Leo's First Family Trip with Parents to Yunnan in September

I am in our company Chengdu Bamboo International Tours for nearly three years and got Incentive Travel for the first time. And I took this opportunity to travel with my parents during Mid-Autumn Festival to Yunnan for the first time as well. Overall, it was a good trip and I plan to travel with them each year for at least once in the future.

Day 1 took flight from Chengdu to Lijiang

When I stepped into Lijiang old town, the scenery in front of me reminded me of the specialty of China existed in beautiful poems and paintings… in which the road paved with bluestone slabs, wooden houses along street and stream flowing slowly and quietly… I stood for a while and forgot to move until my parents called my name. It should be more romantic if you come with your partner, I think.

Yunnan Trip

Taking a Flight from Chengdu to Lijiang

Day 2 Lijiang

After breakfast, we were transferred to Lashi Lake Area. It’s the origin of Lijiang culture and one of the important places on the Tea Horse Road (茶马古道).

Yunnan Trip

Crystal Clear Lashi Lake Area

Yunnan Trip

Took a Picture with Lashi Lake in the Background

We took the chance to appreciate the meaningful road on horse, traced the history.

Yunnan Trip

My Parents and I Rode Horses to Appreciate the Ancient Tea Horse Road

Tea Horse Road (茶马古道), which is a non-governmental international trade channel with horses as the main means of transportation that exists in southwest China, and is a corridor for economic and cultural exchanges among the nations in southwest China. The ancient tea-horse road is divided into Shaanxi-Kangzang (Sichuan-Tibet line) and Yunnan-Tibet line.

Yunnan Trip

Grassy Hillside Along Ancient Tea Horse Road

Instead of going to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, we went for Dongba Mystery, which is better for my parents.

Yunnan Trip

Entrance of Dongba Mystery

Last part of today was Shuhe Ancient Town, one of the earliest settlements of Naxi people as well as the well-preserved stop of the Ancient Tea Horse Route.

Yunnan Trip

Shuhe Ancient Town in Lijiang

Day 3 Lijiang-Dali

We took bus to Dali around 2.5 hours (group tour today). I was caught by the wonderful view and left my own story there, a funny one.

Upon arrival in Dali, my parents and I took a cruise on Erhai Lake, which is a must-do in Dali. Dali has better weather than Lijiang. It is better to prepare sunglasses and sunscreen because the ultraviolet rays are very strong.

Yunnan Trip

Erhai Lake in Dali

There is a three-course-tea welcome show and taste a tea made on spot. Three-course-teas are bitter first, sweet second and aftertastes third.

Yunnan Trip

Three-course-tea Welcome Show on Erhai Lake Cruise

That was a lazy day and I felt sleepy on boat actually. We stopped at an island, I decided to took a coffee off the boat. Imaging with a coffee on my hand and appreciate the lake view in sunshine, this should be nice… But I was abandoned! The ship left WITHOUT ME and my parents didn’t even call me! (Actually there is broadcast about boarding time when we leave the ship, I FORGOT the time as I enjoyed myself too much). Anyway, I got back to my hotel by a bus which takes around 2 hours and enjoyed the sunset by myself. (This was my time during this trip only)

Yunnan Trip

Had All the Beautiful Sunset to Myself

Day 4 Dali-Lijiang

The highlight of today was the Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple, which was built in 10th century in Nanzhao Kingdom, Three Pagodas is made of one big pagoda and two small pagodas forming a symmetric triangle.

Yunnan Trip

Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple in Dali

Then we were transferred back to Lijiang for accommodation.

Day 5 Lijiang-Chengdu

Before we flew back to Chengdu, we visited Black Dragon Pool Park and Naxi Dongba Culture Museum where you can learn Naxi pictograph character and explore the rich Naxi minority culture in the museum.

Yunnan Trip

Black Dragon Pool Park in Lijiang

In the late evening, we took flight back to Chengdu.

Tips for travelling to Yunnan:

a. Local people told me that the weather is very strange in Lijiang before Chinese National Holiday (the 1st to 7th of Oct), raining and sun together! After the holiday, it won’t rain until next April;

b. Sunglasses and sunscreen are must to take. I got sunburned in Dali!

I thought Lijiang should be more romantic, like immersing in folk music while walking in the ancient town. My parents didn’t like this kind of walking so it was a very ordinary trip for them. (Maybe they want to go for seaside or more natural scenery)

Another point is we booked a group tour online and had to get up very early every day. I would choose private tour next time with my own arrangements. And I think I will come back for Lijiang again in the future.

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