Travel with Wing: 6 Days Longsheng, Guilin, Yangshuo Trip with Family from Chengdu

When I was a child, I learned a lot from the textbooks. Among the articles, there was one, which is about the landscape of Guilin with really impressed me. At the beginning of this text, it said "Guilin the most beautiful scenery in the world, highly praised the mountains and rivers in Guilin." I remembered that there was an illustration in the textbook of the Guilin scenery. After reading the article and appreciate the illustration, I began to yearn for the landscape of Guilin.

Finally, on January 8th, 2020, during my annual leave, I embarked on a journey to Guilin. The peak tourist season of Guilin is from May to October. However, it's winter in January of China, which means not a good time to go to Guilin, or even the season with the worst scenery. The result far exceeds my expectations, and even surprised me in a cheerful way, especially when I met the Dragon River in Yangshuo, which really convinced me of the evaluation in the article. It turns out that there's not much discrepancy of scenery in Guilin in the four seasons except for the terrace in Longji. In the future, friends who want to travel outside the peak season can rest assured. Traveling in the off-season, there are also advantages such as preferential housing prices and no congestion in the scenic spot.

Guilin Trip Blog

Picturesque Landscape of Guilin

I'm starting from Chengdu. Before departure, I checked the flight time, for the flight time back to Chengdu was not good, either too early or too late, so I chose to return by high-speed train. My arrival flight is a little early, so I chose Longsheng as the first stop, Yangshuo as the last stop. The reason for this is that I plan to visit Longsheng, Guilin and Yangshuo, and the geographical location of Guilin city is between Longsheng County and Yangshuo County. So traveling in such a sequence can save the time spent in commuting and to exploit the time to the greatest extent. If you plan to visit these three places, this should be the most scientific and reasonable way. Luckily, there is a train station in Yangshuo.

However, it should be noted that the Longji Scenic Spot (Longji Ping'an terrace) is about 22 kilometers away from Longsheng County and about 70 kilometers away from Guilin city; it takes about 2 hours to take a bus from Guilin to Longsheng County (about 1.5 hours for a private car), and then another about 1 hour to take a bus from Longsheng County to Longsheng Ping'an terrace parking lot, so if your arrival time to Guilin on the first day is too late after 15:00 pm, this route is not recommended. If late, you can stay in Guilin for one night and visit Longsheng from Guilin the next day. My plane arrived in Guilin at 13:10 p.m., so I had plenty of time. In order to make full use of my time, I decided to arrive at Longsheng on the same day.

Guilin Trip Blog

Stunning Longsheng Terraces

Before departure, I booked all the hotels, plane tickets, motor train, bus, cruise ship, and some entrance tickets in advance, and checked the weather. I prefer to plan everything in advance, which can make me feel more comfortable during the tour, so can concentrate on traveling. From the collected information, I book the bus ticket leaving at 16:30 pm from the Qintan passenger station for Longsheng, for fear that the plane would be late or there would be a traffic jam in Guilin City. In this way, about three hours were left for eating, finding the way and preventing the plane from being late. I ate Guilin rice noodles near Qintan passenger station and set out for the bus after about an hour's rest. We had an appointment with the owner of Longsheng Inn in advance to pick us up in Longsheng County to their Inn. In fact, there were public buses from Longsheng bus station to Ping'an parking lot, but according to the information we found before, the shift was closed at 17:30 at the latest, and we could not arrive until about 18:00 pm, so we asked the owner of the inn to help arrange the private car to pick us up at Longsheng bus station.

At about 18:10 pm, the driver pick us up at the intersection of Longsheng Expressway. At about 19:10 pm, we arrived at the first destination, Wangjingzhijia Inn, at Ping'an Village in 20-25 minutes. It's dark early in winter, so it's already dark when we climb the mountain, but it's easier to walk because it's a bluestone road. At night, I don't see the road signs very clearly, so it's necessary to have a boss to lead the way. With the light of the road, I can walk through the villages covered with Diaojiaolou (pile dwelling), and my heart calmed down and was quiet in a moment. I've been in the city of steel and cement for a long time, so I need to take such a trip, far away from the noise, fame and wealth, pressure, return to the field, return to purity. When we return to our daily life again, we will have a feeling that everything is back to zero, we will unload the burden, clear our mind and start again.

In the evening, we had bamboo tube rice in the hotel, and some local dishes, which were truly delicious except for the price was a little expensive. It should be related to the need to carry the food materials up the mountain, so it is acceptable. The bamboo tube rice uses fresh local bamboo, which is cooked on the fire. The rice is filled with diced lettuce, diced carrot, and diced bacon. It tastes glutinous but not greasy. It is very delicious with the fragrance of fresh bamboo. They used bamboo can't be used for a second time, it's precious and actually a little waste of bamboo, so even local people actually eat bamboo tube rice not much.

Guilin Trip Blog

Delicious Bamboo Rice

Longsheng: Beautiful Notes Composed by Terraced Fields

The next morning, the moment I opened the window and went to the balcony, I was pleasantly amazed at the stoning beautiful terrace scenery. The night before yesterday, I heard from the innkeeper that it was getting light about 7:30 am. I got up at this time. The fresh air and clear terraced fields came in front of me. At about 8:30, the sun broke through the clouds and threw it into the villages and fields in the shape of light pillars; the terraces gradually opened the veil of the night and unfolded before our eyes. I've seen many photos of terraces in different seasons before, pretty green in summer and golden in autumn. But my eyes, nose, and skin will still be shocked and deeply attracted when I came here in person, even if this is the worst season for the scenery, the rice has been harvested, leaving only the stubble left after the rice harvest and the low green grass growing fresh. Even though we have been to some villages, most of the farmland is flat and massive. We have never seen such ladder-like, layered, flowing waves, and moving notes.

Guilin Trip Blog

Morning Sunray Upon Longji Terraces

The first stop of today's plan is the Jinkeng Dazhai terraces. It should be noted that the public transportation from Ping'an to Jinkeng Dazhai terrace is very inconvenient. If you don't need a special car, you need to walk down the mountain from the hotel to Ping'an parking lot, take a shuttle bus to Erlong bridge, and then get off at Erlong bridge and wait for the shuttle bus from Guilin to Dazhai. The time is not easy to grasp. For us, who only stays in Longsheng for one and a half days is no doubt a waste of time. So I asked the innkeeper to help me book a private car to drive from Ping'an Village to Dazhai in advance. It took about 1 hour.

Brief introduction: at present, there are four scenic spots developed and formed in Longsheng, including Longji Ancient Zhuang village terrace scenic spot, Ping'an Zhuang nationality Terrace Scenic Spot, Jinkeng Hongyao Terrace Scenic Spot and Xiaozhai Hongyao Terrace Scenic spot. The most concentrated and popular scenic spots are Ping'an Zhuang terraces scenic area and Jinkeng Hongyao terraces scenic area. Ping'an's terraces are relatively more exquisite while the terraces of Jinkeng Dazhai are more rugged and broad, each with its own characteristics. If the time is not enough, it is suggested to look at Ping'an's "Nine Dragons Five Tigers and seven stars accompany the moon" terraces, if you have enough time about 2 or 3 full days in Longsheng, and fond of hiking, you can add Jinkeng Dazhai. Usually, in April, the terraces begin to be watered, usually after watering, the terraces look like a mirror, which is more conducive to photography. For the hotel we stay is next to the terrace with seven stars and the moon, also not far from the five tigers and nine dragons terrace, I decided to go to Jinkeng Dazhai first, and then return to the hotel in the afternoon or visit the Ping'an terrace the next morning.

Guilin Trip Blog

Taking Picture for My Parents Above the Terraces

Jinkeng Hongyao terraced field scenic area is located in Dazhai village, it is also known as the Dayaozhai terraced field view scenic area. The terraces here are surrounded by mountains, just like a natural sinkhole, and also like a small plate covered with a round cage. Standing at the bottom of the pit and looking around, thousands of meters high "pit edge" on a slope connected with a slope, slopes are overlapping with each other and stretch to the sky. The circular mountain, which stretches for four or five li (about 500m), looks like a huge dragon. There are three scenic spots in Jinkeng Hongyao terrace, which are: No.1 scenic spot, Xishan Shaoyue, No.2 thousand story TIANTI in the great world, and No.3 Golden Buddha top.

Guilin Trip Blog

Picture with My Mom

Starting from Ping'an Villiage at 09:30 am, get to Dazhai parking lot at about 10:30. Because I want to focus on the terrace tour, I requested the driver to drive from Dazhai parking lot to Tiantou village. The driver said that generally only local cars can drive up, and the driving time is about 15-20 minutes. At about 11:00 am o'clock, we get off the bus near the observation platform of the thousand story ladder. After the sightseeing for about 20-30 minutes here, get on the road and drive up for a few minutes to Tiantouzhai village. From Tiantouzhai and up, to the top is Xishan Shaoyue view platform. With the time for sightseeing and taking photos along the way, it takes about 1 hour. At about 12:30 pm, we return to Tiantouzhai, rest about half an hour. Then set out to walk from Tiantouzhai to the Golden Buddha top at a fork road. It takes about half an hour to walk from the fork road to the foot of Golden Buddha top view platform, and it takes about 30-40 minutes to climb from the foot of Golden Buddha top mountain to the top; after seeing the scenery and taking photos at the top of Golden Buddha top, take the cable car to the Dazhai parking lot at around 15:00 pm. We have made an appointment with the driver to meet us here at 15:00 pm in advance. The time is just right. In general, today we spent about 2.5 to 3 hours for the hiking.

Guilin Trip Blog

Cableway at Dazhai

Before returning to the inn in the evening, I contacted the owner of the inn in advance and reserved the dinner of that night. It was still bamboo tube rice and plus local chicken. Half of the local chicken made stewed chicken soup, half made bamboo tube chicken. I have to say that the local chicken in the mountain is really delicious, and my parents are also full of praise. The local chicken is stewed with wild mushrooms in the local mountain, which tastes delicious. You can't miss it if you come here. The original plan was to visit the terrace of "Nine Dragons Five Tigers, seven stars with the moon" after visiting Jinkeng Dazhai village, but because it was very tired on that day and the mountain was foggy when we returned to the inn, I planned to go there the next day. Unfortunately, the next day was also cloudy and foggy. Leave a little regret, and decide to make up for it when we come next time. "Jiulong (Nine Dragons )" refers to the nine small hills derives from the main vein of the Dragon Ridge here, "five tigers" refers to the five slightly raised hills here; "seven stars" refers seven small hills pilled in the center of the seven fields, looking like seven twinkling stars in the distance, guarding the curved moon field of the Dragon Ridge. Because of the existence of "Nine Dragons Five Tigers" and "seven stars accompanying the moon", the peaceful terraces have a view like a charming garden, and add many interests and meanings.

However, compared with the rough and broad Jinkeng Dazhai Village, I prefer the beauty and uniqueness of Ping'an village, especially this season's Ping'an. Sometimes there are clouds around, almost no tourists. The whole village is quiet and peaceful. Local people in twos and threes live their leisure life in the countryside. They tease children at home. When they occasionally go out and meet their neighbors or friends, they stop to chat for a while. It's such a peaceful picture.

Guilin Trip Blog

Wandering at Ping'an

Guilin: Previous Undersea World

On the morning of Jan. 10th the next day, we went down the mountain to Ping'an parking lot and took a bus from Ping'an Village to Longsheng County bus station, which took about 1 hour. Then we took a bus from here to Guilin Qintan bus station, which took about 1.5 hours. After returning to Lijiang Waterfall Hotel in Guilin, we went to Reed Flute Cave by taxi according to the schedule. Our hotel is not far from Reed Flute Cave. As a whole, Reed Flute Cave is still worth visiting. It is located in the northwest suburb of Guilin City, 5 kilometers away from the city center. With a 240 meters deep and nearly 500 meters long size, it is a scenic spot mainly for cave visiting, supplemented by landscape and pastoral scenery. Since its opening, more than 180 party and state leaders and more than 120 heads of state and politicians from all over the world have come to visit Reed Flute Cave, and they are full of praise for it. Therefore, Reed Flute Cave is also known as the "national guest cave", which is a must for heads of state visiting in Guilin.

There are a large number of colorful and exquisite stalagmites, stalactites, stone pillars, stone curtains and stone flowers in the cave. Due to their different shapes and combined with people's imagination, they form Shiling Zhaoxia, Hongluo Baozhang, Panlong pagoda, primitive forest, Crystal Palace, Huaguo Mountain, and other landscapes, like fairyland, which make tourists dizzy and enjoyable. It is known as "the palace of nature's art". Time is quantified here and transformed into all kinds of forms in the world. There are Qitian saints in Tiangong, inverted carp, old people and children playing. There is a Chinese guide in the cave. The guide's explanation is clear and professional. Otherwise, we may not know where is the best angle to stand to appreciate these stalagmites, stalagmites, stone pillars, etc. in different shapes, what have they turned into and what story of thousands of years ago they told us. It's like a palace underground. It's magnificent and mysterious.

Guilin Trip Blog

Reed Flute Cave

It should be noted that there is no signal in the Reed Flute Cave. The temperature in the cave is about 15 degrees in the whole year, which is a little cold, so please pay attention to wear appropriate clothes. Just mentioned that there is a guide to lead the way and explain, but if the last group just left, it needs to wait about 15 minutes, waiting for other guests to come and visit the cave together.

After returning to the hotel, we had dinner near the hotel and had a rest. Then we went for the Four lake night cruise to see Guilin night view on the boat in another way. One of the docks on board is opposite the hotel, so it's very convenient to go for this cruise with a few steps' distance from this hotel. The "two rivers and four lakes in Guilin" refer to Li River, Taohuajiang River, Mulong Lake (including Tiefutang), Guihu Lake, Ronghu Lake, and Shanhu lake. The total length of the water system around the city is 7.33km, and the water surface area is 385900m2. It can reproduce the prosperity of Guilin's "water city" in that year, and restore the city tour mode of touring on the water in Guilin of the Song Dynasty.

There are two choices for this cruise ship. One is to choose the "two rivers and four lakes" cruise ships. Two is to choose the four lake elite section, and we choose the latter. The tour time of the four lakes is about 1 hour, and that of the two rivers and four lakes is about 1.5 hours. You can enjoy the beautiful night scenery of Guilin in the boat or at the bow. Along the way, you can see all kinds of pavilions, twin towers named sun and moon twin towers, Lake Island, double bridge arch bridge, ancient trees, statues, boats, and several dancers dancing in a glass room. What's more surprising is that there's also a short performance of cormorant fishing. Although it's a short time and I've seen it on TV before, it's more impressive to see it with my own eyes. It's just that it's a little cold and windy on the bow this season. You need to wear a thicker one, put on your hat and scarf, and keep warm.

Guilin Trip Blog

Sun and Moon Twin Towers at Night

Before returning to the hotel, we are just in time for the artificial waterfall. Guilin Lijiang Waterfall Hotel is named after its waterscape culture. It is located in the central square of downtown Guilin, 30 kilometers away from the airport and only 3 kilometers away from the South Railway Station. The hotel is close to the Li River in the East and is facing the Shanhu lake and the gold and Silver Twin Towers. It is a good choice in terms of geographical location. Guilin man-made waterfall "Jiutian Galaxy" has become the largest man-made waterfall in the world. It is located on the south side of Guilin central square. The upper part of the waterfall is 72 meters wide and the lower part is 75 meters wide. The water flows from the roof along the arc glass curtain wall to the pool on the second floor of the hotel, and then into the water pool on the ground. Now it has become a landmark man-made landscape in Guilin. It is like a waterfall symphony with all kinds of flowing water and beautiful music.

Guilin Trip Blog

At Man-made Waterfall "Jiutian Galaxy" Hotel

The next day, we are going to Yangshuo by taking the Li River Cruise ship. "Guilin landscape is the best in the world". Here, the Guilin landscape mainly refers to the water of the Li River and the mountains on both sides of the Li River. Li River connecting Guilin and Yangshuo, both sides of which are mostly karst peak forest landforms, like a natural screen full of landscape paintings. The landscape of Guilin and Yangshuo is famous for the karst landscape of Stone bud, Stone forest, Peak forest, and Natural Bridge. Karstification is the main reason for the formation of this natural screen. After hundreds of millions of years of water dissolution and erosion, and the deposition of ancient marine organisms, Guilin mountains and waters of today formed. So Guilin was the sea hundreds of millions of years ago. That's why I call Guilin the previous undersea world. You may find a fossil of a marine feature on a fault in the mountain. Imagine that you stand on the group surface. In fact, it's the bottom of the sea hundreds of millions of years ago. Maybe it's Dragon Palace somewhere! It's a miracle.

Li River Cruise: Emerald Belt Linking Guilin and Yangshuo

At about 8 o'clock the next morning, we took the didi taxi that we had arranged for the previous night and arrived at the Mopanshan wharf of Lingchuan at about 08:30 am. Before that, I bought a 9:30 Li River cruise ship online in advance, so when I arrived at the wharf, I used my ID card to pick up the ticket at the self-service ticket machine. After the security check, we rested in the lounge of the wharf for about half an hour, checked in 10 minutes in advance, and walked along the river to the corresponding wharf to board the ship. When boarding, several cruises are parked together, so you need to see clearly what number of the ship is written on your ticket. Don't get on the wrong ship.

Guilin Trip Blog

Embark the Li River Cruise Ship

After boarding with the ticket, take the corresponding seat specified on the ticket. Our seat is next to the window on the first floor, with a wide vision. You can also go to the open deck on the back of the second floor or the sun deck on the top floor. The radio on the ship will introduce the scenic spots in Chinese, and you can also order local snacks or tea on the ship. Free boiled water is also available on the ship. The Li River Cruise is 83 kilometers, and about 4.5 hours' cruise time. Lijiang is a national 5A level scenic spot and a national key scenic spot. It is the essence of the Guilin scenery. The most beautiful section of Li River is about 40 kilometers from the departure wharf to Xingping. When you are here, you will see the Li River, which is worthy of being called five hundred meters picture scroll. The stone mountains with thousands of shapes come into your view slowly in turn. With the advancement of the cruise ship, the picture is unfolding gradually, especially in Caoping, Guanyan, Yangdi and Xingping. On the way, we also passed the main scenic spots such as Wangfu stone, immortal pushing mill, wave stone, nine horse painting mountains, yellow cloth reflection, etc. I think the nine-horse mountain is the most vivid. From the name, we can see that the mountain is named after the shape of nine horses. From ancient times to the present, how many tourists have been fascinated by this natural mural. It is said that Premier Zhou, counted nine horses on the wall, so it has the name.

Guilin Trip Blog

Enjoy Li River Karst Scenery on the Ship

Li River is like a green silk belt, circling between the ten thousand peaks, with the odd peaks sandwiched between the banks and the green water lingering. You can have a look at the scenery by the cabin window, drinking tea. The voyage is not short, so it's a good choice to read books leisurely. But you may not want to miss any scenery, so despite the cold weather, the passengers are not willing to stay in the cabin with warm air conditioning, but go to the top deck to see the scenery and take photos.

There is also a paid service for people to be taken photos onboard. The photographers on the ship know where and from which angle to take good-looking photos. If you are keen on taking photos and want to punch in and take photos at the landmark scenic spots, this service will be a good choice for you. You can either choose to take photos by yourself, which is more leisurely. On the day we took the boat, there was a drizzle. The rain was getting stronger a little later, and we all went back to the cabin one after another.

It's time to have lunch. Box lunch can be provided onboard. You can choose whether to include the meal when you buy the ticket. Boxed lunch is relatively simple and tastes good. Eating in the warm cabin and looking out of the window at the wind and rain of the Guilin landscape, is also a unique experience. The Li River is suitable for sightseeing all the year-round. April to October is the best travel time every year. There are different landscapes in different seasons and weather, or even at different times of the day. If it's possible, I really want to come back every season.

Guilin Trip Blog

Picturesque Scenery of Li River

The boat arrived at the Longtoushan wharf about 1km away from Yangshuo West Street at about 14:00 pm. After disembarking, it was Yangshuo town. Yangshuo town is a small multi-ethnic County affiliated to Guilin City, 65 kilometers away from Guilin city. After disembarking, there will be a small number of fishermen and cormorants that can be photographed together on the shore; after that, we will go through a long commercial corridor, on both sides of which are local traders, selling some small commodities such as local ethnic costumes, small furnishings, toys, etc.; after passing through the corridor, there are many electric vehicles are waiting here for providing service. If your hotel is a little far away, you can consider taking one. We stayed in Yitian Hotel on West Street. It was in a good position. Because it is relatively close, I choose to walk. It takes about 15 minutes to walk to West Street. I can feel a deep local atmosphere here. There are almost no high-rise buildings. It is a quiet and comfortable place with unsophisticated folk customs.

In the afternoon and evening, you can go for a stroll on the West Street, or take the sightseeing bus to the ten Li Gallery (5000 meters long gallery). My parents and I were tired after several days of our tour. After strolling on the street for a short time, I bought some local snacks and went back to the hotel for a rest. I was going to recharge and refresh myself, to greet the most beautiful part of Guilin, the essence in essence - the Yulong River in Yangshuo.

Yangshuo: Fairyland Like for Celestial Beings

Guilin Scenery is the best in the world, while the Yangshuo is the best in Guilin, Yulong River in Yangshuo is called "little Li River", so it is the essence of Yangshuo's landscape. Therefore, you can imagine how beautiful the scenery here is. Even though have heard about the beauty here before, when everything really unfolds in front of us, it still makes us wonder! And that day's experience, coupled with the blessing of sunny weather, everything is pleasantly beyond our imagination. The sun is dotted on the water, feeling that this is the paradise forgotten by the world.

At about 11:30 am in the morning, we set off from our hotel in West Street, and arrived at Yangshuo Resort Hotel at about 12:00 pm. The hotel is located in a good position, right outside is the Yulong River. If you book a river view family room, you can see Yulong River rafting on the balcony. The room of the hotel is a little small, 20-30 square meters; and this hotel is in the Yulong River traffic control area. Therefore, vehicles outside of this area cannot enter. You can get off at the gate of this area and walk for some distance to your hotel. Fortunately, I contacted the owner of the hotel in advance. The owner helped me to call a private car in the control area to pick us up at west street and escort us to their hotel.

Guilin Trip Blog

Yangshuo Resort Hotel

Go out of our hotel, walk forward left ahead for 10 minutes or so, we reach the Shui'e Di wharf. We buy tickets here to take the bamboo raft from here at around 1 o'clock, and take about 30 minutes of bamboo raft to the Gongnong Bridge. This section is the elite section of the Yulong River, and it will pass by the hotel we stay in. Then it took about half an hour to walk back to the hotel from our destination Gongnong Bridge. The bamboo raft in Yulong River is one of my favorite parts of the whole trip. The raft runs across the river and people are drifting in the painting. Sitting on the most primitive bamboo raft, closest to nature, surrounded by beautiful sceneries, you can touch the clear river at an arm's length.

Guilin Trip Blog

Yulong River Bamboo Raft Pier

There is not a little pollution in the green river. At a glance, I can see the water grass passing through the water, which reminds me of the "Long and short water grass, Swaying on my left and right " in the article Guanju. Nowadays, it's hard to see such clean water in other places. The two sides are high and low peaks, beautiful and exquisite like a landscape painting. The mountains here are not like the mountains we usually see, which are single in shape and usually so wide in shape covering a large part of the sky and avoid the sun. Instead, they are as nimble as jumping notes and as changeable as the ECG of a person who is not in a calm mood. It's no wonder that the landscape of Guilin is famous for its "wonder" and "dainty".

Guilin Trip Blog

Enjoy Yulong River Scenery on the Bamboo Raft

As the bamboo raft slowly crossed the water, we couldn't help but press the shutter all the time and look around greedily, for fear of missing any beauties with just one blink. Although the temperature is not high, the sunshine is very warm sprinkling on the body, so the season influence here is not distinctive, and the scenery is very good in each season. Although I came in January winter, it seems that in the sunshine, I am in the spring of March, in green everywhere. The whole Yulong River scenic area is basically free of modern buildings or artificial carving marks, tranquility and serenity. Everything is so primitive, natural, simple and pure. If the Li River is compared to " an elegant princess", then the Yulong River is like " a fairy young girl of your neighborhood". The bamboo raft will pass through several barrages amid the rafting way, in which there will be a small drop. Please raise your feet to avoid getting wet here. But just because of this small drop, the broken blue water and splashed like white flowers, which added a lot of fun to the perfect journey.

Guilin Trip Blog

Scenery Along the Yulong River

In addition to taking a bamboo raft rafting in Yulong River, other tour methods include cycling, electric vehicles, hiking, sightseeing buses, sightseeing golf cars. I think the rafting is the most leisurely way, and the most convenient way is riding a bicycle if you can (I really can't, for example, LOL); so I chose to hike, and hiking is also a very way, besides being convenient, I can also exercise. After taking the bamboo raft, we went back to the hotel at about 14:10 pm. After a little rest, the owner of the hotel helps us arrange a private car. Starting from the hotel at about 14:30, we drove about 25-30 minutes to the Jiuxian village, which has a profound cultural history. In addition to the typical architectural style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, there is a famous ancient bridge called the Xiangui bridge. From the Jiuxian village, walk back about 20 minutes to the entrance of Yulong River hiking Trail;

Guilin Trip Blog

Visit Jiuxian Village

The footpath is paved with green bricks, 2.5-3m wide. Once entering the footpath, it is an open farmland, with the distant mountains as the outline, the green farmland as the background, dotted with scattered villages, and the old cattle buried to eat grass, just like an oil painting of farmland life. Motorcycles, electric vehicles, and cars are not allowed to enter the footpath. Only walking and riding are allowed. Therefore, walking and riding in the footpath are very comfortable. Return to the hotel at about 6:00, hiking and sightseeing, about 3 hours; walk from the sun pouring to the sunset, if the sun does not set, feel that I can go on like this forever.

Guilin Trip Blog

Hike in the Green Farmland

Guilin Trip Blog

My Photo with Beautiful Karst Landscape Behind

To sum up, I can't love Guilin more than I can say. ^ _ ^ Put it into your wish list with no hesitation now. I will also come back again in the near future and stay here for longer days, it is definitely worth a second visit.

Guilin Trip Blog

Mountainous Silhouette in the Dusk

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