Johnson's 2 Days Shunan Bamboo Forest Tour

As you know, Sichuan Province is the hometown of the lovely panda. And you also know that the panda’s favorite food is the bamboo. You may wonder that Sichuan will be plenty of bamboo? Yes, you’re right! This tour will take you to the “sea” of the bamboo.

The “Bamboo Sea” is located in Changling County, Yibin City in the south of Sichuan Province. It is famous for its majestic, secluded, majestic and beautiful landscape. Among them, Tianhuang Temple, Tianbao Village, Xianyu Cave, Qinglong Lake, Colorful Waterfalls, Ancient Battlefield, Guanyun Pavilion, Emerald Corridor, Chahua Mountain, Huaxi Thirteen Bridges are known as the "top ten sites in bamboo sea. There are more than 400 kinds of bamboos in Shunan Bamboo Sea Scenic Area, with an area of more than 4666 hectares. It is the largest original "Green Bamboo Park" in China that integrates mountains and rivers, Karst caves, lakes, waterfalls, and also a long history of culture. The air is pretty fresh, pure, and sweet!

Day 1

I’m living in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan but I have never been to the famous “Bamboo Sea”, so I call up my friends in this Labor’s Day (1st to 5th in May of 2020) and drive directly to the dream land! After about 3.5 hours driving, we arrived in Changning County and take us another 30 minutes to go with the mountain road and then finally arrived at the entrance of these scenic sites.

But when we arrived in this scenic area, we are a little disappointed at the first time. It’s just look like a normally village in the mountains at the first glance. But we have already arrived after a long drive, so we still decide to explore. That’s the point that we haven’t missed the most beautiful sites! So, my dear friend, if you come, you may be a little disappointed in the first time but please be patient, you will find the real insights later.

As you know this is a very big scenic area, so I want to give some guides to those who also want to explore the sea of bamboos. There are 5 must-do things in this park: stroll in the Emerald Corridor; hike in the Wangyou Valley (worry-free valley), take cable car to see the panoramic view of the “bamboo sea”, row a bamboo raft in the lakes and have a nice bamboo feast!

Langzhong Tour

-The Map of Shunan Bamboo Forest-

As this special time, we drive directly to this park instead of taking the sightseeing bus. So, we jump up and go directly to the East Gate and the first destination is Qinglong Lake.

Qinglong Lake scenic area, with an area of 3.06 square kilometers, is mainly composed of large water surface and historical relics. Qinglong lake, located at the foot of the towering and precipitous Chaqi mountain, has a water surface of 3 square kilometers. It is the largest lake in the lush bamboo sea. The lake is dragon shaped, with a big head and a small tail, so it is named Qinglong lake.

Qinglong Lake is very famous for the rowing, so we hire a raft and start rowing.

Langzhong Tour

-The Qinglong Lake-

After that, we pass through the Colorful Waterfall and then finally arrive in the “Sea in the Sea”.

Langzhong Tour

-Colorful Waterfall-

Our hotel: Chen's Courtyard Hostel is just located in the “Sea in Sea”. We leave our luggage and check in.

Langzhong Tour

-Chen's Courtyard Hostel-

After a little break, we take a visit around to the Tianbao Village and Xianyu Cave. You need to walk on the ancient plank road and climb up the mountain and finally you can see it.

Langzhong Tour

-Tianbao Village and Xianyu Cave-

After the hiking tour, we get back to our hotel and have a nice bamboo feast. The dinner are almost made by bamboo shoots and tasted very delicious!

Langzhong Tour

-Bamboo Feast-

Day 2

After breakfast, we check out and come to the Grand Canyon cableway station to take the cable car to have a look of the panoramic view.

Langzhong Tour

-Taking Cable Car in the “Bamboo Sea”-

As our car is in the parking lot of the cable station, so we have to take cable way back and driving back to the cross road and then go west to the Emerald Corridor.

Langzhong Tour

-Emerald Corridor-

After the strolling, we continue to the Wangyou Valley to star the hiking.

Langzhong Tour

-Wangyou Valley-

Langzhong Tour

-Wangyou Valley-

After that, we go to the west gate and take a photo on the mountain together on the mountain to save the memory of this tour!

Langzhong Tour

-Johnson and His Friends on The Road in the Park-

So, you can see, it’s worth doing the tour and 2 days are needed but if you don’t want to be rush and want to visit the whole sites in the park, you may need 3 days.

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