3 Days Pleasant Guilin & Yangshuo Trip with Family from Chengdu

Because of the limited vacation time, we only have 3 days for this trip including the arrival and departure date. But as a professional travel consultant, it’s a piece of cake to prepare one wonderful trip for my family within this limited time.

On Day 1, we have taken 7 hours high speed train from Chengdu to Guilin. To catch the earliest train, we have to take the earliest subway too. My 5 month daughter must be wondering "where I am and why I need to get up so early this morning!" For her, this is the first travel!

Chengdu to Guilin Trip

Selfie with My Baby Girl on the Earliest Subway in Chengdu

About the high speed train between Chengdu and Guilin, now there are only D high speed trains available between Chengdu and Guilin. We have taken 2nd class seat which is kind of crowded even for bigger person like me. Here below are the photos I taken in the 2nd class and 1st class carriages with the information on our website as your reference.

A second class carriage has five seats (each one is about 45cm in width) in a row - two at one side and three at the other side of the aisle, like the layout on some airplanes. Although those seats have low prices, passengers can still enjoy roomy leg space and feel much more comfortable than on the plane. The seat is adjustable backwards to 5-24 degrees, and the arms between two seats can be folded up. On the back of every seat are a tray table, a hook and a bag, cleaning bag and magazine, etc. Also, there is one socket under your or the front seat in a row for your charging up your mobile phones and other devices.

Chengdu to Guilin Trip

Second Class Seat of China High Speed Train

The first class seat is about 48cm wide and more personal space for your arms and legs. In the First Class Carriage, there are four seats in a row - two on both sides. The seat can be adjusted backwards better to a comfortable angle for your rest, within 5-32 degrees. The tray table is much wider than that for the Second Class Seats, which is in the arm of each seat, and you can pull out and unfold it for some reading, dining or placing your belongings.

Besides the facilities and items for Second Class Seats, First Class Seats additionally offer a pillow on your seat for a better sitting trip, more electrical outlets installation on both sides of every row, adjustable footrest to relax your feet, electric socket for earplugs or earphones for music, etc. As the First Class Seat Carriage is designed with lesser capacity and more space for passengers, you can enjoy a quieter and more comfortable environment easily through the high speed train riding.

Chengdu to Guilin Trip

First Class Seat of China High Speed Train

During the 7 hours' high speed train journey, the train will go through many caves and I believe you will marvel at China's high-speed rail technology. Also you will watch various natural sceneries during this train journey. To make your train journey less boring, you could take a book or download some movies or videos to watch the way. For me, I am always busy with my 5 month baby girl.

Upon arrival in Guilin North Station, we take one taxi to Reed Flute Cave (around 20 minutes), a majestic underground palace with sparkling different colors. The magical Mother Nature condenses millions years of natural efforts to form the incredible stalactite, stalagmite, stone shield and stone waterfall of different sizes and shapes. I have been to 2 caves before in the past and one is the famous Jiuxiang Cave in Kunming, Yunan. This time, I have to say “Wow, it’s so magnificent and exquisite!!” Though the one in Kunming is larger and longer, my family and I still very impressed by this 500m long cave.

Your guide will explain the strange shape of the cave in vivid words. Here below are the some photos as your reference. Please forgive my bad photography skills.

Chengdu to Guilin Trip

Reed Flute Cave

When you get to center of the cave, there will be two clips of image on the cave and one is about the ballet and another is about the geological history.

Here below is the photo of ballet as your reference. The picture is very beautiful.

Walking out the cave and the sunshine make you feel very warm and you will found many trees parasitic by ferns.

Chengdu to Guilin Trip

Inside and Outside the Reed Flute Cave

Continue taking taxi to the Elephant Trunk Hill. A giant rock hill vividly shapes like an elephant which is drinking water. Besides, there are many historical sites here for you to explore, such as stone carving, Buddhist temple, relic exhibition, etc. For me, this place is just fine. Because of the limited time, we didn’t go inside and you could also see it from the outside.

After that, we have taken a short rest in our hotel near the Elephant Trunk Hill. Now it’s time for searching for the food.

We have walked to Zhengyang Street which is a popular shopping street for local people and also for tourist. There we have tried to like Guilin Rice Noodle.

Chengdu to Guilin Trip

Guilin Rice Noodle

Compare to Zhengyang Street, I like the East and West Street more. Here you could see many antique buildings and various snacks. Also you could see many colorful and different shapes of lanterns.

Chengdu to Guilin Trip

Zhengyang Street at Night

After a good rest, now we’re ready for the most beautiful part of this trip. Take taxi (around 1 hour) from the hotel to Mopanshan Port where we board the Li River Cruise.

The cruise will take around 4 hours from Guilin to Yangshuo. This is also the most enjoyable time during the whole trip to Guilin.

In my side, I have divided this trip to three parts.

The first part is the beginning of sailing. With the clean water, blue sky and green mountains, you will immerse yourself into this cruise. At the beginning, there aren’t many karst mountains, but you could see some shoals and shrubs.

Chengdu to Guilin Trip

Picturesque Landscape Along Li River

The second part is the foreshadowing of the most beautiful part of Li River. Now you will see many karst mountains.

Chengdu to Guilin Trip

Beautiful Karst Mountains

The third part is the most beautiful part and also you could see the scenery printed CNY 20 cash.

Chengdu to Guilin Trip

The Scenery Printed on CNY 20 Cash

Now it’s time to say good bye to the Li River Cruise. Before that, the cruise will provide one lunch box with simple Chinese food.

Chengdu to Guilin Trip

Lunch on the Cruise Ship

After get off the ship, it will take around 20 minutes by walking from the port to the place to take the eco-bus to Fengming Tourists Service Center (around 15 minutes) where you need to change the sightseeing bus to get to Ten-mile Gallery.

In Ten-mile Gallery, we have visited the Big Banyan Tree.

Chengdu to Guilin Trip

Family Photos with Big Banyan Tree

After that, you could take the sightseeing bus to Moon Hill. Because the time we get to the Ten-mile Gallery is a little late. We didn’t climb the hill and only take a photo from afar.

Chengdu to Guilin Trip

Moon Hill

After that, we have taken some photos at Gongnong Bridge where you could see some bamboo rafts on Yulong River. Yulong River is indeed very beautiful and if time allows, you could choose to stay overnight there for one night and I believe you will like Yangshuo more. If time enough, you could take the Bamboo Rafts and also other exciting activities in this area.

Chengdu to Guilin Trip

Bamboo Rafts on Yulong River

After a quite tight schedule today, we have enjoyed a local special which is called Beer Fish and other food near our hotel.

Chengdu to Guilin Trip

Local Cuisine - Beer Fish

After that, we take one taxi to watch the famous Impression Liusanjie Show directed by famous director - Zhang Yimou. If you’re interested in night show, this is surely worth seeing. The performance combines of classic folk songs, national customs, Lijiang fishing and fire.

Chengdu to Guilin Trip

Impression Liusanjie

After that, we take taxi to West Street and it is so crowded. If you would like to try some local snacks or buy some local stuff, you could go there. If you prefer quiet environment, it’s better to stay in the hotel. After some walking time in the west street, we walk to our hotel near the West Street.

Chengdu to Guilin Trip

West Street

On the third day, we have taken one taxi to Xingping Ancient Town. I have to admit this town is more commercial than I thought. If you have been to many ancient towns in China, this town isn’t very recommended. But taking a photo with cormorant is interesting.

Chengdu to Guilin Trip

Xingping Ancient Town

After around 1 hour short time in Xingping Ancient Town, we have taken one taxi to Yangshuo Station (only around 20 minutes) to take the high speed train back to Chengdu.

If you’re interested in Guilin & Yangshuo trip, please feel free to contact Wonder to know more information.

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