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4 Days Xiamen & Wuyi Mountain Highlights Tour by High Speed Train

UNESCO Garden on the Sea & Emerald Danxia Wonderland


Why not go to Xiamen and Wuyishan for a refreshing holiday pleasing both eyes and mind? Xiamen boasting Gulangyu Island listed as UNESCO World Heritage site and praised as “Garden on the Sea” is one of the best sunny holiday with clean soft beaches. While, Wuyi Mountain is also a precious World Natural and Cultural Heritage and popular with enchanting Danxia landscape of scarlet mountains and emerald water, rich tea culture of world famous Dahongpao, and relics about mysterious Fujian ancestors and well-known Chinese literati.

This 4 days tour is the best combo to discover Xiamen and Wuyishan. In the 4 day itinerary, you’ll enjoy a laid-back day to Gulangyu and other best essences in Xiamen. And for the rest 3 days, take a high speed train to Mount Wuyi to discover most of its highlights, including having fun at its various mountains, bending stream and fragrant fields, soaking in the culture and historical stories of its famous Dahongpao tea, religions of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism and ancient Chinese literature, etc.! Start you sightseeing and culture vacation!

Highlights of this tour

  • Take a ferry to Gulangyu Island to appreciate the historical international architectures from over 100 years ago;
  • Enjoy some peaceful time at famous Nanputuo Temple and have a bird view of Xiamen University and islets on the sea from Wulao Peak;
  • Savor the marvelous Danxia mountains and water of Wuyi Mountain by raft along Nine Bends Stream and climbing up to Tianyou Peak, Tiger Roaring Rock, etc.;
  • Soak in the tea culture of Wuyishan by walking at Dahongpao Scenic Area tea plantation and Xiamei Village, the ancient key town for tea shipping;
  • Visit Wuyi Palace and Song Street to feel the rich poetic literal culture from Song Dynasty.

Basic Trip Information

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  1. 1. This price is for one person, based on a group of 2 adults sharing one double-bed room in a 4-star hotel and traveling in low seasons;
  2. 2. This price is subject to change according to your traveling season, group size, hotel class, change of activities and possible fluctuation of currency exchange rate.
Travel Route:
Xiamen / Wuyishan
Travel Length:
4 Days & 3 Nights
Tour Code:
Group Size:
You, your family, friends or group
Any day you want

Full Itinerary Day by day

Day 1 Xiamen Arrival & Xiamen (L)

Good morning! On this day, your guide and driver will pick you up at your hotel or the airport/train station in the morning. Today, you’ll head to the southern tip of Xiamen Island and have a classic discovery of the refreshing Xiamen City.

First, go to visit Nanputuo Temple (South Putuo Temple) of more than 1,000 years old. Enter the temple to admire a grand cluster of Buddhist halls with flying eaves and yellow tiles standing layer by layer under century-old trees and against the emerald mountain and pray in front of the holy Buddhas. Meanwhile, immerse into the peaceful atmosphere with locals taking a break around the large lotus pond, traditional Chinese pavilions, corridors, etc.. Later, walk about 20 minutes up to Wulao Peak to have a terrific bird’s eye view of the beautiful Xiamen University, Xiamen Port and the nearby islets on the blue sea!

Next, take a 20-minutes’ ferry to Gulangyu Island from Xiamen downtown. It is the No.1 attraction in Xiamen and also a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage with dozens of precious historical architectures built by people from the UK, Italy, France, Spain, Japan, etc. during the Second Opium War, thus, this little island of 1.88 s.q.m wide is regarded as “International Architecture Museum” with relic sites of 13 embassies from 18th-19th centuries. Roam along the old alleys to appreciate those left sites of churches, mansions, villas, banks and museums telling the historical stories of Gulangyu. Walk up to the most famous Sunlight Rock and catch the wonderful panorama of the large group of red and pink Western styled architectures with dotted emerald trees. Then, go to discover the must-see Shuzhuang Garden that is the classic model of traditional Chinese garden on the sea. Take a leisure stroll amongst the twisty corridors, ancient halls with flying eaves and blue tiles, delicate pavilions, poetic gardens and ponds, etc. facing the shimmering sea and feel its traditional Chinese literal beauty contrasting to the western charm surrounding. Step into the outstanding Piano Museum which boasts an awesome collection of nearly 100 precious old pianos from all over the world for your worthy musical inspiration. Enjoy your architectural savory and then take the ferry back to Xiamen downtown.

After the visiting, Your guide and driver will escort you to your hotel in Xiamen. Have a good rest!

Evening Idea: take a leisure walk at Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street where you’ll appreciate lots of beautiful old arcade buildings in Chinese, Western and South Asian styles and also some local popular food for a good try!

Nanputuo Temple Panorama Xiamen University View from Wulao Peak Gulangyu Island Shuzhuang Garden
Day 2 Xiamen - Wuyi Mountain (B, L)

After breakfast today, your guide and driver will meet you at the hotel and then escort you to Xiamen train station to catch your 3-3.5 hours’ train to Wuyishan.

Welcome to Wuyishan! Upon your arrival, your local guide and driver will meet you at the arrival hall of Wuyishan train station and then escort you to your hotel at the foot of Wuyi Mountain. Your guide will help you with the check-in procedure! After some short break, start you discovery of Wuyi Mountain! Wuyi Mountain is UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site listed since 1999 featured with enchanting waterscape and the sceneries of Danxia landform. The twisty ravines, mysterious ancient culture, famous noble of Da Hong Pao tea, and so forth make this mountain area a fabulous resort for your relaxation and fun.

First, go to climb up the  Tianyou Peak (Heavenly Tour Peak) that is the “No.1 Landscape of Wuyi Mountain”. Stand on the great observation deck to have a bird view of the tens and hundreds of red Danxia mountains with lush forests, bending green stream, laughing visitors on the rafts, etc. You can also immerse into the wondrous sightseeing of frequent mists lingering after rain. Enjoy the multiple caves of Yunwo and the extraordinary Tea Cave, and encounter with the misty scenery when in right time and season.

After the visiting, be escorted back to your hotel at Wuyi Mountain. Have a good sleep!

Optional Evening Activity: Appreciate the world large-scale live performance of Impression Da Hong Pao directed by Zhang Yimou, to know more about the culture of tea, admire the charming night view of Mount Wuyi, and the perfection combination of the natural mountain, water into the performance.

Wuyi Mountain Wuyishan Tianyou Peak Photographing
Day 3 Wuyi Mountain (B, L)

Today, after breakfast, your guide and driver will meet you at the hotel and take you to continue your Wuyishan discovery! First, take the bamboo raft fitted with rattan chairs to float down along the Jiuqu Stream (Nine Bends Stream). During the about 1.5 hours joyous scenic sailing, appreciate the enchanting natural scenery with red rockery mountains and emerald grooves along the banks, watch the mysterious hanging boat coffins on the cliff, admire different landscape of the nine bends and have fun at the shoals and pools one by one. Followed by is a cultural visit to the over 1,000-year old Wuyi Palace, which is the most ancient Taoist temple at Mount Wuyi and was one of the six great Taoist temples in Song Dynasty. Walk around to imagine that ancient emperors sacrificing to Wuyi God in the past with the serene charm and find the two 900-year old cassia trees. Next, stroll at the nearby Song Street, a 300-meter long imitating street full of architectures of Song styles in the regions south of Yangtze River, to savor the interesting charm of Song featured old street hidden among the lush mountain and water wonderland.

Then, experience passing the Yixiantian scenic area where you could see the only very thin light of the sky that looks like one string and seems to be split by an axe. Enjoy the fun of walking through the especially narrow path, with the narrowest part of only 30-40cm wide. Continue to Tiger Roaring Rock to challenge the precipitous stone steps leaning on the bold cliff and hear the interesting shocking sound of wind blowing through the cave. Also, admire the panoramic view of the flourishing mountains and peaks at its good location!

Next, visit the Dahongpao Scenic Area (Big Red Robe Scenic Area) to see the shiny green plantation of the Dahongpao tea that is the national treasure in China and is famous as the ancestor of the first cup of black tea around the whole world. Have a look at the six seed Dahongpao tea trees of over 340 years old there grow on the cliff and the its Chinese name written in red by the side and enjoy the refreshing tea aroma there! Then go to the Shuilian Cave (Water Curtain Cave) area to appreciate the fancy waterfalls and the springs flying from the 100-meter high summit of the cave which is about 100 meters high and wide.

After the visiting, be escorted back to your hotel!

Wuyishan Jiuqu Stream Tiger Roaring Rock (Huxiaoyan) Wuyishan Dahongpao Scenic Area
Day 4 Wuyi Mountain & Wuyishan Departure (B)

After breakfast today, go to visit Xiamei Village which is over 1400 years old and was the start of the Ten Thousand Li Tea Road used for shipping Dahongpao to overseas countries in Europe and Central Asia since the 17th century. Enjoy your historical walk around the old village in leisure to appreciate the over-900-meter long ancient Dangxi Stream for tea shipping floating across the village, over 30 featured old dwellings of Qing Dynasty charm keeping exquisite carvings on the bricks and wood and the tea houses serving their tea lovers, etc. to feel the rich tea culture of this famous old village of tea!

After the tour, your guide and driver will escort you to the airport/train station to catch the flight/train to your next destination or back home. Tour ends!

Wuyishan Xiamei Ancient Village

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