Travel with Rita: 1 Day Chengdu Panda Base Trip

Chengdu is a world-famous tourist destination most known for the Giant Panda. As one of the rarest animals in the world and known as “living fossils”, Giant Pandas are not only extolled as China’s “National Treasure”, but also beloved by people around the world. Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is the world's only museum that focuses entirely on the critically endangered giant pandas. When living and working here, how can we miss the visit for it?

Panda Base Tour

Chengdu Panda Base Tourist Map

Recommended route 1 (1.5-hour tour):
(1) Main entrance → (14) (15) Swan Lake (Rose Garden) → (13) Sub-adult Giant Panda Villa → (12) Adult Giant Panda Villa → (11) Juvenile Giant Panda Villa → (10) Giant Panda Sun Delivery Room → (9) Little Panda No. 2 Activity Field → (21) Little Panda Delivery Room → (8) Little Panda No. 1 Activity Field → (7) Giant Panda Charm Theater → (6) Giant Panda No. 14 Animal House → (5) Panda Science Quest Museum → (3) Giant Panda Museum → (1) Main Entrance

Recommended route 2 (3-hour tour):
(1) Main entrance → (14) (15) Swan Lake (Rose Garden) → (12) Adult Giant Panda Villa → (11) Baby Giant Panda Villa → (10) Giant Panda Sun Delivery Room → (20) Giant Panda No. 2 Villa →(19)Giant Panda Moon Delivery Room→(18)Giant Panda No.1 Villa→(17)Panda Kitchen→(16)Panda Hospital→(5)Panda Science Quest Museum→(3)Giant Panda Museum→(1)Main entrance

There are two recommended ways to visit it. We chose the second one to have in-depth learning about the pandas. Right after the Swan Lake, we reached the Adult Giant Panda Villa, from where you would be surprised about the speed that the Giant Panda could eat the bamboos. An adult giant panda weighing 100 kilograms spends 12-16 hours a day, eating 10-18 kilograms of bamboo leaves and stalks, or 30-38 kilograms of fresh bamboo shoots, and excreting more than 10 kilograms of feces, to maintain the balance of metabolism.

Panda Base Tour

Pandas at Adult Giant Panda Villa Eat Their Delicious Bamboos

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding was first set up in 1987 with 6 sick and hungry giant pandas saved from the wild nature. And now, it is the sanctuary of more than 150 giant pandas and also the world's largest giant panda captive and scientific research base. With the help of the Chinese government to save giant pandas and other endangered wildlife there, it is reputed as the “Cradle of Giant Pandas” to closely say hi to those chubby and lovable black and white animals.

Panda Base Tour

Pandas at Baby Giant Panda Villa Roam Freely

July to September is the born period for newborn panda babies, you can see tens of super cute pink pandas just a little larger than your palm lying in a row at Sunshine Nursery House and Moonlight Nursery House. When we visited in October, there are fewer newborn babies in the nursery rooms. And you are suggested to better visit the base in the morning before 9:00 am, for the pandas will be fed during 09:00 am ~ 11:00 am. They are not afraid of cold, but can’t stand summer heat, so if the weather is too hot, they often stay indoors and enjoy the cool air from the air conditioner. Though summer is not a good time to see the giant panda outdoor, summer (especially in July and September) is a good time to see a baby panda in the panda baby room.

Panda Base Tour

One Little Panda Baby in the Nursery Room

To save pandas and help them live better, the base specially imitates the wild ecological environment favored by pandas in the wild nature with more than 96% coverage of bamboo forest and other plantations. And that also gives Chengdu Panda Base the reputation as “The Global 500 of the United Nations Environment Programme”.

Panda Base Tour

Pandas Climb up on the Trees

In the Panda Base, you can get closer to the rare giant panda. You can closely observe the giant pandas of different ages resting, eating and drinking, playing with each other, using enrichment toys, or watch female pandas nursing their cubs in the nursery rooms.

Note: Do not shout in the panda base, in case you will disturb the giant panda; when you take a photo of the giant panda, do not use the flashlight, especially to the baby panda for their eyes are sensitive to the light; do not feed the giant panda with your own food for your food may not be suitable, and also do not pick the bamboo at the base to feed pandas because the working staff provides a ration of food for them every day.

Panda Base Tour

Chengdu Panda Base Also Holds Some Clever Red Pandas in the Pleasant Open Enclosure

Panda Base Tour

Red Pandas in the Base

If you want to save some energy, you could choose to take the shuttle bus which is available every day.
Peak season: Apr.-Oct., 7:30 am ~ 6:00 pm; Off season: Nov.-Mar., 8:00 am ~ 5:30 pm.

Sightseeing bus route: Ticket office → Swan Lake → Giant Panda Charm Theater → Red Panda Activity Field → Giant Panda Sun Delivery Room → Giant Panda No.2 Villa → Giant Panda Moon Delivery Room → Giant Panda No.1 Villa (Terminal Station, just for getting off here, no boarding) → Giant Panda Moon Delivery Room → Giant Panda No. 2 Villa → Giant Panda Sun Delivery Room → Red Panda Activity Field → Giant Panda Charm Theater → Giant Panda No. 14 Villa → Ticket Office.

Panda Base Tour

Sightseeing Bus in Chengdu Panda Base

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