Ariel's 5 Days Upstream Yangtze River Cruise Trip on Victoria Jenna

How to get rid of the hot weather in Summertime? A relaxed cruise taking can be one of the ways. 

Arranged by our company, I enjoyed the 5 days upstream of Yangtze River Cruises in June 2018. With sunny days after days of heavy rain, I had the first cruise sailing without going over the dam in that month. How lucky!

As a good beginning, let check what I had experienced in those days day by day. 

Five Days Yangtze River Cruise

Embarking Victoria Jenna at Maoping Port

Day 1 Jun 21st Arrive in Yichang & Embark at Maoping Port

I took the train at the Chengdu East Railway station at 09:05 and got off at Yichang East Railway Station at 15:33, which took about 6 hours and a half.

After getting out of the station, I changed a bus ticket at the square corner and went back to the second floor. Waiting at the gathering site outside, the bus came within 10 minutes later and we got on one by one. It took around 1.15 hours to get the port and all of us got off at a square nearby. After a simple security-check, the Victoria Jenna cruise is right in front of my eyes. There were ways to get to the port: go downstairs by foot or take a shuttle bus.

After check-in, I got my room card via reception. I also booked an optional land excursion to Tribe of Three Gorges in the next day.

Tips: since the first day getting onboard, there is no dinner included. You’d better bring some snacks in advance.

Five Days Yangtze River Cruise

Standard Cabin of Victoria Jenna

Day 2 Jun 22nd  Yangtze River Cruise (Tribe of Three Gorges & Three Gorges Dam) 

After breakfast, a guide met us at the reception and arranged for us to take a bus to the Tribe of Three Gorges. For about 50minutes, we arrived. It is more like a gorge stream with limpid water along the walkways. During the 1.5-2hours visiting, the guide told us some stories about the tribe’s local life and sites along the way. Before we went back, we saw a local show called “Kujia” as a folk custom, Kujia is a special way to say goodbye to parents and relatives, since in China's ancient culture, once a woman gets married, she seldom goes home. While as a show, it is quite relaxing and you might be selected to have an interaction with performers. Fun! 

Five Days Yangtze River Cruise

Visiting the Tribe of Three Gorges

Five Days Yangtze River Cruise

Picturesque Scenery of Three Gorges

In the afternoon, we went to the Three Gorges Dam. Before arrival, all the people needed to get off the bus and take a security check then transfer to the bus again. After arrival, we had some free time here. Tanzi Ling Park is an ideal site to have panoramic views of the whole project. 

Five Days Yangtze River Cruise

Tanziling Dam - Overall View

Day 3  Jun 23rd Yangtze River cruise (Shennong Stream)

By Taking a boat to visit Shennong Stream is quite relaxing. Without any excursion, all the sceneries along the riverside just like a picture scroll leaped to the eyes little by little. When the guide told us there are hanging coffins in the distance, most of us screamed. 

At about 11:00 we went back to the cruise and had lunch. The rest of the day was free for my own to read the book and enjoy the leisure time on cruise.

Day 4 Jun 24th Yangtze River cruise (Shibaozhai Pagoda)

After breakfast, the guide was waiting on the second floor as well. After off the cruise to the Shibaozhai Pagoda, there are small streets selling silk scarf, tie-dyed fabric, local fruits, handicrafts, etc.

By crossing the street, the Pagoda is on the opposite side with a bridge connected. The bridge shook when people walked up, which made me a little dizzy. Walk with faltering steps, I passed and came to the Shibao Pagoda. Making of wood, the Shibao Pagoda built against a mountain. Walking inside, there are some inscriptions and portraits on each floor. The guide also told us some legend stories and the history of the pagoda. 

Climb the stairs up to the top, we had some free time to view around and had a rest. Later, we went down by the sidewalk and went back along the same route to the cruise. In the afternoon was free time.

Five Days Yangtze River Cruise

Visiting Shibaozhai Pagoda

Day 5 Jun 25th Disembark in Chongqing & Chongqing short stay visit

After breakfast, I disembarked in Chongqing at 8:30. It was not easy to take a taxi in Chongqing, especially near the port. After getting off, there were some stair steps in the port. Then I walked about 10 minutes from the port up to the main road and still could not find a taxi.

Tips: I strongly suggest our customers to book a transfer service when taking a Yangtze River Cruise.

In Chongqing downtown, I went to the Yangtze River cableway and Ciqikou Old Town

Yangtze River cableway, used to be a public transport to make local people way into work, is more like a tourist site.

There were so many people line up to experience the cableway, and in my turn, it was about 1 hour past. With about 20 people inside, the cableway glided over the Yangtze River from one side to the other for about 10 minutes one-way. 

Gathering with many local snacks and delicious food, Ciqikou Oldtown as the landmark of Chongqing, was the best place to feel local people's life. Also, I found some interesting antique shops filled with picture-story books and abacus, which recaptured my childhood.

After the sightseeing, I took a train back to Chengdu at 18:23.

Five Days Yangtze River Cruise

Disembarking the Cruise Ship in Chongqing

Five Days Yangtze River Cruise

Antique Bookstore at Ciqikou Old Town

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