Chengdu Panda Base
-A place worth visiting many times

When I was a child, I have seen pandas on TV or books and couldn’t imagine how cute the pandas could be if I could visit them face to face. In this way, when I came to Chengdu to work in 2013, I have visited the Panda base once. However, it is in the afternoon, so I didn’t see many pandas there and also the pandas are not active. Also for some reasons, the time we spent in the panda base is very limited, so to be frank I feel a little disappointed about the first visit.

With time going on, I didn’t visit the Chengdu Panda Base until 2016. To visit the Panda Base, you must know the following things which could surely increase the sense of Panda Experience.

Best Season and Best Time to visit the Panda Base

Although the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base is open all year round, September-November is the best time to go to the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base, because at this time when traveling, you can see the very rare newborn pink panda in the nursery room baby. In addition, September to November is also the most comfortable period of time in Chengdu. There are neither hot summers nor wet and cold winters. On the whole, it is still very suitable for various outdoor activities.

Note: July to September is the born period for newborn panda babies, and you can see tens of super cute pink pandas just a little larger than your palm lying in a row at Sunshine Nursery House and Moonlight Nursery House.

The best time in a day to see the giant panda is in the morning, and it’s suggested to get to the Panda Base before 09:00 am for the pandas will be fed during 09:00 ~ 11:00. Giant panda are not afraid of cold, but can’t stand summer heat, so if the weather is too hot, they often stay indoors and enjoy the cool air from the air conditioner. Though summer is not a good time to see the giant panda in outdoor, summer (especially in July and September) is the good time to see baby panda in the panda baby room.

After working in our company for more than 3 years, this time I have chosen to visit the Panda Base in middle Sep. Also, we have decided to get to the Panda base in the early morning. Though we were visiting the Panda Base during the Middle Autumn Festival, there aren’t too many people if you get to the Panda Base earlier.

Panda Tour

-Entrance of Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding and Research Base-

Best Ways to Get to the Panda Base

Take Taxi: From downtown area (around Tianfu Square) to the Panda Base, it should be around 15 KM which will take around 40 minutes by taxi without any traffic jam. However, from 7:00am to 9:00am, it is during the rush hour for working, so it may take longer time, like 50 or even 60 minutes. If you stay in the south or west of Chengdu, it may take longer time. The cost is around RMB50-RMB60 for one way.

Take Subway: Now there is only Subway Line 3 will get to the Panda Base. The arrival station is called Panda Avenue. However, Panda Avenue is still around 4.3KM far from the Panda Base. When you get off Line 3, you could consider taking the Panda Public Bus (Extra RMB5 per person) to get to the Panda Base. Or you could also choose to take taxi, but Panda Bus is also very convenient and easy to find.

Panda Tour

-Click to Enlarge Chengdu Rail Transit Network Map-

Take China Discovery’s Private Vehicle: If you couldn’t speak Chinese or worries about taking subway, taking private car will be the most convenient way. Based in Chengdu City, We China Discovery is a local travel agency provides great private transfer service with professional tour guide and driver who will escort you directly to Chengdu Panda Base from Chengdu airport/train station or other places in Chengdu directly by the comfortable licensed private vehicle of China Discovery with speed and safety. And our guide will tell you more interesting stories about giant pandas, show you the best way, and care you through the way, so you can focus all attention on the sightseeing and visit of pandas instead of navigation and vehicle waiting.

Find the best way for myself

Taking taxi is kind of expensive, so we have chosen to take subway. Because our home is near Subway Line 7, so we first took Line 7 and then transfer to Line 3. Also because we stayed in the southwest of Chengdu (25KM far from the panda base), however the Panda base is in the northeast, so it took around 1.5 hours to get to the Panda base. Taking private car or taxi should only take around 40 minutes.

Panda Tour

-Wonder at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding-

Chengdu Panda Base, also called Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, is the world's only museum that focuses entirely on the critically endangered giant pandas. It is a site that panda fans cannot miss.

When you get into the Panda base, you could first read the map carefully before you start your Panda Base. This could ensure you will see all the Highlights during this trip.

Panda Tour

-Click to Enlarge Chengdu Panda Base Tourist Map-

Recommended Route to Visit Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

According to the information online, there are two best ways to explore the Panda Base. You could also read the route on the map at the Panda base.

Classic Route (1.5 hours)

(1) Main Entrance → (14) (15) Swan Lake (Rose Garden)→ (13) Sub-adult Panda Enclosure→ (12) Adult Giant Panda Enclosure→(11) Giant Panda Cub Enclosure→ (10) Sunshine Nursery House for Giant Panda →(9) No.2 Red Panda Playground→(21) Red Panda Nursery House→(8) No. 1 Red Panda Playground →(7) Giant Panda Cinema →(6) No. 14 Enclosure→(5) Panda Scientific Discovery Center→(3) Giant Panda Museum → (1) Main Entrance

In-depth Route (3 hours)

(1) Main Entrance → (14) (15) Swan Lake (Rose Garden) (12) Sub-adult Panda Enclosure → (11) Giant Panda Cub Enclosure → (10) Sunshine Nursery House for Giant Panda ( 20) No.2 Enclosure for Giant Panda→ (19) Moonlight Nursery House for Giant Panda (18) No.1 Enclosure for Giant Panda → (17) Giant Panda Kitchen → (16) Panda Hospital → (5) Panda Scientific Discovery Center → (3) Giant Panda Museum → (1) Main Entrance

After that, the Real Panda Experience starts! Now let’s focus on the Highlights of Panda Base!

Highlights of Chengdu Panda Base

Not far from the entrance gate, we first visit the Swan Lake which is near the Rose Garden. There are many swans, goldfishes, mandarin ducks and even some wild ducks in the lake.

Panda Tour

-Swan Lake-

As you could see, there are many goldfishes. So some people could also feed the goldfishes or even the swans there. They both are not afraid of people.

Panda Tour

-Goldfishes in Swan Lake-

Because Sep isn’t the best time to visit the rose garden, there are only few roses blossom. However, you could also visit other flowers, like Lycoris and Hibiscus flowers.

About Lycoris, it is a symbol of death and unknown in Chinese. Legends are also mostly tragic and moving. According to legend, they are flowers growing on the banks of Huangchuan Wangchuan River, which lead the souls of death to hell. It also symbolizes the unrequited love because the leaves and flowers will never grow together. So that’s why you couldn’t see any leaves in the below picture.

Panda Tour

-Lycoris in the Park-

Hibiscus is the city flower of Chengdu. It could be seen in many parks of Chengdu or even along the road.

Panda Tour

-Hibiscus in the Park-

Peacock could also be been near the Swan Lake or in other areas of the Panda Base.

Panda Tour

-Peacock in the Park-

Next following the route, we have visited Sub-adult Panda Enclosure & Adult Giant Panda Enclosure & Giant Panda Cub Enclosure, etc.

Choose to take a photo with the Panda.

Panda Tour

-Take a Photo with the Panda-

One Panda is inside the Villa.

Panda Tour

-A Panda is inside the Villa-

On the way, you will also walk through some bamboo forest.

Panda Tour

-Bamboo Forest on the Way-

The whole Panda Base is full of trees, bamboos, flowers, etc. The environment is indeed very good comparing to usual zoos.

And then, we have visited the Sunshine Nursery House for Giant Panda. We haven’t been to the Moonlight Nursery House for Giant Panda because it is a little far and similar to the Sunshine Nursery House. I still recommend you to take a look because you may see more baby pandas there compare to the Sunshine Nursery House.

Here below is one picture about the new born panda. I have been to the Panda base before which I have seen it from the window. This time, I didn’t see that.

Panda Tour

-A New Born Panda-

However, lucky enough, we have seen the cute baby pandas outside. There are three baby pandas putting on the wood which are so adorable.

Panda Tour

-Three Baby Pandas Lying Outside-

Next, take a walk to the Red Panda Playground where you could see several red pandas if you’re lucky enough. Or they may climb to the top of the tree and you couldn’t see them at all.

Panda Tour

-Red Panda Playground-

On the way to the Exit Way, you will pass by the Panda Post where you could buy some Panda toys or mail post card to your friends or family.

Panda Tour

-Panda Post-

Panda Tour

-Panda Toys in Panda Post-

At last, we have visited the Panda Museum inside the Panda Base, including Butterfly House and Giant Panda House.

For the Butterfly House, more than 600 species of butterfly specimens, accounting for half of the known species in my country, and hundreds of rare and ornamental insect specimens were exhibited.

Panda Tour

-Butterfly House-

The highlights will be the Giant Panda House which is the earliest museum in the world established for rare and precious treasure pandas. It brings together the achievements of human understanding, investigation and research on giant pandas. The whole library systematically and comprehensively introduced the evolutionary history of pandas, the distribution of ancient and modern times, the understanding of humans on pandas from ancient times to the present, the wild ecological habits of giant pandas, and the characteristics of anatomical biology. Achievements, moving examples of people's love and love for pandas all over the world, etc.

You could also watch some Documentary in this Museum which is really interesting. If you bring your children with you, I highly recommend visiting this Museum. You could learn a lot from this museum about the cute pandas.

Panda Tour Panda Tour

-Panda Museum-

Finally this half day’s Panda Base experience ends. All in all, Chengdu Panda Base is worth visiting for more than one time! If you’re interested in Panda Tour, Chengdu Panda Base is surely a place couldn’t be missed. When my little girl grows up older, I will surely bring her to this Museum also!

To know more information, I would like to share my ideas about other Panda Base also. I Compare to Dujiangyan Panda Base, Ya’an Bifengxia Panda Base, Wolong Panda Base, etc, there are much more Pandas in Chengdu Panda Base, especially for baby pandas. However, if you’re interested in doing volunteer work, other panda bases are highly recommended also.

So if you and your family plans to come to Chengdu, do remember to contact Wonder Wang at China Discovery and I will also try my best to provide you the most useful travel tips!

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