Overview of Yadan National Geologic Park

Located about 180-kilometer northwest of Dunhuang City, Yadan National Geological Park occupies an area of about 398 square kilometers and is the largest one of Yardang Landform found so far. It is also called Devil City in that you will hear the sound just like the devil screaming when the strong wind goes through the desert.

In 2006, Chinese Tourist Administration listed Yadan Geopark in 4A level scenic areas and then it became a science base, education base and geological heritage. Because of its featured landform, scenes of many films and advertisement were shot here. The vast expanse of Gobi Desert view united with magic Yardang landforms makes this park become a mysterious resort for popularizing geoscience knowledge, relaxation as well as expedition.

What to do

Enjoy Fantastic Rocks

With extensive and continuous distribution, the Yadang National Geological Park offers various landforms in distinct shapes, signifying different development. In the park, you can get a view of uniquely-shaped rocks like Mongolian Bao, Stone Bird, Peacock and others. Make full use of your imagination, you may find some rocks with some miniatures similar to famed architectures, like the Potala Palace in Tibet, Heaven Temple in Beijing or something else.

On account of the lower recognition and poor phone signal in the scenic are, travel by tour bus is mandated. There are four main sites in the park. The tour bus will take you to each one and you will have fixed time to watch the great view and take beautiful photos.

  • When the tour bus stops at the first place, you may doubt that if you enter another planet. The most remarkable rock here would be A Golden Lion Greeting which is a product of Yardang’s mature stage. By the force of water, strong wind and earth collapse, the ground and rocks were eroded and destructed gradually into small pieces. Then, it finally turned into the shape as lion that seems greeting the gest from further afield.
  • Sphinx is the second attraction made by the nature’s intricate effect. Seeing from far, you will find this hug rock really resembles a crouching lion with a face of human beings. It reflects a walling yardang which is a transitional type from waling Yardang to the towering ones. Based on its composition of its sandy and argillaceous debris, it forms an uneven surface after differentially weather.
  • Peacock, belonging to production of columnar yardang, is the structure outstanding in the third site. The whole shape looks like a peacock stretching its tail to show her pride and beauty. Also destroyed by weather and rain erosion, it became an incredible wonder.
  • The Armada is the last and furthest attraction. The structure truly looks like a fleet of ships floating in the boundless desert which seems like the great sea. It is most spectacular and you will be particularly impressed by the imposing manner. Walking into these fleets, you will praise the uncanny workmanship of nature.

Appreciate Sunset in Yadan National Geologic Park

Perhaps you have watched sunset numerous time in untold places, but you may never experience such a grand sight in Yadan Geologic Park. At first, the sun shines on the earth, vivid and full grandeur. When the nightfall comes, the sky falls into silence and the desert becomes dark. The setting sun colored the cloud into red, orange or yellow, brighter and showier against the dim heaven. Slowly, with weaken and weaken light, the sun coincides with the horizon and then disappears. You will forget where you are and just be lost in the splendid wilderness. Pick your camera up to record this scene, and engrave it in your mind at the same time. The time for sunset is about 9:00 pm but differs in season.

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Yadan National Geologic Park A Golden Lion Greeting
Yadan National Geologic Park  Peacock
Yadan National Geologic Park  The Armada
Yadan National Geologic Park  Sunset in Yadan Geopark

Visit Yadan Park with Nearby Historical Sites in a Full Day

There are still some historical sites nearby worthy of your visit. We choose two attractions adding which to Yadan Geopark you can have a perfect tour (ideal scheduling and wonderful tour route) in Dunhuang.

Han Great Wall Relics

Han Great Wall was built to defense the invasion of Xiongnu in West Han Dynasty. Adjusting measures to local condition, Han Great Wall was made by branches, reeds, sand gravels and other local materials instead of masonry structure. There was a beacon tower in every 5 km to convey news in ancient Great Wall. The existing Han Great Wall Relics in Dunhuang lost its origin style and features because of the weather-bitten of several millennia. However, you can still figure out the outline and admire the wisdom of ancient people.

Yumen Pass

Yumen Pass was a primitively military area and part of beacon towers that extended to the garrison town of Loulan in Xinjiang. The jade was imported to Central Plains through this pass also, so it was named Yumen Pass. In ancient times, Yumen Pass took on a prosperous sight with the going and coming envoys and camel caravans. The existing Yumen Pass is a square castle standing in the sandy rocks of Gobi. Climbing up to the tower and overlooking, you will collect in your eyes a long scroll full of scattering mashes, ravines crossbar, winding great wall, tall and straight poplars which create an atmosphere of nostalgia.

Yadan National Geologic Park  Han Great Wall Relics
Yadan National Geologic Park  Yumen Pass

Location & Transportation

Located in junction of Xinjiang Province and Gansu Province, Yadan National Geologic Park is 180 km northwest away from Dunhuang City.

For Independent Travelers

In the eastern gate of Shazhou Night Market, you could take a long-distance bus to Yadan National Geologic Park. Two buses one day, and they are likely to stop operation off season.

Travel with ChinaDiscovery

If you want to get rid of hustle of public transportation and troublesome navigation, you can book a private tour package which covers sightseeing, dining and transfer from us. Our knowledgeable local tour guide and skilled driver will escort you to Yadan National Geological Park with speed and convenience, and take care of all the details. You just need to focus on sightseeing.

Yadan National Geologic Park Location Map Yadan National Geologic Park Location Map

Warm Tips for Yadan National Geologic Park

  • It is recommended to further your trip in addition to four main sites by a jeep. Renting one jeep with a driver, your group is able to get to deeper park and explore more natural formations.
  • Best Time: Peak season of Yadan National Geological Park ranges from May to October. Starting your trip in the early morning allows you have a cooler weather and relatively quiet environment while starting in the afternoon gives you an unforgettable memory of beautiful sunset.
  • The day hours are hot and scorching, so be sure to adequately protect yourself and take a scarf to cover your face in case there are sandstorms or if it's just windy.

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