Tracy's 3 Days Jiuzhaigou Winter Trip

As a seasoned travel consultant with a wealth of experience under my belt, I have had the privilege of exploring numerous destinations across China. However, there was one particular place that truly stood out to me, and that was Jiuzhaigou. In the late autumn of 2019, I embarked on a journey to this awe-inspiring location from Chengdu where I lived in.

Day 1 Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou Bus

In the morning, I got up early to catch my us to Jiuzhaigou. The bus ride was a long one, around seven hours, but the stunning views along the way made the journey worthwhile. As we drove through the mountains, I couldn't help but marvel at the scenery. Finally, after this long ride, we arrived at Jiuzhaigou. We were exhausted, but we were also thrilled to be there. We checked into our hotel, and took some rest.

Day2 Jiuzhaigou National Park Sightseeing

The second day of our trip was dedicated to exploring Jiuzhaigou National Park. We started the day early, eager to experience the natural wonders of this beautiful park. I had seen countless pictures of the park's stunning scenery, but nothing could have prepared me for the breathtaking beauty that awaited me. It snowed that day, so we were lucky to enjoy the breathtaking snowscape as well as waterscape. The park is really huge, but tourist buses were available to take us to different attractions scattered in the valley. We took the advantage of the bus and took some leisure walks along the wooden boardwalks that wound through the stunning landscape. The park is home to many beautiful waterfalls, crystal-clear lakes, and snow-capped forests, and I was in awe of the natural beauty that surrounded me.

Jiuzhaigou Trip

Colorful Lakes in Jiuzhai Valley

Jiuzhaigou Trip

Tinkling Waterfalls in Jiuzhai Valley

It was a delightful day filled with endless beauty and awe-inspiring scenery. The highlight was seeing the different colored ponds with vibrant shades of blue and green.

Jiuzhaigou Trip

I was steeped in the Scenic Beauty of Jiuzhaigou

Day 3 Huanglong National Park & Back to Chengdu

On my final day in Jiuzhaigou, we visited Huanglong National Park, which is known for its colorful pools and limestone formations. The winter landscape of Huanglong National Park was nothing short of magical. It was blanketed in snow, and the towering mountains that surrounded me were like a fairy tale come to life. I felt as though I was walking through a dream.

Jiuzhaigou Trip

Huanglong National Park is equally beautiful

We also visited Huanglong Temple, a ancient temple with backdrop of white mountains. Although my tour of Huanglong Valley was a bit rushed, I was able to take in the beauty of area.

Jiuzhaigou Trip

Huanglong Temple in the White Wonderland

We arrived in Chengdu late at night, tired but fulfilled. For me, the trip to Jiuzhaigou was truly a life-changing experience. I was reminded of the boundless wonder and beauty that this world has to offer, and I felt a renewed sense of appreciation for the natural world around us. To anyone who has yet to visit Jiuzhaigou, I wholeheartedly recommend that you make the journey – it truly is a destination unlike any other.

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