Travel with Tracy: 2 Days Hailuogou Tour from Chengdu

Hailuogou Scenic Spot is located in Moxi Town, Luding province and 296km away from Chengdu. It’s famous as the lowest altitude contemporary glaciers, so you could appreciate the spectacular glacier view without the risk of high altitude sick. Besides, you have chances to meet another four good in Hailuogou: the Snow Mountain of Sunrise, the hot spring in snow valley, the primitive forest and the Kangba Tibetan customs.

If you want to meet them all, you’d better go to Hailuogou in winter, say from November to next April. Autumn as in September and October is also a good season, because the primitive forest will become the most colorful world at that time.

I didn’t have appropriate time in autumn or winter; instead I went to Hailuogou in a holiday of June. You may have heard of it - Dragon Boat Holiday. It was a 2-day tour, and the schedule is as below:

Day 1 Chengdu - Luding - Moxi
08:30 Drove from Chengdu
11:00 Arrived in Luding and had a visit to Luding bridge around 20mins
After lunch, kept driving to Moxi Ancient town
15:00 Checked in hotel in Moxi Ancient town and had a visit.

Day2 Moxi- Hailuogou-Chengdu
08:30 Started to visit Hailuogou
14:00 Drove back to Chengdu

√ 3 Days Classic Hailuogou Tour from Chengdu

Luding has a reputation as a "red city". In 1935, the Red Army won a great victory over Luding Bridge here. The city also witnessed great changes and became a famous revolutionary historical city.

Tracy 2 Days Hailuogou Tour from Chengdu

Luding Bridge

In Moxi town, there is a Catholic church. In 1935, the Long March of the Red Army passed by, and Chairman Mao once stayed in the Catholic Church in Moxi Town, held the famous "Moxi Conference" in revolutionary history. Afterwards, Chairman Mao directed the Red Army to take the Luding Bridge and to win a great victory.

Tracy 2 Days Hailuogou Tour from Chengdu

Catholic Church in Moxi Town

When night falls, you could experience the night life here.

Tracy 2 Days Hailuogou Tour from Chengdu

Moxi Town at Night

From Moxi town, you can walk to Hailuogou Scenic Spot. In the scenic spot, most are winding roads. For the sake of safety, only scenic sightseeing cars are available inside and you can take the sightseeing car directly from the scenic gate to Camp No. 3.

There are four camps in Hailuogou, namely Camp No. 1/ Camp No. 2/ Camp No. 3/ Camp No. 4. In general, the four camps are in a line. When you are at Camp No.3, you have two ways to have fun. One is the walking trail: you can walk through the primitive forest to the observation deck to watch the glaciers and return, this will takes about three hours. Besides, you can also walk to the foot of the glacier to admire the glacier up close. The second is to ride the cable car to cross the ice tongue to reach the camp No.4 to see the glaciers, in this way you can have better and fuller view of the glaciers. Still, you can take one route or both routes if you are interested.

Tracy 2 Days Hailuogou Tour from Chengdu

Hailuogou Valley

Above is my own experience, but it is rarely close to the full of Hailuogou. Believe you can discover more!

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