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China Summer Places

15 Best Places to Visit in China in Summer 2022

Planning a summer trip to China but wondering about where to go? The vast China has different climate across different areas from June and August, which is usually the hottest period of the year in China. We here list the most favored summer holiday destinations based on our customer’s recommendation and comments on the Internet for your wonderful summer trip in our country. From the cool mountain in Guizhou and Zhangjiajie, pleasant grassland in Inner Mongolia, nice lakes in Qinghai and Jiuzhai Valley, to comfortable Yunnan and Emeishan with amazing culture and history to savor, and shutterbugs’ favored photography darling places in Guilin and Xiapu, etc., you’ll find the one or some beautiful places to go in the coming summer vacation in 2022! Check at below!

15 Best Places to Visit in Summer on China Map


Zhangjiajie - Mysterious & Magic Avatar’s World

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Avatar Hallelujah Mountain at Yuanjiajie

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Tianmen Mountain Glass Bridge Walking

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge at Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon

  • Type: Mountain, National Geopark, Valley, Hiking
  • Best Places to Visit There: Tianzi Mountain, Yuanjiajie, Huangshi Village, Golden Whip Stream, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon (Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge), Tianmen Mountain, etc.
  • Recommended Trip Length:  3-5 days;

The “Hallelujah Mountain” in the mysterious “Pandora World” in the 3D movie - “Avatar” has stirred the world to dream of such incredible place with floating mountains and lush forest wonderland. Why not have a terrific exploration of the “Avatar World” in reality in Wulingyuan Scenic Area (often known as Zhangjiajie National Forest Park) in Zhangjiajie, Hunan. From June to August, Wulingyuan is pleasantly cool with dense forest cover. Since Zhangjiajie has more rainy days in summer, you will have more amazing chances to see the scenery of floating “Avatar Mountains” with fogs hiding the lower parts of the pillar peaks, which is unbelievable but real! Furthermore, streams, valleys, peaks, forests, etc. At the refreshing Golden Whip Stream, Yuanjiajie, Tianzi Mountain, Yellow Stone Village, etc. refresh your eyes and mind with various green everywhere! However, looking more fun and adventure besides and unreal sightseeing? Walk on the world longest and highest Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge and take the top outdoor thrilling walking, bold cable riding, hiking, driving along twisty mountain paths, etc. at Tianmen Mountain for the best happy and cool summer memory in China!

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Inner Mongolia - Free Running at Endless Emerald Grassland

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Ordos Grassland

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Hulunbuir Grassland

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Daadam Fair in Inner Mongolia

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Hulunbuir Grassland

  • Type: Grassland, Mongolian ethnic places, nature
  • Best Places to Visit There: Hohhot, Baotou, Ordos, Ulanqab, Hulunbuir
  • Recommended Trip Length:  3-6 days;

If you are looking for somewhere cool and flat without much hiking on the mountains, go to Inner Mongolia! Summer from June to August is the most beautiful season of this really large prefecture in north China, when you will catch the lushest grassland in verdant green reaching endlessly to meet the clear azure sky with soft white clouds, flocks of horses, cattle and herds grazing and roaming on the soft natural carpet, diverse fresh flowers blooming over the emerald land, lovely clear lakes and winding river mirroring the gorgeous sun glow, dense forests housing plentiful birds and beasts, etc. Hohhot and Hulunbuir is the top favored places to admire such fabulous and idyllic scenery and enjoy the highest level of freedom and worry free. Also, the most beautiful golden sunflowers are waiting for you in central Inner Mongolia, particularly Bayannur. And from July to August, the annually grand Naadam Fair is held to welcome world people to join in the hospitable Inner Mongolian people, when you will watch diverse ethnic activities and competitions, like horse racing, wrestling, etc. and lots of song and dance performance on that ethnic carnival!

Recommended Inner Mongolia Trips in Summer:


Silk Road - Magnificent Gems on World Ancient Business Route

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Mogao Cave in Dunhuang

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Zhangye Danxia Landscape

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Crescent Lake in Dunhuang

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Jiayuguan Fortress

  • Type: Desert, Mountains, Caves, Cultural & Historical Sites, Buddhist Carving
  • Best Places to Visit There: Zhangye, Jiayuguan, Dunhuang, Lanzhou, Urumqi
  • Recommended Trip Length:  3-6 days
  • Tips for Traveling:  sunglasses, sunblock, lip balm, sun hat, etc.;

The Silk Road linking China and the mid-Asia countries ranks top among best places to visit in China in summer months. The part from Zhangye, Jiayuguan to Dunhuang in Gansu Province is the most favorite along that more than 4,000 km long business and cultural route! From June to August, it is comfortable and warm without much hot on Silk Road in Gansu, and the clear sky changes the desert, mountains, parks, etc. more gorgeous with brighter colors. Do not miss the splendors of Zhangye Danxia Geopark, Binggou Danxia Geopark, etc. with rainbow colors in Zhangye or the amazing Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Lake like an oasis in desert, etc. in Dunhuang. However, the well-known Mogao Cave praised as "Louvre of the East" is your must-do to closely admire the excellent mural painting and Buddhist carving skills during the past thousands of years for Chinese artistic culture savory. While, having a cultural visit to Jiayuguan to appreciate the Jiayuguan Fortress, Great Wall Museum, etc. is worthy to feel the literal emotion in the famous traditional Chinese poems and masterpieces.


Yunnan - Colorful Minorities Kingdom with Scenic Splendors

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Stone Forest in Kunming

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Black Dragon Pool in Lijiang

  • Type: Cities, Old Towns, Lakes, Mountains, Geoparks, Photography, Ethnic Minority Cultural Sites, Historical Sites
  • Best Places to Visit There: Kunming, Lijiang, Dali, Lugu Lake,Shangri-La
  • Recommended Trip Length:  3-8 days;

The colorful Yunnan is absolutely among the top vacation choices in summer with the quite comfortable weather and plenty of sunshine all year round, however, it is not hot at all! The 3 best destinations, namely Kunming, Lijiang and Dali, are all highly recommended marvel at the primitive landscape of sapphire lakes, snow mountain, lush hills, clear azure sky, soft white clouds, etc. You shall not miss the Stone Forest or Erhai Lake to marvel at the amazing landform creation of nature, or the Lijiang Ancient City, Dali Ancient Town, etc. to appreciate the crossing lanes with ancient wooden houses. Besides, Lugu Lake is pleasantly cool and fabulous with various blossoms, lovely lake and gentle breeze. Also, of course you will get the chance to savor the wonderful ethnic charm of diverse ethnic minorities living there for tens of decades, including Yi, Naxi, Bai, etc., for a nice Chinese culture admiration in this wonderland of ethnic minorities in China! Torch Festival from lunar June 24th or 25th (lasting 3 days at Stone Forest, Kunming, etc.) is great to enjoy the jubilant atmosphere of Yi people if it matches your vacation schedule!

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Guizhou - Cool Resort with Famous Waterfall & UNESCO Fanjingshan

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Red Clouds Golden Summit at Fanjingshan

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Miao Ethnic Girls in Kaili

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Huangguoshu Waterfall in Anshun, Guizhou

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Biasha Miao Village in Chongjiang, Guizhou

  • Type: mountains, waterfalls, ethnic minority villages, etc.
  • Best Places to Visit There: Huangguoshu Waterfall in Anshun, Fanjingshan in Tongren, Guiyang City, Miao and Dong ethnic minority villages in Kaili, Congjiang, Zhaoxing, etc.
  • Recommended Trip Length:  2-7 days
  • Tips for Traveling:  prepare comfortable shoes, light coat and rain gear for lower temperature in early morning and night hours and sometimes rains. Mosquito repellent suggested;

Guizhou Province in Southwest China has long been an ideal vacation for summer heat escape! Besides its provincial capital - Guiyang with the cool pleasant temperature around the city covered by lush forests and decorated by pleasant lakes, it is more conspicuous with the national most famous Huangguoshu Waterfall in Anshun City. That is the national largest waterfall and enjoys the highest water flow in summer to cool you down greatly. Besides, Fanjingshan listed as UNESCO World Heritage and “Best Trips 2019” by National Geography is pretty cool with only 20 - 28°C averagely in summer. It is an awesome experience to hike to the famous Fanjingshan Temples on the towering narrow peaks and to feel the peaceful Buddhist culture among the ancient temple clusters against the mountain slopes. And summer is the best time to meet the charming sea of clouds of Fanjingshan. Furthermore, Guizhou as the “Home of 55 Ethnic Groups” is amazing to get close to the living villages of diverse ethnic minorities like Miao and Dong. In the most popular Kaili, Congjiang, Rongjiang, Zhaoxing, etc., you can enjoy the real laid-back and simple rural life with wonderful Chinese ethnic charm and lovely rural sightseeing!

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Jiuzhai Valley - Refreshing Fairyland with China Best Water Scenery

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Jiuzhai Valley in Summer

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Jiuzhai Valley in Summer

  • Type: Valleys, Mountains, Forests, Geopark, Lakes, Waterfalls
  • Recommended Trip Length:  2-3 days;

As the best water landscape in China, Jiuzhai Valley or Jiuzhaigou in western Sichuan is not to be ignored if you are interested in a nature trip with waterscape this time! That fairyland is the top idyllic resort getaway for cooling down and visual feast in summer, which enjoys an average temperature around 20 from June to August. Prepare the best trip mood and relaxing eyes to immerse into the unbelievable wonderland in emerald with dense forest, transparent lakes, diverse blossoms, abundant waterfalls, etc. nourished under the sapphire sky in Jiuzhaigou. You will see the roots and trunks of the old trees under the water and the perfect clear reflection of surrounding emerald, orange and yellow plantations. Moreover, the various big and small waterfalls from the forest, along the mountain, etc. Give you more cool and refreshment in the hot months. With snow capped mountains show between the near peaks, Jiuzhaigou seems really the living places for fairies. Furthermore, the nearby Huanglong National Park is often planned with Jiuzhaigou to catch the fabulous sightseeing of diverse shaped and colorful calcified ponds, caves, waterfalls, streams, stones, etc. Together make another “Heaven on the Earth”.

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Recommended Jiuzhai Valley Trips in Summer:


Tibet - Everlasting Pure Land

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Potala Palace in Lhasa

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Namtso Lake in Nagchu

  • Type: Plateau, Mountains, Temples & Monasteries, Buddhist Sites, Lakes
  • Best Places to Visit There: Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse, The Everest, Shannan
  • Recommended Trip Length:  3-11 days;
  • Tips for Traveling: Sunglasses, Sun hat, Sunblock, water, oxygen device

Tibet is the holy land dreamed by numerous international travelers to visit at least once in the lifetime. And summer is the best time to visit Tibet when to enjoy the plenty sunshine, abundant clear shining days and comfortable temperature. In this sacred land, you are highly advised visit Lhasa to discover the world famed Potala Palace, Barkhor Street, Jokhang Temple, Sera Monastery, etc. to experience the rich Buddhist religious culture and the strong power of beliefs through their praying wheels and devout prostration. You will meet the most beautiful and peaceful Namtso Lake in Nagchu and Yamdro Lake in Shannan with the superb appealing azure water under blue sky. Any worries, troubles and pressure will be removed quickly and easily in front of such ideal paradise on the pure land. On the way to Gyantse and Shigatse, soak in distinct old cultural monastery and nunnery sites in white, scarlet, etc. to understand the belief of Tibetan people everywhere, no missing the Palcho Monastery, Sakya Monastery, etc. Of course, viewing The Everest - world highest peak (8848.86m), from the Everest Base Camp is the impressive goal if you have a great physical condition for the especially low temperature, thin air and high speed wind.


Guilin - Green Longji Rice Terraces and Leisure Fun with Karst Scenery

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Longji Rice Terraces in Summer

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Guilin Li River

  • Type: Mountains, Ethnic Villages, River, Cruise, Hiking, Photography, Nature
  • Best Places to Visit There: Li River, Yangshuo, Longji Rice Terraces, Elephant Thunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave
  • Recommended Trip Length:  3-6 days;

Guilin has the best landscape on earth. Dating with the fantastic sightseeing of Guilin is one of the best things to do for summer vacation, since you will get released and glad about the layers of diverse karst peaks erupting from the emerald land across the city and rural area. Taking the most classic Li River cruise down to feel traveling in a landscape ink painting with typical Chinese elegance. And roaming around Yangshuo countryside to see those dotted Karst mushroom emerald hills with winding Yulong River is extremely favored by many domestic and international visitors to Yangshuo. Taking a bamboo rafting gives you more fun and cool on water. Though it often rains in Guilin in summer, the bright sky, white clouds, fresh mountains, luxurious crops, etc. Are quite appealing and refreshing for summer release. Furthermore, Longsheng with much lower temperature is idyllic to escape from the summer heat. Its famous Longji Rice Terraces spectacle is glossy and green with graceful curves layer by layer along the mountain. You may join some featured ethnic festivals or gala of local Yao and Zhuang people in summer months!

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Yangtze River Cruise - Valuable Luxury Leisure at Lush Gorges

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Emerald Yangtze Three Gorges

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Yangtze River Cruise in Summer

  • Type: Cruise, Mountains, Gorges, Nature, River
  • Best Places to Visit There: Chongqing, Yichang, Three Gorges
  • Recommended Trip Length:  4-5 days;

Just want to spend your vacation in a slow pace but also with something beautiful to enjoy? The classic and popular 4-5 Days Chongqing Yichang Yangtze River Cruise as one of the favored summer choices is also your ideal one to get fully relaxed! The fascinating Three Gorges including Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge is cool and verdant with rich forest cover with the emerald river running between. The well arranged shore excursions to primitive streams, amazing pagodas, old villages, and more interesting cultural and historical attractions will enrich your trip experience with the authentic life, ethnic culture and Chinese history along the Yangtze. Further, the professional and caring staff on the luxury Yangtze River cruise ships will take care of your everything and every day to help you have sound sleeps, enjoy diverse delicious Chinese and Western gourmet, have fun and relax with nice performances and entertainment onboard for an ultimate vacation relax! The fix number of guests between 120-650 based on the ship sizes makes the cruise vacation terrific to avoid the crowds, especially in the Chinese students summer vacation in July and August! The cruise trip is particularly suitable for families with kids, couple, and seniors!

Recommended Yangtze River Cruise Trips in Summer:


Huangshan - Picturesque Yellow Mountain & Old Village Heritages

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Huangshan Yellow Mountain in Summer

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Hongcun Village in Huangshan

  • Type: Mountain, UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, Hiking, Photography, Old Villages, Architectures
  • Best Places to Visit There: Yellow Mountain, Hongcun Village, Xidi Village, Tunxi Old Street, Hu Kaiwen Ink Factory
  • Recommended Trip Length:  3-4 days;

Yellow Mountain in Huangshan City is the national top spectacular mountain and the excellent World Natural and Cultural Heritage site, which is also a particular popular summer place to visit from June to September every year. Visiting Huangshan in summer, you will meet three of the four wonders of Yellow Mountain, including the verdant strange pines, absurd rocks and the sea of clouds with more chances. Besides the comfortable temperature, the emerald rockery peaks with strange shapes with verdant pines helps you enjoy a scenic and fun summer hiking trip to embrace lots of natural wonders. The mysterious sea of clouds usually occurs after rains and changes Yellow Mountain to a charming fairyland. Glorious sunrise (05:00-06:00) and sunset (18:00-19:00) sightseeing are memorable to catch in summer. Besides, have a leisure stroll among those typical picturesque Hui styled old villages like Hongcun, Xidi, Chenggan, and so forth is the best combo with Yellow Mountain to admire the elegant culture and beauty of Huangshan. Also, the Mukeng Bamboo Forest is great to go together to get refreshed with abundant green nature.

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Qinghai - Bright Golden Sea of Rape Flowers & “Mirror of the Sky”

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Qinghai Lake Rape Flowers

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Chaka Salt Lake in Summer

  • Type: Lakes, Mountains, Nature, Grassland, Photography, Religious Sites
  • Best Places to Visit There: Qinghai Lake, Chaka Salt Lake, Taer Monastery
  • Recommended Trip Length:  3-6 days;

The golden rape flowers dye China fabulous in spring, however, the one billion rape flowers spreading across the open basin ignites Qinghai into a shiny golden paradise from July to August, which is wilder and romantic than the spring rape flowers in Luoping and Wuyuan. Even a simple shot of the large spread of golden and green blossoms contrasting the light blue sky and white cotton clouds is an instagrammable photo recording your enviable summer trip in China! Apart from that, Chaka Salt Lake at the largest salt lake shows the best peaceful mirror lake view with the clear reflection of the sky and surrounding mountain ranges in summer months, which is the real “mirror of the sky”.


Xiapu - Shoot Gorgeous Mudflat in Most Beautiful Summer

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Xiapu Mudflat in Summer

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Xiapu Mudflat in Summer

  • Type: Mudflat, Beach, Nature & Culture Photography
  • Recommended Trip Length:  2-4 days;

Xiapu Mudflat in southeast Fujian Province in Southeast China is the "Most Beautiful Coastal Line in China” and one of the “Top 10 Domestic Photography Bases”, which is also most beautiful in summer months. Put Xiapu at the top of your summer vacation list if you are a shutterbug. In June, you can take outstanding photos of the fish fry catching, hanging sea kelp of local gypsy people and also the egrets flying freely in the vast sky. While from July to September, you will catch the best period to shoot the terrific colors and lights of the sky, clouds, the sea. And making the best use of the changing sunglow and tides, you will shoot the incredible Xiapu mudflat with diverse shaped of lines, curves, colors of the shoal with fishing locals working in such enormous natural painting. You will feel the deserved reputation of appealing splendors of Xiapu.


Mount Emei - Cool Relief at UNESCO Heritage Buddhist Mountain

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Mount Emei Golden Summit

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Wild Monkeys at Mount Emei

  • Type: Mountain, Buddhist Site, UNESCO World Natural & Cultural Heritage, Hiking
  • Recommended Trip Length:  1-2 days;

Anyone will enjoy a cool and scenic summer holiday at Mount Emei or Emeisha 2.5 hours’ driving from Chengdu, Sichuan. With abundant forest coverage, Emei Mountain enjoys only 11.8 on the mountain place from June to August for your summer heat escaping from the concrete city and cooling down quickly and enjoyably. Also, as the famous and ancient Buddhist mountain listed as World Heritage, Emeishan boasts tens of sacred Buddhist temples to calm down your anxiety and impatience in the sultry season. The famous wild monkey “robbers” on the mountain may cause you envy on their leisure or even unbridled life on your way up to the Golden Summit (3079 meters), the highest place can be reached at Emeishan. However, the sparkling golden Buddhist statues, azure sky, rolling sea of clouds, appealing sunrise, sunset, star sky, etc. Are the special gift from summer for your visual and mind consolation.

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Huzhou (Anji & Moganshan) - Empty at Verdant Bamboo Resorts with Adventure Fun

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Paragliding Adventure in Anji

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Refreshing Moganshan Resort in Zhejiang

  • Type: Mountain, Lakes, Outdoor Activities, Adventure, Hiking, Resort, Historical Site, Architecture
  • Best Places to Visit There: Moganshan Scenic Spot, China Bamboo Expo Park, China Bamboo Sea, Anji Yunshang Caoyuan, Anji Zhongnan Baocaoyuan, Nanxun Old Town
  • Recommended Trip Length:  2-5 days;

Huzhou might be not as famous as Hangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing in East China. But Anji County and Moganshan within that city are quite hot among domestic people and expats in China.

Anji as the largest home of bamboo attracts a lot of visitors to get fully refreshed and released in its emerald and tranquil China Bamboo Expo Park and China Bamboo Sea, which is superb to escape from summer sultriness and also nice to savor Chinese literal and spiritual culture. Besides, boasting a rich choice of outdoor activities like glass bridge and glass plank road walking, swinging at the cliff, paragliding, mountain climbing, thrilling riding in the theme parks, etc., Anji is a quite popular adventure paradise for travelers who are bold or interested in challenging outdoor activities.

Furthermore, Moganshan long been a favored summer escape destination among Chinese high-profile politicians and foreign elites living around Shanghai is still the top loved vacation getaway to get cool down. Thus, it is also praised as “Hamptons of China”. The best summer refreshing feeling can be found at Moganshan with its endless verdant sea of bamboos, floating clear stream and lovely ponds, flying waterfalls, nice flower fragrances, etc. Besides, with hundreds of distinct international villas, churches, parks, etc. Left from the 19th - 20th centuries, Moganshan is also complimented as “Museum of World Architecture” and impresses you a worthy nice exploration of the colorful historical architectures and learn more about the past stories happened there and around Shanghai.


Wuyishan - Verdant UNESCO Heritage Mountain with Joyous Rafting

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Wuyishan Jiuqu Stream Bamboo Rafting

Best Cities to Visit in China in Summer

Tianyou Peak Sea of Clouds

  • Type: Mountain, Water, Rafting, Hiking, UNESCO World Nature & Culture Heritage, Tea Plantation
  • Recommended Trip Length:  2-3 days;

Wuyishan or Wuyi Mountain in Fujian Province is favored as a refreshing summer vacation with the low temperature at the densely covered forest area in the mountains, which is listed as a UNESCO World Nature & Culture Heritage. Besides the adventure and scenic hiking along the uneven stone paths to get high and low among the scarlet hills to admire Wuyishan sightseeing from different angles, you shall not omit the classic Jiuqu Stream bamboo rafting fun to see those ancient boat coffins hung on the cliffs and admire the several top famous peaks from the winding stream. Also, walking along the tranquil paths at the Dahongpao (Big Red Robe) tea field with satisfying fresh tea aroma, where you will find the precious Dahongpao seed trees of more than 1,000 years old on the cliff.

How to Plan a China Summer Tour

Although many places in China are hot in summer, there are still a rich number of nice places recommended for your planning of a China summer vacation. But, to plan a summer vacation in China is based on what weather, scenery, types of destinations, members of your group, etc.! However, you'd better avoid to visit the top hottest cities like Wuhan, Nanjing, Changsha...Also, avoid the Chinese students summer vacation from July to August.

For people spending summer in China for the first time, you can still visit the top classic destinations including Beijing, Shanghai, Xian and Chengdu. And for those travelers visiting China in summer for the second or third time, most of them prefer to discover Zhangjiajie (3-5 days), Jiuzhai Valley (2-3 days), Yangtze River Cruise (4-5 days), Emeishan (1-2 days), Tibet (3-11 days), Guilin / Yangshuo / Longsheng (3-6 days), Huangshan (3-5 days), etc. to see the emerald top landscape and brilliant culture in China with lower temperature. If you want to enjoy a cool summer vacation with refreshing nature like mountains, forests, grassland, water, and other seasonal landscapes, you are recommended plan an itinerary to Guizhou (3-7 days), Inner Mongolia (3-6 days), Qinghai (3-6 days), Moganshan (1-2 days), etc. to escape from the summer heat. And if you are seeking more fun alone or with your family kids, Wuyishan (2-3 days), Anji (2-3 days), Inner Mongolia, Guilin, etc. are top bests. However, if you are photo-lovers, take your cameras to Xiapu (2-4 days) and any places above to shoot amazing photos with medium or low temperatures.

No matter you have some or no idea about where to go in China for this summer, our professional travel expert will help you plan or customized your own China summer trip gladly and sincerely. Please tell us directly without any hesitation if you need any suggestion or help!

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