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China Spring Tour Places

14 Best Places to Visit in China in Spring

Spring from March to May is one of the best seasons to travel around China. During this period, there are more sunny days, the temperature is very comfortable and warm in most places of China and flowers of different species bloom in enjoyable colors. It’s lovely and pleasant to make a spring outing. Top destinations, like Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and Chengdu are suitable for a visit all year round. Meanwhile, there are many more destinations presenting stunning spring natural landscape, definitely worth your visit. If you’re planning to make a China tour between March and May in spring, check our carefully-selected destinations with the most eye-pleasing natural beauty below to get inspired! Different types of destinations are covered to make you appreciate the most beautiful nature and enjoy the best travel experiences both. Let’s follow the footstep of the spring to find out your wonderful China Spring tour!

Best China Spring Destination Location MapBest China Spring Destination Location Map


Beijing - Savor the Linger Charm of History and Flower Gardens

Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

Jinshanling Great Wall in Beijing

Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

Flower Blossom in Forbidden City (Palace Museum)

Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

Train Running through Pink Sea of Flowers in Juyongguan Great Wall

Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

Cherry Blossom in Yuyuantan Park

  • Type: Historical & Cultural Sites, Nature, Parks
  • Best Places to Visit: Forbidden City, Great Walls, Jingshan Park, Temple of Heaven
  • Recommended Trip Length: 2-4 days

Located in the Northern China, Beijing filled with a long history and profound cultural heritages, is always a popular place to visit in China full year. But when the spring green wind blows through Beijing, this old city is suddenly awakened from a dull frame to a lively land bespread with alluring flowers. If you visit Beijing in spring, you can view pretty flowers in white, pale pink and other colors in different months and locations, smell sweet fragrance, read the ancient architectures rich in cultural charm, listen to interesting historical stories and celebrity anecdotes related to the flowers.

From March to May, you can watch different kinds of flowers in the Forbidden City, whose red walls and golden roofs will be decorated more fascinating. In mid-March, the leading role is the elegant Mangnolia while dainty Apricot flowers wins attention in late March. When April comes, the pure pear and adorable begonias blossom dye the palace. Dignified and graceful peony and Paeonia, and purple wistaria in May paints here a refreshing imperial garden. When hiking Jinshanling Great Wall, Badaling Great Wall and Juyongguan Great Wall in the suburbs between the early and mid-Apri, you can also see the old structures added bright colors by the apricot blossom. Besides, you can seize pink peach & plum blossom in Summer Palace, lilac and Orychophragmus violaceus in Temple of the Heaven, romantic cherry & peach blossom in Yuyuantan Park, and diverse flowers in the city parks.

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The Three Gorges of Yangtze River - Appreciate A One-Hundred-Mile Landscape Corridor

Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

Yangtze River Cruise in Spring

Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

Shibaozhai Pagoda on the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River

  • Type: Nature, Culture, Cruise Tour
  • Best Places to Visit: Chongqing, Yichang, Three Gorges Museum, Three Gorges, Shibaozhai Pagoda, Fengdu Ghost City, Shennv Stream, Three Gorges Dam
  • Recommended Trip Length: 4-5 days
  • Starting from Chongqingand ending in Yichang, Hubei Province, the Three Gorges of Yangtze River is one of China’s most famous cultural icons that has been adopted as the landscape pattern of Chinese 10 RMB paper currency. When taking a Yangtze Cruise tour in spring, you can see magnificent mountains stretch far along the green water, golden rape flowers, pink peach blossom and many unknown flowers bloom on both river banks. You will definitely be shocked by the steep mountains and knife-cut cliffs standing by the riverway, a superlative craftsmanship from nature. Meanwhile, you can take shore excursions to visit many cultural and natural pearls, such as the Fengdu Ghost City, an over 2000-year-old site famous for rich exhibitions of hell architectures and sculptures, Shibaozhai Pagoda, a 12-storey (56-meter-tall) wooden tower built down the hillside, Shennv Stream notable for extremely rushing water and narrow channel and Three Gorges Dam - the world’s largest hydropower project. It’s such a special way of traveling, for you can enjoy an unending landscape painting rolling out before your eyes, travel across appalling canyons when you’re asleep.


    Yunnan (Dali, Lijiang, Luoping...) - Snatch Diverse Colors and Ethnic Minority Culture

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Chongsheng Temple and Three Pagodas in Dali

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Golden Raple Flower Fileds in Luoping

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Lijiang Ancient Town

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Yuanyang Rice Terrace in Spring

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Water Splashing Festival in Xishuangbanna

    • Type: Minority Culture, Nature (Mountain, Lake, Ancient Town...), Historical Sites
    • Best Places to Visit: Luoping Canola Flowers, Kunming (Stone Forest, Yuantong Temple, Green Lake), Dali (Dali Old Town, Erhai Lake, Cangshan Mountain), Lijiang (Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Lijiang Ancient Town) , Shangri-La (Tiger Leaping Gorge, Songzanlin Monastery, Pudacuo National Park), Xishuangbanna (Water Splashing Festival)
    • Recommended Trip Length: 4-8 days

    Located in the southwest of China, Yunan is a popular tourist region praised as “South of the Colorful Clouds”. Whenever you travel to Yunnan, you can always enjoy very comfortable weather, more importantly, pick up various ethnic culture and natural scenarios.

    In March every year, Canola flowers takes the lead to bloom in Luoping, and the amazing scene of spacious sea of flowers and distinct pyramid hills catches attention throughout the country. Kunming, “the City of Eternal Spring” suddenly turns into a huge garden city embellished by multifarious flowers, including pink begonia, white pearl blossom and violet jacaranda. The top places to visit in Kunming contains the Stone Forest with cinerous rocks of odd shapes, Green Lake where local minority people dance, sing and enjoy leisure time under sunshine.

    When visiting Dali, you can visit the Cangshang Mountain and Er’hai Lake to freshen your eyes and soul, wander though Dali Ancient Town to communicate with legacy of history. Many festivals and events of Bai ethnic groups take places before and after March, so you may experience rich ethnic customs with luck. If you travel to Lijiang in spring, you can view Lijiang Ancient Town garnished by varied flowers, green weeping willows and fresh sprouts, fantastic Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and take delight in wonderful nightlife activities. In addition, during your Yunan spring tour, you may see multicolored mirror-like Yuanyang Rice Terraces and go to Xishuangbanna - “Little Thailand in China” to see the tropical forest, taste local flavors and have fun in the Water Flashing Festival.


    Guilin - Step in the Most Ideal Pastoral Land

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Li River Cruise in Guilin

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Longji Rice Terrace in Spring

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Bamboo Rafting in Yangshuo

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Local was Fishing at Sunset

    • Type: Nature (River, Karst Mountain, Rice Terrace), Culture
    • Best Places to Visit: Li River Cruise, Yangshuo Ten-mile Gallery, Yulong River, Longji Rice Terrace, West Street
    • Recommended Trip Length: 3-4 days

    As the old Chinese saying goes “the mountain and water scenery of Guilin is the best under heaven”. Guilin simultaneously earns high reputation in the world as the perfect embodiment of the eastern charm, the best image of idyllic realm and the most outstanding masterpiece of China’s Karst landform. Guilin in spring is beautiful like an enchanting watercolor beyond description. You can take a relaxing Li River Cruise to put yourself in the picture, feel the green river flowing into the distance quietly, view dramatic limestone Karst hills on either side. Later, you can transfer to Yangshuo, try a bamboo rafting or a biking trip along the Yulong River, see the faraway misty mountains, golden rape flower fields ashore and verdurous ripples on the water’s surface. The more than 1400-year-old West Street is a good place to glimpse the culture and history of Guilin and to eat, stroll and relax. If you’re a senior photographer, you can wait the fascinating sunset and watch special show of Cormorant fishing. When you plan a Longji Rice Terraces tour in Spring, April is the best time to shoot the blue-green seedling and spectacular water-filled fields while during May, you can seize moments of traditional farming methods.


    Zhangjiajie - Unveil the Real Avatar Hallelujah Mountain and Pandora World

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Spring

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Flower Blossom at Tianzi Mountain in May

    • Type: Natue (mountains, canyons, etc.)
    • Best Places to Visit: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Golden Whip Stream, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge, Tianzi Mountain
    • Recommended Trip Length: 3-5 days

    Bet you get to know Zhangjie from the world’s first 3D film - Avatar. Yet, it’s also another notable UNESCO World Heritage site in China. Without exaggeration, all travelers to Zhangjiajie will feel awestruck when viewing the peculiar sandstone peak forest and imposing Karst landform. More than 3,000 stone pinnacles rising abruptly out of the ground with hundreds of rivers flowing through, they’re great works of nature and the real Avatar Hallelujah Mountain. Zhangjiajie in spring is magnificent as always, and it is more pretty when beautiful flowering and verdant trees and lawns blankets the awesome peaks in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Tianzi Mountain. As if these upright peaks have lives and are in full vitality in the spring. You can make stunning hiking in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park - the first national park in China and a world geopark, see the quartz-sandstone pillars, walk through twisting and tranquil Golden Whip Stream, watch lovely fishes swimming in bright, clean brook, challenge a trekking journey in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, fully immerse in the fresh cool air and exuberant woods around. In April, you may meet cute azalea flowers in Tianzi Mountain.


    Suzhou/Hangzhou - Fall in Love with the Paradises on the Earth

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Spring Scenery in Linger Garden, Suzhou

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Local Tea Planatation in Hangzhou

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Tongli Water Town in May

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Humble Administrator’s Garden in Spring

    • Type: Cultural & Historical Sites, Nature
    • Best Places to Visit: Hangzhou (West Lake, Lingyin Temple, Meijia Dock Dragon Well Tea Village, China National Tea Museum), Suzhou (Lingering Garden, Tiger Hill, No.1 Silk Factory, Zhouzhuang/Tongli Water Town)
    • Recommended Trip Length:  2-4 days

    Suzhou is a famous national historical city with over 2,500 years of history and dubbed “the Venice of China”. Elegant classical gardens of Suzhou, peaceful water towns, magical Chinese silk and the Grand Canal are four prominent highlights of Suzhou. You can choose one or more gardens to admire the superb harmony of natural elements and artistic architectures, and tasteful life of the ancients. When spring visits Suzhou, wisteria blossom in Humble Administrator’s Garden and begonia flowers in Linger Garden color the delicately carved perforated more exquisite, which appeals to loads of tourist. Zhouhuang Water Town during the warm spring is placid and picturesque, where you can find riverside dropping willows sprout green shoots and reflect on the calm river with the black roof-tiles, white walls and stone bridges. Countryside scenery, golden seas of rape flowers and warm sunshine will help you totally forget the urban bustle. You can get spring breath and quaint scenery in Tiger Hill.

    Hangzhou has been loved by poets and literati since ancient times for its beautiful scenery, mildness and sense of literature and art. When visiting Hangzhou in spring, you must want to compose verse to express your affection for the alluring sights. The best site to discover the Hangzhou’s fascination is the West Lake. Spring Dawn at Su Causeway is the most famous spring landscape in Hangzhou. By this time, the temperature is excellently comfortable, adorable flowers bloom and jade green willows drop on the banks and a balmy breeze ripples across the lake. All words will fail at such beauty. You can walk around, enjoy a biking tour or boat ride. Furthermore, you can visit Lingyin Temple to worship the Buddhist culture and go to a local tea village to physically see the verdurous terraced tea plantation, tea-picking and making processes.

    If you have a tight schedule, you can make a day trip to Suzhou, or take 2 days for Hangzhou. The best suggestion is visiting them both if time allows.

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    Wuyuan - Shoot the Best Spokesman of China’s Spring Scenery

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Rape Flowers Bloom in Wuyuan during March

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Unique Residences in Huangling Village, Wuyuan

    • Type: Nature (Flowers), Culture (Ancient Villages)
    • Best Places to Visit: Likeng, Wangkou, Xiaoqi, Jiangwan Villages
    • Recommended Trip Length: 1 day

    As temperature warms up from March, nearly ten thousands hectares of rape flowers start to bloom in the ancient villages of Wuyuan, which has been acknowledged as one of the most beautiful photography sites in China. In March and April, the terraced rape flowers spread like a golden sea, and are mingled with green leaves, trees and unique white-wall folk houses. The orderly-located ancient architectures and the golden ocean of rape flowers sketch out a serene and dreamy hideaway retreat. No wonder so many photography fans flock to Wuyuan to record the sensational natural scenery of Spring. When you walk through the traditional dwellings, overlook or steep yourself in the rape flower fields, your time will slow down, and you can feel a closer communication with the nature, experience disturbed country life to break from the outside world.


    Huangshan - Meet the Most Beautiful Mountain in China

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Mangnolia Flowers at Huangshan Mountain

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Picturesque Hongcun Village in Spring

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Lucun Viallge surrounded by Rape Flower Fields

    • Type: Nature (Mountains, Flowers), Culture (Ancient Villages, Historical Architectures)
    • Best Places to Visit: Huangshan Mountain, Hongcun & Xidi Ancient Villages, Tunxi Ancient Street
    • Recommended Trip Length:  3-4 day
    With five natural spectacles (wondrous pines, grotesque rocks, amazing sea of clouds, hot spring and winter snow), Huangshan Mountain has acclaimed as China’s most beautiful mountain whose scenery surpasses the famous Five Great Mountains (Mount Tai, Mount Hua...). It is a favorite inspiration of Chinese traditional painting and literature from the ancient to modern times. When spring comes, Huangshan Mountain comes alive, the trees burst into green buds, flowers start to bloom, birds sing and fly joyfully, misty peaks seem like a Chinese ink painting. Hiking on Huangshan Mountain in spring lets you enjoy pleasant temperature, fresh air, and greater chances of seeing two seas - sublime seas of clouds and lovable flowers, such as the Magnolia and Azalea.

    From March, ancient villages at the foot of Huangshan Mountain unfold broad golden seas of rape flowers. The likeable blossom sets off the aesthetic Huizhou-style architecture a truly painting and a peaceful retreat. Hongcun and Xidi Ancient Villages, two outstanding examples are the best places to witness human life in great harmony with nature. Nearby Lucun, Bishan, Tachuan, Xin’an River also present stunning golden rape flower fields.


    Nyingchi (Tibet) - Escape to the Heaven-like Arcadia

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Beautiful Peach Blossom in Nyingchi

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Emerald Basum Tso Lake

    • Type: Nature (Flowers, Mountains, Rivers, Canyon), Culture (Tibetan Villages, Religious Culture)
    • Best Places to Visit: Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival, Basum Tso Lake, Lulang Forest
    • Recommended Trip Length: 2-3 days

    Nyingchi is titled as “Oriental Switzerland” and “Jiangnan in Tibet”  for its exceptional verdant natural beauty that is impossible to see in other regions of Tibet. The rarely seen green scenery and higher oxygen level in Nyingchi largely benefits to altitude acclimatization and presents a different sightseeing experience. During your Nyingchi tour in Tibet, you can view dense primitive forests, majestic snow-capped mountains, giant crystal glaciers, emerald lakes, large old cypress, wooden cabins, scattered herds... an unexpected beautiful fairyland.

    Every spring, specifically from March to April, Nyingchi becomes extraordinarily popular all over China, for hosting grand Peach Blossom Festival. Once then, snowy mountains standing afar, white soft clouds floating in the blue sky, myriad clumps of pink peach flowers gathering above the green fields, grand canyon studded with Tibetan houses, all compose a beautiful idyllic scenery, which easy for you to forget you’re in high-altitude Tibet.

    Recommended Nyingchi Tour in Spring:


    Luoyang - Encounter the Historical Treasures in Ancient Capital

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Luoyang Longmen Grottoes in Spring

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Peoney Festival in Luoyang

    • Type: Historical & Cultural Sites, Nature
    • Best Places to Visit: Longmen Grottoes, Luoyang Museum, Luoyang Old City, Luoyang Peony Festival, Shaolin Temple
    • Recommended Trip Length:  2-3 days

    Luoyang in the west of Henan Province, central China is a famous Chinese ancient capital of 13 dynasties. Often mentioned as “Sister City” of Xian, Luoyang has a long history of thousands of years and innumerable cultural legacies. When traveling to Luoyang in spring, you can visit all historical sites as usual, and Longmen Grottoes and Peony are the two cultural symbols you shouldn’t miss. You can view lots of vivid Buddhist statues in Longmen Grottoes, admire centuries-old Buddhist culture and splendid traditional art and craft. A visit of the White Horse Temple - China’s first Buddhist temple helps you know where, when and how the Buddhism introduced to China.

    In the warm months of April and May, the large and rich peony flower become the most high-profile scene in Luoyang. The peony, considered a symbol of elegance, notability, luxury and splendor is wildly recognized as “the King of Flowers” and the national flower of China. Its cultivation in Luoyang began in the Sui Dynasty around 1,500 ago and reached the peak in the prosperous Tang Dynasty. Thus, if you tour Luoyang in spring, you can attend the Luoyang Peony Festival (held from early April to early May annually) to adore beautiful peony blossom of different kinds and colors and hear amusing folktales. Spending 1 extra day visiting Shaolin Temple and hiking the spectacular Mount Song from Luoyang is a classic and popular side trip idea for Chinese Kung Fu fans.

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    Nanjing - Discover the Glamour of Traditional Culture and National Soul

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Plum Flower Blossom in Ming Xiaoling

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Cherry Blossom in Ancient Jining Temple, Nanjing

    • Type: Cultural & Historical Sites, Nature
    • Best Places to Visit: Zhongshan Ling, Ming Xiaoling, Confucius Temple, Qinhuai River, Nanjing Museum, Niushoushan Forest Park
    • Recommended Trip Length:  2-3 days

    Nanjing is a respected ancient capital of six dynasties and itself is a scenic tourist destination with plentiful cultural relics. When visiting Nanjing in spring, you can get to Zhongshan Ling, marvel at the magnificent Mausoleum of Dr. Sun Yat-sen and green mountains extending as far as your eyes can see. Ming Xiaoling, the mausoleum of the founder of Ming Dynasty in spring is a must-visit in Nanjing, where can see well-designed funeral system and remarkable combination of Chinese traditional architecture and natural environment. In spring, the best city light spot belongs to the colorful plum blossom all over the Plum Flower Mountain inside the Xiaoling. Cherry blossom near the Jiming Temple is also attractive. It’s advised to take in-depth culture exploration of Nanjing in Niushoushan Forest Park, a sacred Buddhist shrine where honors the world's only parietal relic of Buddha in fabulous modern buildings. You will feel cultural educated and relaxing when breathe the fresh air and see wide green mountains.


    Fanjingshan - Find China’s Best-kept Pure Land

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Fanjingshan (Mount Fanjing) in Guizhou

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Towering Twin Mountains at Fanjingshan

    • Type: Nature, Culture, Hiking
    • Recommended Trip Length:  2-3 days

    Fanjingshan rose to fame worldwide after being inscribed as a UNESCO Wold Nature Heritage site in 2018. Before that, very few people knew it since China has so many famous mountains. The Fanjingshan, located in remote area of Guizhou, actually is a holy mountain said to be the ashram of Maitreya Buddha and a well-preserved nature reserve of high degree of biodiversity. If you travel to Fanjingshan in spring, you can feel special season character here, due to the temperature and scenery varies distinctly as elevation rises. Flowers begin to open at the foot of the mountain in March, but the summit area may still have snows. When temperature rises in late April, immense clusters of alpine azalea bloom at Fanjingshan, forming an extraordinary flower fall. You can hike the wooden path guarded by green trees, or take a thrilling cable car up to catch bird’s eye view of the lush forests, or experience the narrow and zigzag heaven ladder on the cliff side, meet diverse flora and fauna. Beyond doubt, Fanjingshan is a less-known transcendent and refined fairyland worth your visit.


    Xiamen - Bask in Romantic Leisure and Sunshine on the Beach

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Gulangyu Island in Xiamen

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Red Kapok Flowers in Nanputuo Temple in Spring

    • Type: Culture (World Heritage Site, Architecture), Nature (Sea, Beach...)
    • Best Places to Visit: Gulangyu Island, Nanjing Tulou, Nanputuo Temple, Huandao Road
    • Recommended Trip Length:  2-3 days

    Xiamen in China’s southeast coast Fujian Province is a lovely seaport city most known for the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage - Gulangyu Island, beautiful tree-lined costal scenery and year-round mild climate. The more cozy temperature, flourishing plants, warm sunshine, balmy flowers, green grass makes spring the most beautiful season of Xiamen.

    When you visit Xiamen in spring, you can walk or make a biking leisurely along the seaside Huandao Road where clean paths are armed by tropical trees. Just feel the gentle breeze, watch boundless seawater and immerse yourself in the mind-blowing sights. Besides, you can pay a special visit to Nanputuo Temple, admire the Buddhist serenity and get a magnificent bird’s view of the Xiamen University from the back mountain top, vast jungle are dotted with red-roof modern buildings. In March and April, the fiery-red Kapok flowers tint every street of Xiamen, including the Nanputuo Temple. The highlight is taking a ferry to visit the Gulangyu Island, discover different spots on the island, such as the awesome collection in the Piano Museum, modern Shuzhuang Garden and the highest Sunlight Rock from which you can catch a panoramic view of clusters of European-style mansions. Snack shops and specialty stores are everywhere, easy to taste local flavors.

    Tourists usually make a day trip to Nanjing Tulu from Xiamen, catch a glimpse of the Hakka culture and featured traditional residential earthen building. If you love photography, spring months are still optimal times to capture Kelp harvest and fish catching in China’s most beautiful coastal line - Xiapu.


    Danba - Stray into Fairytale Tibetan Villages in Rural Seclusion

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Jiaju Tibetan Village in Danba

    Best Destinations to Visit in China in Spring

    Pearl Flower Blossomm in Danba

    • Type: Nature (Flowers, Mountains, Valleys), Culture (Ancient Watchtowers, Tibetan Villages)
    • Best Places to Visit: Jiaju/Zhonglu/Suopo Tibetan Village, Beauty Valley, Dangling Scenic Area, Moerduo Mountain
    • Recommended Trip Length:  1-2 days

    Danba is a small county located in the east of Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, western Sichuan. It owns many reputations, like one of the Top 6 Beautiful Countryside of China, “A Kingdom of Thousands of Watchtower” and “Beauty Valley”. These high square ancient watchtowers, considered “the Pyramid of the Oriental” once was built for military purpose, but now stand as story tellers and guards of Danba. Tibetan villages expanding from the valley to the mountain with looming Tibetan houses is another spectacle in Danba. It shows an arcadian scroll consisting of snow-capped peaks, lucid streams, sensuous village life with rising smoke and simple daily scenes. Girls here are said to be beautiful as rose. When warm spring arrives in Danba, you can see the above attractions, enjoy white pearl blossom and fancy pastoral landscape, and make a close contact to the ethnic culture behind them. If time permits, it’s recommended to extend trip to nearby Jinchuan to seize more terrific pearl blossom.

    How to Plan a China Spring Tour

    Spring is a good season to visit most destinations in China. You can plan a China spring tour based on your own holiday time, destination, personal hobby and budget, members of group, etc. Labor Day holiday from May 1 is a peak tourist period you should avoid. Read on below guide for more inspiring ideas.

    If it’s your first trip to China, then Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Chengdu are top classic destinations you may visit. Normally, 2 to 3 days are enough for each. For those who already visited them, the Yangtze River Cruise (4-5 days), Yunnan (Lijiang, Shangri-La, Dali, Kunming..., 5-8 days), Guilin (3-4 days), Zhangjiejie (3-5 days) are highly recommended palaces to make in-depth discovery of China. Suzhou, Hanzhou, Huangshan, Nanjing are popular side trip destinations from Shanghai. If you have a long vacation, you can travel several destinations together. If you’re quite interested in spring flowers, Nyingchi Peach Blossom in Tibet and Wuyuan Rape flower are most beautiful colors you may make a special visit. Depending on your private taste, there are many more choices for you to appreciate the spring blossom across China.

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