Mount Everest Accommodation

Though visited by thousands of tourists each year, the accommodation on Mount Everest is basic because of tough transportation and environmental condition. So you should expect cozy accommodation at Mount Everest. But don't worry too much, you just have to stay there for one night.

Travelers usually stay at Rongbuk Temple Hotel which is run by Rongbuk Temple. There are standrooms, triple rooms in Rongbuk Temple Hotel. There is also a small restaurant in the hotel. Travelers also have another choice - tent guest houses of locals. These tents can accommodate more than 6 people, and has a heating system to keep warm.

Mount Everest Accommondation

Dali Regent Hotel

Rongbuk Temple Hotel

Breakfast: Chinese

Add: Rongbuk Monastery, Mount Everest, Tingri County, Tibet

Surrounding: Everest Base Camp, Rongbuk Monastery

Rongbuk Monastery, run by the Rongbuk Monastery, is a popular choice for tourists on Mount Everest. It is a very basic place of accommodation – small size of room and beds, basic facilities, no private bathroom. There is a dining room where you can drink tea and get warm. The best compensation you can get at Rongbuk Monastery is that you can firstly visit the Rongbuk Monastery at time you want; secondly you can get a magnificent view of Mount Everest. If lucky, you can even see the cloud sea, sunset and sunrise, sky of stars…

Dali Landscape Hotel

Tent Guest Houses

Breakfast: Chinese

Add: Rongbuk Monastery, Mount Everest, Tingri County, Tibet

Surrounding: Everest Base Camp, Rongbuk Monastery

There are many tents with large size encamped close to Rongbuk Monastery. These tents are made by strong, thick and waterproof materials. Inside the tents are large rooms where locals place several beds close to the edge. The middle of room is placed with desks and the heating systems. A tent can accommodate more than 6 people. There is no bathroom in the tent. You have to walk about 20m to the public bathroom. There is basic food supply, such as noodle and rice and vegetables. But they are very expensive. From tent area, you can take eco-bus to Everest Base Camp for sightseeing.

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