those arrive at Terminal 2 need to embark at “机场北” (Airport North Station).

To go directly to new downtown area, you can get off at “Tiyu Xilu” (体育西路) in Tainhe District, taking about 45 minutes in total. If you want to reach the old downtown first, travelers can transfer to metro line 2 at “Jiahewanggang” (嘉禾望岗) and then stop at “Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall” (纪念堂). The whole time you need is about 50 minutes.

Guangzhou Metro Map

Click to Enlarge Guangzhou Metro Map and See Details

To Metro Line to Take Length
Yuexiu Park Line 3 (North Extension) -> “Jiahewanggang” (嘉禾望岗站) -> Line 2 -> “Yuexiu Park” (越秀公园站) 48mins
Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Line 3 (North Extension) -> “Jiahewanggang” (嘉禾望岗站) -> Line 2 -> Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall” (纪念堂站) 49mins
Museum of the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King Line 3 (North Extension) -> “Jiahewanggang” (嘉禾望岗站) -> Line 2 -> “Yuexiu Park” (越秀公园站) 48mins
Temple of the Six Banyan Trees Line 3 (North Extension) -> “Jiahewanggang” (嘉禾望岗站) -> Line 2 -> “Gongyuanqian” (公园前站) 51mins
Chen Clan Ancestral Hall Line 3 (North Extension) -> “Tiyu Xilu” (体育西路站) -> Line 1 -> “Chen Clan Ancestral Hall” (陈家祠站) 56mins
Shamian Island Line 3 (North Extension) -> “Yantang” (燕塘站) -> Line 6 -> “Huangsha” (黄沙站) 75mins
Tianhe Stadium Line 3 (North Extension) -> “Tiyu Xilu” (体育西路站) 45mins
Canton Tower Line 3 (North Extension) -> “Canton Tower” (广州塔站) 49mins
Chimelong Safari Park Line 3 (North Extension) -> “Dashi” (大石站) 90mins
Guangzhou Railway Station Line 3 (North Extension) -> “Jiahewanggang” (嘉禾望岗站) -> Line 2 -> “Guangzhou Railway Station” (广州火车站) 39mins
Guangzhou East Railway Station Line 3 (North Extension) -> “Guangzhou East Railway Station” (广州东站) 42mins
Guangzhou South Railway Station Line 3 (North Extension) -> “Jiahewanggang” (嘉禾望岗站) -> Line 2 -> “Guangzhou South Railway Station” (广州南站) 71mins
Guangzhou North Railway Station Line 3 (North Extension) -> “Gaozeng” (高增站) -> Line 9 -> “Guangzhou North Railway Station” (广州北站) 30mins

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By Taxi

Taking a taxi from the airport is the most convenient way to head directly to the destinations you planning to go. Once arriving at terminal 1 or terminal 2, you can follow the instructions and get a taxi easily.

The whole distance between the airport and downtown area is about 31~36km. The basic taxi fares in Guangzhou are CNY 10 for the first 2.5 kilometers, CNY 2.6 per kilometer between 2.5 and 35km, and CNY 3.9 per kilometer after 35km. Check the following frequent used destinations with detailed distances and prices for reference.

To Distance (KM) Estimated Cost (CNY) Estimated  Length
Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall 34 110 50 mins
Yuexiu Park 31 100 47 mins
Museum of the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King 32 100 48 mins
Shamian Island 35 110 50 mins
Chen Clan Ancestral Hall 34 110 50 mins
Tianhe Stadium 40 130 55 mins
Canton Tower 45 150 1 hour
Guangzhou Railway Station 32 100 50 mins
Guangzhou East Railway Station 40 130 1 hour
Guangzhou South Railway Station 60 210 70 mins
Guangzhou North Railway Station 18 55 35 mins

(Note: The above prices are for reference only and the taxi fares/length may changed based on the real situation. Furthermore, if you want to know more distance and fares to other destinations, you can feel free to ask for our travel experts for help.)

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By Shuttle Bus

There are over 10 lines with numerous shuttle buses running between Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and downtown area of Guangzhou from the early morning to last flights. Check the following routes, stops, frequency of each line and get the right shuttle bus for the transfer.

Shuttle Bus Line Destinations Service Time Length Ticket Fare
Line 1 Guangzhou Railway Station 05:20 - last flight 60 mins CNY 22
Line 2 Crown Plaza City Center,
Garden Hotel, Holiday Inn Hotel
08:00 - last flight 50 mins CNY 23
Line 3 Xingdu Grand Hotel 06:40 - 00:50 50 mins CNY 26
Line 4 Vanke Shangcheng Yufu, Sheraton Hotel 07:35 - 00:40 100 mins CNY 29/35
Line 5 Hilbin Hotel, Haizhu Plaza, Oriental Hotel 06:30 - last flight 50 mins CNY 14/17/18/21
Line 6 Haitao Hotel, Grandview Mall, CITIC Plaza 07:00 - last flight 60 mins CNY 21
Line 7A Panyu Hotel, Yongcheng Hotel 06:50 - 01:50 70 mins 70 mins CNY 27/32
Line 7B Qifu New Village, Lijiang Mingzhu Hotel 08:55 - 21:40 120 mins CNY 28/30
Line 7c Nansha Pilot Free Trade Zone 10:05 - 22:05 120 mins CNY 45
Line 8A Baoli Holiday Hotel, Bikko Hotels International,
Crowne Plaza Science City
05:30 - 19:30 90 mins CNY 23/26/27/28
Line 8B Sun City Hotel 05:30 - 19:45 120 mins CNY 36
Line 8C Winton Hotel 07:20 - 19:00 100 mins CNY 25
Line 9 Guangzhou North Railway Station 06:45 - 21:45 75 mins CNY 5
Line 10 Millennium Garden Fuli 07:00 - 00:30 60 mins CNY 25
Conghua Line Cong Hua Terminal 07:20 - 22:00 60 mins CNY 34
Zengcheng Line Zeng Cheng Terminal 07:30 - 20:00 100 mins CNY 57


1. Where to Get on the Shuttle Buses: Upon arrival, travelers should head to the bus square at the west of Passenger Transportation Center to find the correct line for transfer.

2. Where to Get off the Shuttle Buses: When you go from downtown area to the airport, you’ll get off the entrance of departure. It is very convenient for you to catch your flights.


Guangzhou Airport to Canton Fair

Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair) is the largest trade fair with the largest scale, the most complete exhibit variety, the broadest distribution of overseas buyers and the greatest business turnover held in Guangzhou. To attend the Canton Fair, travelers should head to China Import & Export Fair Complex (No.380, Middle Yuejiang Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City). The distance is about 45km/28mi. Learn more about Canton Fair >>

How to Get from Guangzhou Airport to Canton Fair Complex?

  • ● By Metro: First take metro Line 3 (North Extension) and transfer at Tiyu Xilu (体育西站), hop on Line 3 and transfer at Kecun (客村站), take line 8 to get off at Pazhou (琶洲站). It needs 1 hour for the whole journey.
  • ● By Taxi: Travelers can take a taxi directly heading to the event spot. It takes about CNY 150.
  • ● By Shuttle Bus: It is time costing by taking shuttle bus, which needs around 2~2.5 hours. Shuttle line 10 can send you to New Zhujiang Hotel and here you should change to bus no.229 and make a stop at Pazhou (琶洲站).

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China Import & Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou China Import & Export Fair Complex


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Canton Tower in Guangzhou Night View of Canton Tower

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