Johnson's 2 Days Hiking Tour to Dawagengzha

In the Duanwu Festival, my friend and I decide to do a hiking tour in nearby mountains. As the famous hiking site: Niubeishan is closed for construction, so we finally chose the Dawagenzha.

Dawaganzha is located in gari village, Qiaoqi Tibetan Township, Baoxing County, Ya'an City, Sichuan Province. The terrain is high in the north and low in the south. It is known as "the best 360 ° viewing platform in Asia". Dawaganzha means "beautiful mountain" in Tibetan.

Climbing on the top of the nature platform, you can not only look around the famous mountains such as Siguniang mountain in the north, Pagala mountain in the south, Gongga peaks in the West and Emei Mountain in the East, but also watch various kinds of landscapes such as cloud waterfall and cloud sea, golden peaks, Buddha light, star sky, meadow, lake, canyon, peaks, rime, alpine azalea, Tibetan village, etc.

Day 1

To save the cost, we join a group of 30 hiking fans. It takes us about 4.5 hours by bus. At around 11:00, we arrive at the foot of the mountain. It’s a local village near the Qiaoqi Lake.

Qiaoqi Lake

-Qiaoqi Lake-

After a little break at the long ride, we have a simple lunch at local village and then start the hiking with our group.

At that time, this site is not so developed, only by foot or riding horse, you can go up to the top because some of the road is still under construction. We are Young and in good health at that time, but I still can’t image how we get to the top after the whole 7 hours hiking…

At the beginning, we get very excited, because it’s sunny and the first part of the road condition is really good. Like most of you, we are living in the cities and hardly have chance to get close to the nature and get some really fresh air, especially with these beautiful panoramic view!

Dawagengzha Tour

-Johnson is on the Road-

Dawagengzha Tour

-Johnson is on the Road-

Dawagengzha Tour

-Johnson's Friend with the Cattle-

But after a while, it gets cloudy and a little rain and what’s worse, the road condition is also getting bad. As we heard from the group leader, we still have a loooooong way to go…, so we have to concentrate on hiking and struggling…

My dear friend, in my experience, if you take a long hiking, please follow 2 rules, the first is to save your energy at any time and the second is that don’t drink until you really can’t bear. If you waste too much energy in the beginning, you will get really hard for the rest of the hiking like me…and for the 2nd, as you know, people want to drink all the time, when you hiking but the water is limited, so you must save it for the whole trip and use them us in the right time.

Anyway, as for normally people 7 hours hiking, we use about 9 hours and then finally arrived the camp site. And we get totally exhausted and have some food, then go to bed.

At the middle night, with the altitude near 4000 meters and after a long hiking, we get attack by the strongly headache and wake up. The night of this highland is really code and because of the rain on the ground, the earth even gets frozen…

But as you know, when the god closes a window, he must open a door for you. Because of the headache, we can’t sleep, so we walk out for some fresh air. Just at this night, I think, I have caught the most beautiful star-night I have never met!

Dawagengzha Tour

-The Most Beautiful Star-night-

Day 2

After a sleep, the energy get back to our body and it takes away the headache. We get up early, as we heard the sunrise on the mountain is really amazing!

Even we get early but as for the thick cloud, we couldn’t see the sunrise but the morning glory is still fascinating!

And the so-called the most beautiful island: Wuzhizhou Island is very close to Haitang Bay, if you want, you can take ferry for a tour there. Also, the duty-free stores of Sanya are very close to Haitang Bay (about a few miles and I believe there are shuttle bus from hotels there.)

Dawagengzha Tour

-Johnson and His Friend on the Mountain Top-

Dawagengzha Tour

-4 Stages of the Glory-

After a whole, the totally get up and we finally miss the sunrise but the snow-capped mountains in the sunlight are still spectacular!

Dawagengzha Tour

-Spectacular View on the Road-

We walked back to the village and take our bus back to Chengdu. Normally the tour will be end then, but we choose to get off in Yan’an the city between Chengdu and Dawagenzha. Because, we want to have a hot spring bath after the struggling!

Dawagengzha Tour

-The Nanshuige Hot Spring in Ya’an-

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