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2 Days Classic Yongding Tulou & Nanjing Tulou Tour from Xiamen

Walk into Idyllic Hakka Castles in Nanjing & Yongding


Fujian Tulou with unique appearance and harmonious Hakka culture has been listed as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. This 2-day itinerary is the most classic Fujian Tulou tour to discover famous Nanjing & diverse Yongding Tulou from Xiamen, the best gateway. Our professional team of local guide and driver will take you to have a great visit to the closer Nanjing Tulou with more primitive and famous earthen building without missing the most well-known Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster and more interesting Tulou. Also, you’ll enjoy one day to Yongding Tulou that has longer history, more Hakka culture and larger scaled of diverse Tulou and is reputed as “outdoor Hakka Tulou museum” to look at Zhenchenglou, whole Chuxi Tulou Cluster and more outstanding Hakka earthen castles for visual and cultural enjoyment in Fujian style!

Highlights of this tour

  • Have a classic discovery of Nanjing Tulou to see its most famous Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster forming the architectural “Four Dishes and a Soup”, walk into amazing “dangerous” Yuchanglou and stroll around quaint Taxia Village;
  • Catch the terrific full view of authentic Hekeng Tulou Cluster to find the pair of “Big Dipper” wonder made by square and round earthen buildings;
  • Discover famous Hongkeng to slowly savor the exquisite designs of top representative Tulou including Zhencheng Building, Kuiju Building and Rusheng Building;
  • Explore the most beautiful Chuxi Tulou Cluster to marvel at its oldest Tulou - Jiqing Building and hike to admire its fabulous panorama with magnificent rice terraces landscape.

Basic Trip Information

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  1. 1. This price is for one person, based on a group of 2 adults sharing one double-bed room in a 4-star hotel and traveling in low seasons;
  2. 2. This price is subject to change according to your traveling season, group size, hotel class, change of activities and possible fluctuation of currency exchange rate.
Travel Route:
Xiamen / Nanjing Tulou / Yongding Tulou / Xiamen
Travel Length:
2 Days and 1 Night
Tour Code:
Group Size:
You, your family, friends or group
Any day you want
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Full Itinerary Day by day

Day 1 Xiamen - Nanjing Tulou (L)

Good morning! On this day, your guide and driver will pick you up at your hotel or the airport/train station in the morning. And then, you will be escorted to see the earthen buildings (Tulou) in Nanjing County with a 3-hour scenic drive.

First, walk up to the viewing platform to have a bird’s eye view of the must-see Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster from the best angle, which is the most famous earthen building cluster known as “Four Dishes and a Soup” with 3 round, 1 oval and 1 rectangular well preserved earthen building looking really like a set of meal on the natural tablecloth of the lush mountain an graceful rice terraces surrounding.

Next, go to discover Yuchang Building that was built during 1308-1338. It is the present oldest Tulou and the largest and highest round Tulou with highest floor height in Nanjing region. Also, it is famous as “Zigzag Building” because it looks about to totter with a maximum inclination of 15 degrees due to weather beats and earthquakes, however, it stands quite still till nowadays. Walk into this Tulou and closely look at the zigzag wooden pillars which have well supported such huge building for over 600 years.

Then, visit Taxia Village. With an “S” shaped stream floating across the entire village, two earthen buildings located just right on the two curves, and multiple big and small Tulou built along the banks, this village is reputed as a “Water Town of Taichi” with rich Tulou flavor. You will not miss Yude Building known as “Apron Building”, Deyuan Hall with outstanding sculptures of birds, beasts and flowers and also the 24 Hakka stone flagpoles beside the semilunar pond.

Then, drive to Hekeng Tulou Cluster to walk up to the peak of Lion Hill and catch the amazing panorama of Hekeng Tulou Cluster. With the unique layout, the 14 circular and square earthen buildings look like two “Big Dipper” lying at the special galaxy of surrounding emerald mountains, hovering mists, pieces of farming fields and clear floating stream, which is really a wonderful miracle of nature and human efforts.

After the visiting, your guide and driver will escort you to your hotel at Taxia Village and help you with the check-in procedure. Enjoy your overnight with rural Hakka Tulou surrounding!

Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster Yuchanglou (Zigzag Building) Taxia Village Hekeng Tulou Cluster Full View
Day 2 Nanjing Tulou - Yongding Tulou - Xiamen Departure (B, L)

After breakfast today, you will go to visit Yongding Tulou with a 20 minutes’ drive.

First, go to Hongkeng Tulou Cluster and visit Zhencheng Building from 1912 that is praised as “Prince of Tulou” and famous for its splendid design and exquisite interiors according to China’s traditional culture of Bagua. Have a close look at its most conspicuous hall, which is two floors high and has 4 circular granite columns in western features, making the Tulou with Chinese Hakka exterior and special western interior decoration. And walk to see Kuiju Building from 1834. This special palatial square Tulou constructed for 5 years is unique among all Fujian Tulou and looks like the style of Potala Palace from afar. Walk around to appreciate its diverse fancy carvings, paintings, sculptures and more awesome artistic colorful decoration on every corner. Continue to discover Rusheng Building constructed into 23 meters in diameter and 3 floors during 1875-1908, which is the smallest earthen building listed by UNESCO and also called “pocket Tulou”!

Then, drive to Chuxi Tulou Cluster that is reputed as “most beautiful Tulou cluster in China” an also the most concentrate, ancient, complete and famous Tulou cluster. Walk by the stream to visit Jiqing Building. Constructed in 1419, this Tulou is the oldest and most special circular construction in Yongding, with 72 stairs separating the building into 72 independent units. Walk upstairs to the museum to look at those old object for living and entertainment for Hakka people in the past and displays of their history, culture and art. Next, visit Shengqing Building that is a 39 meters wide square Tulou from 1799. Composed with a square exterior wall and a square cloister house inside, it looks like a Chinese character of Hui “回” meaning return from high position, which is unique in whole Chuxi! Then, take a short hike on the north mountain and have a full view of Chuxi Tulou Cluster. Immerse into the fabulous traditional Hakka rural landscape with the most eye-catching three circular and one square Tulou, the youngest Tulou with distinct white wall and other tens of various round, square, rectangular, oval, octagonal shaped Tulou scattered on the lush rice terraces slop mountain. (Optional experience: in Autumn season, you can choose to catch the rare chance to pick up local fruits and even try the primitive farm work.)

After the tour, transfer back to Xiamen. And your guide and driver will escort you to the airport/railway station to catch the flight or train to your next destination. Tour ends!

Zhenchenglou (Prince of Tulou) Chuxi Tulou Cluster Jiqinglou Interior Shengqinglou

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