Other Recommended Weekend Trips from Hangzhou

Weekends never end, so does the weekend trips from Hangzhou. There are always teeming places to go, ancient sites to see, quiet town to explore, beautiful mountain to hike, delicious food to try. All of them locate around Hangzhou. We have designed some valuable trips for you. All tailored for that perfect weekend getaway!

Shaolin Kung Fu Class
3 Days In-depth Shaolin Kung Fu Class Tour

Zhengzhou / Dengfeng / Zhengzhou

In this Kung Fu tour, you will be taught to acquire some real Shaolin Kung Fu skills by a professional Kung Fu teacher in one of the most popular Shaolin Kung Fu Schools, enjoy a fascinating Kung Fu show performed by real martial monks of Shaolin Temple, also explore profound Buddhism culture and ancient architectures in Shaolin Temple. Free airport/train station pick up and drop off.

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Sanfang Qixiang (Three Lanes and Seven Alleys)
2 Days Fuzhou Highlights Tour


In this 2 Days Fuzhou Highlights Tour, we will take you to explore its perfect flavor of old & new and open this history book with a knowledgeable local English-speaking guide and an experienced driver

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Wuyi Mountain
3 Days Classic Wuyi Mountain Tour


This 3 days tour takes you to visit Wuyi Mountian in the most classic way, which covers the first day for your hassle-free arrival and the rest two days exploring the best natural and cultural highlights of Wuyishan with enough time for departure. So you’ll have great fun admiring the enchanting Danxia landscape of Wuyishan along the twisty stream, on the mountain, amongst valley, etc. Besides, you’ll savor the important tea culture at Dahongpao Tea Plantation and the three religious culture at the old palaces, streets, etc. to know why it is recorded as the world heritage site!

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Spectacular Landscape of No.2 Bathing Beach
2 Days Qingdao City Short Stay


Want to have a high-quality Qingdao experience in limited time? Just choose this tour. This 2 days Qingdao tour only focuses on the essence of Qingdao. You will get a wonderful experience with a great combination of historic European architecture, breezy seaside and modern comforts as well as strong beer aroma. All the itinerary can be customized according to your own needs.

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Wuyuan Autumn Sceneries
2 Days Wuyuan Autumn Visual Feast Tour

Jingdezhen / Wuyuan

Wuyuan, located in the north of Jiangxi Province, is known as "the most beautiful village in China". It draws pleasing seasonal scenery and unique local culture. When spring comes, Huangling in Wuyuan, known as one of the "four major flower seas in China", will welcome a large number of tourists and photography enthusiasts to witness the vast seas of rape flowers. While in autumn days, Wuyuan turns to a world of colors. Locals dry their crops, such as corn and hot pepper, on the roofs, which create a spectacular experience for visitors. Wuyuan is one of the best preserved places of Huizhou ancient architecture in China, known as "Ancient Architecture Museum". The Hui style buildings with white walls and black tiles also add a sense of antique flavor to Wuyuan.

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Sightseeing from Sunlight Rock
2 Days Xiamen Essence Tour with Nanjing Tulou

Xiamen / Nanjing Tulou / Xiamen

This 2 Days Xiamen Essence Tour is your best selection to discover the top bests of this beautiful Garden City. You’ll enjoy a pleasant cultural stroll on Xiamen No.1 - Gulangyu Island for a rich marvel at the over 100-year-old precious historical international architectures recorded as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, and also visit the peaceful and lovely Nanputuo Temple for soul purification and Xiamen City panorama catching. What’s more, this trip takes you to Nanjing County to savor the famous Fujian Tulou that are also a World Cultural Heritage and have a personal look at not-missing Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster, Yuchang Building, and more big and small Hakka earthen buildings!

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Moganshan - Cool and Refreshing World
2 Days Moganshan Relaxing Vacation Tour

Hangzhou / Moganshan / Hangzhou

Time to have a break from the concrete and have a sweet escape to Moganshan, the “Hamptons of China”! Quite near Shanghai and Hangzhou, it has been greatly famed as the resort for Chinese high-profile politicians and foreign elites living around Shanghai since the 18th century. Praised as a “cool and refreshing world” with luxurious bamboo forest and over 200 distinct European styled old villas left from that boom old era, Moganshan is one of the four best summer resorts in whole China. Take this tour and deeply inhale in the emerald oxygen bar to get fully relaxed with the cool bamboos and trees shelter, ponds and waterfalls, etc. Besides, enjoy a superb sweet sleep at the scenic boutique hotel at the foot of Moganshan to be real free!

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