Other Recommended Weekend Trips from Chengdu

Weekends never end, so does the weekend trips from Chengdu. There are always teeming places to go, ancient sites to see, quiet town to explore, beautiful mountain to hike, delicious food to try. All of them locate around Chengdu. We have designed some valuable trips for you. All tailored for that perfect weekend getaway!

Front Mountain of Mount Qingcheng
1 Day Panda Tour with Mount Qingcheng


Have you ever watched Kung Fu Panda 3 and been amazed by the peaceful Panda Village? There is a real one located in Mount Qingcheng near Chengdu, a perfect place on which to base the harmonious and heaven-like Panda Village.

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Zigong Lantern Festival
2 Days Classic Zigong Tour

Chengdu / Zigong / Chengdu

This 2 days classic tour is best to savor all bests of the soul of Zigong City by car driving from Chengdu. You will successfully explore the mysterious Jurassic kingdom and say hello to those giant beats from remote prehistoric period. And also no missing the jubilant Zigong Lantern Festival with dazzling lanterns igniting your leisure night walk. Besides, you are going to learn the history and technology of well salt making industry in Zigong by visiting the famous salt museum and the real well more than one thousand meter deep. Before returning Chengdu, you will also enjoy some pleasant hour roaming in the quiet antique Xianshi Old Town for some nice admiration of ancient streets, wooden houses, old temples...!

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3 Days Chengdu, Mount Qingcheng & Dujiangyan Tour

Chengdu / Dujiangyan / Chengdu

How to make full use of your 3 days in Chengdu? Want to meet both present and past Chengdu? Expect a trip well combined with natural and cultural experience in one go? Yes, this 3-day Chengdu Dujiangyan tour shows the things you want to see and do. Take one-day side trip from Chengdu to Dujiangyan to learn how the 2200-year-old Chinese Irrigation System is still used today to irrigate over 668,700 hectares of farmlands on Chengdu Plain; extend to the nearby Birthplace of Taoism to visit many exquisite Taoist temples built in the lush forest on the Mount Qingcheng, making you return to nature with strong Taoism atmosphere.

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Three Natural Bridges-202309-Wilson from Singapore
2 Days Chongqing & Wulong Karst Landscape Exploration Tour

Chongqing / Wulong / Chongqing

You many have seen the gorgeous karst mountains standing alongside the picturesque Li River in Guilin. However, Wulong Karst is different from Guilin Karst and it is famous for giant dolines, natural bridges and caves, providing the evidence for the history of one of the world’s great river systems, the Yangtze and its tributaries. The magnificent scenery makes here become one of the important outdoor photograph locations of “The Transformers: Age of Extinction”, the famous American science fiction action film. This 2-day tour takes you have a glimpse of the highlights of Chongqing downtown area as well as a fun and in-depth trip in Wulong Karst Region. In this piece of land, you’ll not only feast your eyes with beautiful scenery, but also interesting activities with specially-designed experience. Go with us now!

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Langzhong Ancient City
3 Days Chengdu & Langzhong Ancient City Tour

Chengdu / Langzhong / Chengdu

Langzhong Ancient City is listed as four great ancient cities in China, together with Pingyao, Lijiang and Shexian, to enjoy a historical seeking of ancient architectures.

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