Things to Do in Jiayuguan & Jiayuguan Attractions 2023

Never worry about finding no places to visit in Jiayuguan. Jiayuguan is one of the most important western frontier along the silk road since the ancient time. The city was named after the Great Wall fortress in the very west end. Besides visiting the unmissable Jiayuguan Pass which includes an inner-city, an outer city, a moat as well as an interesting Great Wall Museum. It is also recommended to hike on the steep Xuanbi Great Wall to the north of it and the First Strategic Post of the ancient Great Wall with a terrific canyon nearby. If you like art and murals, do not miss the Wei-Jin Tombs to the northeast of Jiayuguan outskirts.

Jiayuguan Attractions Map

Jiayuguan Pass

No.1 Jiayuguan Pass

Type: Ancient Ruins, Historic Sites, Architectural Buildings

Recommended Length of Visit: 3 hours

8km away from Jiayuguan Downtown, Jiayuguan Pass used to be the starting point of the ancient Great Wall built during the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644). It was the most important military defensive project guarding the far northwestern area of China, covering more than 33,529 square meters and it consists of the inner city, outer city, and a moat. Stepping one the inner city, you will see the snow-covered Qilian Mountains and the boundless desert land. Also, there is a Great Wall Museum in the scenic area which offers an interesting introduction of Great Wall culture and history.

The First Strategic Post

No.2 The First Strategic Post

Type: Sights & Landmarks, Architectural Buildings, Ancient Ruins

Recommended Length of Visit: 3 hours

About 8km away from Jiayuguan Pass (Jiayuguan Fortress) and 15min by car, the first strategic post is a ruin site of the first beacon tower of the Great Wall in the west. The site itself is an interesting - original wall and a fire beacon tower, all in fairly ruined state but nice to see without any reconstruction. Though the beacon tower did not exist anymore, and only “a pile of rocks” were left there. The scenic area also includes a museum to visit with a good explanation of the Great Wall’s history in a well-curated exhibition. Besides that, you can a terrific suspension bridge with wooden bottom and the gorgeous Taolai Canyon is just underneath your feet.

Xuanbi Great Wall

No.3 Xuanbi Great Wall

Type: Sights & Landmarks, Ancient Ruins

Recommended Length of Visit: 3 hours

Xuanbi Great Wall or Hanging Great Wall is named after the precipitous terrain in which it is located. 16 km away from Jiayuguan city and 8 km from Jiayuguan fortress, Xuanbi Great Wall is a section of the great wall in the very west end. It is very steep and strenuous to hike on. The partially rebuilt section of the wall is a tough vertical climb but well worth the toil. The view from the top is beautiful and gives a real idea of life on the wall for soldiers garrisoned the beacons.

Wei-Jin Tombs

No.4 Wei-Jin Tombs

Type: Sights & Landmarks, Sacred & Religious Sites

Recommended Length of Visit: 2 hours

18km away from Jiayuguan City, the Wei-Jin Tombs are actually about 1,000 tombs built in Wei and Jin Dynasties (around the 4th century). The scenic area includes a museum and 3 underground tombs representing the master’s courtyard, living room and bedroom which he had prepared for the afterlife. No concrete or cement is holding the stones together, yet it is completely stable for centuries under 10 m of soil. The highlight of the tomb is its numerous vivid murals, and you are recommended to visit there with a guide.

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