Shanghai Jiuhuashan (Mount Jiuhua) High Speed Train Route Maps

Mount Jiuhua (Jiuhuashan), which was originally known as Jiuzi Shan, is one of the four sacred mountains of Chinese Buddhism. Located near Mt.huangshan in the south, Jiuhuashan also enjoys magnificent landmarks. Shanghai is a worldwide modern city that has convenient traffic conditions. Currently, Shanghai operates 11 pairs of High Speed Trains to Chizhou (池州), where Jiuhuashan located in. All of them are G-trains and can take travelers achieve the journey within 4 hours. Apart of the G-trains, there are also two normal K-trains along the way, by which travelers should take at least 8.5 hours.

Shanghai Chizhou High Speed Train Route Map

Shanghai Jiuhuashan High Speed Rail is a vital section of Shanghai-Anqing (安庆) High Speed Rail and Wenzhou-Anqing High Speed Rail. Along the rail, Chizhou is the last stop before the finally destination Anqing. With a measured distance about 522km (324miles), the Shanghai Chizhou High Speed Rail allows High Speed Trains traveling from Shanghai to Chizhou or back from Chizhou to Shanghai within 4 hours. Except Shanghai and Chizhou, there are 8~12 middle stops settled along the way, including Suzhou (苏州), Wuxi (无锡), Changzhou (常州), Danyang (丹阳), Zhenjiang (镇江), Nanjing (南京), Ma’anshan (马鞍山), Tongling (铜陵), etc.

Check more about Shanghai to Jiuhuashan (Chizhou) High Speed Train Schedule 2020 >

Check more about Jiuhuashan (Chizhou) to Shanghai High Speed Train Schedule 2020 >

Shanghai Railway Station

Location: No. 303, Moling Road, Jing'an District (上海市静安区秣陵路303号 – 上海站)

Among the 11 High Speed Trains operated between Shanghai and Chizhou, 6 of them start/arrive at Shanghai Railway Station. As the oldest and second largest Railway Station of Shanghai, Shanghai Railway Station enjoys a convenient location. Metro line 1, line 3 and line 4 are available there, by which you can get to most of the tourist sites of Shanghai Province, including Shanghai Museum (上海博物馆), Shanghai World Financial Center (上海环球金融中心), Yu Garden & Bazaar (豫园), Tianzifang (田子坊), etc. Taxi and public bus lines are also available there. Learn more about Shanghai Railway Station>

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

Location: No. 1500, Mingui Road, Minhang District. (上海市闵行区申贵路1500号 –上海虹桥站)

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station is the most widely known Railway Station of Shanghai Province, also the largest one. Next to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station there is Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (上海虹桥机场), which is a vital transportation hub that always chosen as the first stop by the tourists. Metro line 2, metro line 10, taxi and public bus lines have already well-covered Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, make you worry free about getting to your booked hotel or interested tourist sites. Learn more about Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station>

Chizhou Railway Station

Location: Yongming Road, Guichi District, Chizhou, Anhui (安徽省池州市贵池区永明路 – 池州站)

Chizhou Railway Station is located about 50km (31miles) away from the Jiuhuashan (Mount Jiuhua) Scenic Area. Currently, there are three ways available for traveling from Chizhou Railway Station to Jiuhuashan. Method One is taking the public buses which are located on the right side of the exit. Method two is taking the direct buses, which are on the left side. And the last way is taking the taxi, which is more expensive but more comfortable. It costs about 1.5 hours (6 RMB) by taking the public buses, and about 40 minutes (12 RMB) by taking the direct buses. The public buses are available from 6:50am to 15:30pm, and the direct buses are available from 7:00am to 16:50pm. The timetable of the buses may be slightly changed according to the practice situation.

Useful Shanghai Jiuhuashan Travel Maps

Traveling from the skyscrapers of Shanghai to the marvelous mountains and temples of Jiuhuashan by High Speed Trains is such a classical and amazing tourist line that showing both Chinese culture, nature and buildings. Due to the convenient transportation condition of Shanghai, travelers always choose Shanghai as the first stop of their China exploring tour. For this modern wonder, you are highly recommended to spend 2~3 days to feel its prosperity deeply and personally. After that, you can take High Speed Trains to Jiuhuashan, which needs 2 days to explore in the fullest, including its nature and culture. For Mt. huangshan (Yellow Mountain), one of the top mountains of China, is located near Jiuhuangshan, you can spend 2~3 days to visit this mountain if you have time left. For the details, you can check our most popular 6 Days China Mountains Tour with Classic Shanghai as reference. Below are some useful tourist maps and you can also get more Shanghai Maps and Huangshan Maps from our website.

Other Popular China High Speed Train Routes You May be Interested in

China is such a wonderful country that well-connected by High Speed Trains. Till the end of 2017, there are over 150 cities of China have been well covered by the punctual and continent High Speed Train. Besides, the High Speed Rail of China is longer than that of other countries combined. Almost every tourist city you want to visit has passing High Speed Trains, including Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Nanjing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Guilin, Kunming, Guizhou, Xiamen, etc. If you are interested, you can check below most popular High Speed Route or get more information, you can check all high speed train routes and more maps here.

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