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Shigatse to Lhasa Train: Schedules, Tickets & Prices 2022

Lhasa is about 275 km west of Shigatse. You can get from Shigatse to Lhasa by 5 hours’ land drive or 2.5~3 hours train journey. The train ride is convenient and efficient, but the drive offers great chances to enjoy attractions en route, such as the beautiful Yamdrok Lake, magnificent Karola Glacier, delicate Tibet Kumbum in Palcho Monastery in Gyantse, etc.

1.Lhasa to Shigatse by Train

Train Time: 2.5 hours ~ 3 hours

Train Time: 3 trains per day

After the operation of Lhasa-Shigatse Railway in 2014, there were two daily normal speed trains running from Shigatse to Lhasa. The train ride was 2.5 to 3 hours. On June 25, 2021, Lhasa-Nyingchi Railway opened. Tibet thus runs Fuxing bullet trains on the two railway lines and direct Fuxing bullet train between Shigatse and Nyingchi.

Now, Shigatse sends 3 trains to Lhasa daily, 2 Fuxing bullet trains and 1 normal speed train. The Fuxing train takes 2.5 hours while the slower normal train needs 3 hours or so.

Tibet Fuxing Train Fuxing bullet train firstly runs in Tibet

Shigatse Railway Station 日喀则车站

Address: Sezhan Road, Samzhubze Road, Shigatse, Tibet 西藏日喀则市桑珠孜区色占路

Transportation: about 8 km, 20 minutes’ drive to downtown Shigatse; about 9 km, 20 minutes’ drive to Tashilhunpo Monastery; about 350 km, 7.5 hours’ drive to Mount Everest; about 160 km, 2 hours 40 minutes’ drive to Sakya Monastery.

Lhasa Railway Station 拉萨火车站

Address: Tongzhan Road, Doilungdeqen District, Lhasa, Tibet 西藏拉萨是堆龙德庆区通站路

Transportation: about 13 km, 30 minutes’ drive to downtown Lhasa; about 7 km, 20 minutes’ drive to Potala Palace; about 8 km, 25 minutes’ drive to Barkhor Street and Jokhang Temple; about 6 km, 15minutes’ drive to Norbulingka; about 13 km, 30 minutes’ drive to Sera Monastery; about 60 km, 1.5 hours’ to Ganden Monastery; about 172 km, 3 hours’ drive to Namsto Lake; about 52 km, 50 minutes’ drive to Lhasa Gonggar Airport.

Shigatse Railway Station Shigatse Railway Station
Lhasa Railway Station Lhasa Railway Station

Below is the real-time Shigatse (rikaze) to Lhasa (lasa) train schedule, listing detailed train number, train times, train ticket classes and prices, stations, etc.

Referential Currency: RMB=1USD
  • Train No.
  • Departure / Train Staiton
  • Duration
  • Seat Type / USD Price / Availability

Note: Train information is subject to final confirmation due to the delay of data occasionally.

China Train Travel Tips

Class of Ticket

You can usually choose from the First Class Seat, the Second Class Seat or Business Class Seat on the high speed trains. While, there are three types offered on the normal train, including Soft Sleeper, Hard Sleeper and Hard Seat. learn more >>

Book, Collect, Alter and Cancel

Foreign tourists can book train ticket online or via a ticket agency, or buy the tickets physically at the train station with your valid passport. Train ticket alteration and cancellation are only available at ticket counters. learn more >>

Board & Get off

1) Prepare your passport and China Visa; 2) Get to the right train station at least 30 mins in advance; 3) Collect your train ticket; 4) Read your train ticket; 5) Pass the security control; 6) Pass through Security & Luggage Checks; 7) Find the right waiting room; 8) Cross the ticket checking gate; 9) Get to the right platform; 10) Get on your train. learn more >>

Baggage Allowance

Passengers don’t need to check luggage separately. Each passenger is allowed to carry luggage in certain weight and volume, but without limitation of amount and types. learn more >>

Facilities and Service

All high speed trains in China are equipped with advanced facilities and good service, including luggage racks, air-conditioner, power socket, dining car, hot water, etc. learn more >>

Shigatse to Lhasa by Drive

Popular & Classic Driving Route: Shigatse - (95 km, 1hr 50mins) - Gyantse - (73 km, 1.5hrs) - Karola Glacier - (86 km, 1hr 45mins) - Yamdrok Lake - (110 km, 2.5hrs) - Lhasa

Currently, most travelers prefer to drive back to Lhasa from Shigatse, for there are many wonderful attractions to drop by, like the Yamdrok Lake, Palcho Monastery. The long drive journey thus will be cut into different sections and won’t be boring. Tourists can also enjoy more natural landscape and cultural sites in Tibet with a further understanding.

Gyantse Kumbum in Palcho Monastery Gyantse Kumbum in Palcho Monastery

How to Plan Your Shigatse Lhasa Tour

Most travelers visit Shigatse for further traveling to Mount Everest. And a classic Mount Everest Shigatse Lhasa tour takes about 8 days. One day is enough to visit landmarks of Shigatse - Tashilhunpo Monastery and Pala Manor. A Mount Everest tour takes 2 days including the first day on transfer from Shigatse. When you stay overnight at the Everest, you can watch breathtaking sunset and sunrise near the Mount Everest Base Camp. After the trip, it’s advised to drive back to Lhasa via Gyantse and Yamdrok Lake. You can have a short day trip in Gyantse, visit the gorgeous Gyantse Kumbum in Palcho Monastery and later view giant Karola Glacier and the sacred Yamdrok Lake on the way.

Lhasa's top attractions can be covered in a 2 to 3 days' itinerary. On the first day, you can take one day to visit the iconic Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street nearby, another day for the Norbulingka, Sera Monastery and Drepung Monastery. If time allows, it’s highly suggested to visit the sacred and beautiful Namsto Lake.

☛ 8 Days Classic Mount Everest Tour from Lhasa

Tibet is a holy land with rich natural wonders and distinctive Buddhist and Tibetan cultures. Except Lhasa and Shigatse, you can extend trip to Nyingchi, Mount Kailash and travel to the Himalayan neighbor - Nepal. China Discovery is a professional and experienced travel companion who offers high-value and worry-free tours for you. We not only design ideal itinerary covering sightseeing, dining, transfer and hotel, but also can help you get the Tibet Travel Permit. You may choose from our popular Tibet tour packages, or just contact us, tell your interests and travel plans, we could customize a perfect Tibet trip for you.

☛ 13 Days Valuable Tibet Mt.Kailash Kora Adventure Tour
☛ 9 Days Tibet Discovery Tour including Everest & Namtso Lake

Tibet Everest Tour Mount Everest Viewed from Rongbuk Monastery
Tibet Tour Our France Clients Enjoyed Their Lhasa Tour in Tibet
Tibet Lhasa Namsto Tour Beautiful and Sacred Namsto Lake

Recommended Tibet Tours

Top 3 Tibet tours chosen by most customers to explore Tibet in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

Mount Everest
8 Days Classic Mount Everest Private Tour from Lhasa

Lhasa / Gyantse / Shigatse/ Everest

Holy Lake -Yamdrok Lake
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Mt. Kailash Trekker
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