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China Silk Road Hotels & Accommodation Condition

Silk Road regions might be remote, but there are always comfortable hotels to stay in major cities along the silk routes such as Luoyang, Xi'an, Lanzhou, Xining, Urumqi. There are hotels from economy class to luxury class, including some international hotel brands, such as Sheraton, InterContinental, etc. With the development of the tourism industry of cities on the Silk Road, many high-quality hotels also have been built to meet a large number of tourists in cities like Dunhuang, Zhangye, Hami, Korla, Turpan. However, if you need to explore the Silk Road in depth, you need to go to some remote towns where the accommodation conditions are generally very basic and can not be compared with the hotels in cities. During the peak season and the national holiday of China, the hotel rate around the scenic spot and the railway station airport will rise. If you need to go during these periods, you need to book a hotel in advance. The following is our accommodation guide for your stay in cities along the Silk Road of China.

Silk Road Accommodation

Xian Hotels

Type: Economy Class / Comfortable Class / Luxury Class

As the starting point of the Silk road, one of the most popular traveling destination cities, Xian can offer a variety of choices of accommodation from economy class to luxury class hotels. We have selected some of the most recommended hotels which have good travelers ratings, and ensures functional amenities and warm and friendly service. Besides, we have built up good co-operation with these hotels, so they can offer a reasonable price, and can be fully trusted by you. >>details

Luoyang Hotels

Type: Economy Class / Comfortable Class / Luxury Class

Luoyang, one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals in China, is a popular tourism destination for travelers from home and abroad. It offers a wide range of accommodations, from the luxury 5-star hotels to budget business hotels and hostels. As an inland city, the service standards and English skills of the staff may not be as good as those in Beijing and Shanghai. However, they are always trying their best to serve you. >>details

Lanzhou Hotels

Type: Economy Class / Comfortable Class / Luxury Class

As the capital city of Gansu Province, Lanzhou offers the best hotel service in Gansu. There are flexible accommodation choices, including economy class, comfortable class and luxury class. Since Lanzhou is a small city, you can get to nearby attractions conveniently, such as the Iron Bridge, Yellow River Mother Statue, Waterwheel Park and White Pagoda Mountain. These hotels provide not only cozy rooms and comfortable beds, but also many both entertainment and business facilities, such as coffee bar, spa, massage, meeting room, fax service, etc. >>details

Xining Hotels

Type: Economy Class / Comfortable Class / Luxury Class

Xining, though always serving as a transit city to Gansu and Tibet, itself is worth exploring with the featured Tibetan culture and plateau scenery. You can spend a couple of days here visiting attractions like Taer Monastery, Dongguan Mosque, and appreciating the beautiful waterscape of nearby Qinghai Lake. The most recommended area to stay a night in Xining is Xining downtown around Chengzhong District. You can get to the train station, airport and attractions easily and there are many restaurants, shopping malls, snack streets around. >>details

Dunhuang Hotels

Type: Economy Class / Comfortable Class / Luxury Class

Dunhuang is one of the most popular travel destinations in China. There are many great hotels of different standards. We have selected some top rated hotels which have a comfortable environment and pleasant services. There is only one 5-star hotel in Dunhuang, several great 4-star hotels for your choice and one 3-star hotel on this list. Most of the hotels are located near Mingshan Road and Yangguan Middle Road where you can find delicious restaurants and shopping malls. >>details

Zhangye Hotels

Type: Economy Class / Comfortable Class

Located in the geographic center of Gansu and influenced by the climate, the accommodation condition in Zhangye can not be compared with luxury hotels in Lanzhou. However, Zhangye has many starred mid-range hotels, comfortable, clean and basically could cover your quick trip. Meanwhile, there are also cheap guest houses, hostels and interesting local accommodation for your choice. Tourists usually choose two places to stay in Zhangye: hotels near the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geopark and hotels in Zhanngye City center. >>details

Jiayuguan Hotels

Type: Economy Class / Comfortable Class

People would like to stay in Jiayuguan for one or two days to visit the Jiayuguan Fortress, the Xuanbi Great Wall, the First Strategic Post, as well as other attractions. Influenced by the geographic environment and climate, the overall accommodation condition in Jiayuguan can not be compared with those luxury hotels in developed cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, and its capital city- Lanzhou. However, there are still lots of starred mid-ranged hotels including comfortable guest houses, hostels which offer a nice stay.>>details

Urumqi Hotels

Type: Economy Class / Comfortable Class / Luxury Class

As the economic center of Xinjiang, Urumqi offers great accommodation services. There are many hotels, but not many of them serve foreigners. Well, we are proud that we have co-operated with some rated valuable hotels in Urumqi ranging from comfortable class to luxury class, including the international brand - Sheraton. We have selected some popular hotels in Urumqi. All of them are conveniently located with easy transfer, bank service and surrounding attractions. >>details

Kashgar Hotels

Type: Economy Class / Comfortable Class

As a very important city of Xinjiang as well as a pivotal center of middle Asia foreign trading, Kashgar's economy is developing rapidly, and the accommodation condition in Xinjiang has been upgraded a lot. Travelers don't have to worry about finding no places to stay. We have selected some valuable hotels which are well-rated among guests as your references.All of them can ensure cozy hotels and pleasant service to help travelers have a great experience in Kashgar. >>details

Turpan Hotels

Type: Economy Class / Comfortable Class / Luxury Class

Turpan is a very popular city in Xinjiang. Travelers usually spend only one or two nights here because the best attractions can be visited within 2 days. So there are few luxury hotels in Turpan. But you still have several good choices, from 3 stars to 5 stars. The following three hotels are very recommended for their great service, pleasant dining environment, cozy bedrooms. >>details

How to Plan a China Silk Road Travel

Major Destinations to Go: Xian, Luoyang, Dunhuang, Zhangye, Jiayuguan, Lanzhou, Qinghai, Urumqi, Turpan, Kashgar, Kucha, Hotan, Tianshui, Ningxia...

Top Tourist Attractions to Visit: Xian Terracotta Warriors, Dunhuang Mogao Caves, Zhangye Danxia Landform - Rainbow Mountains, Qinghai Lake, Heavenly Lake, Jiaohe Ancient City, Kashgar Old Town, Karakul Lake...

Best Time to Go: Generally, months from April to October are the best time, because the temperature is moderate and pleasant, the weather is good and the natural scenery is the most beautiful during this period.

The ancient Silk Road is a long tourist travel route involving lots of Chinese destinations, mostly located in Northwest China. A Silk Road travel can be flexibly customized according to travelers’ length of vacations, departure city, individual preferences and budget. It can take a few days to a few weeks and months.

If you have a tight schedule with only several days (4 ~ 5 days), you’re advised to make a brief Silk Road tour from the starting point - Xian, and visit Luoyang nearby or Dunhuang, the legendary treasury of Buddhist art, history and culture. If you have visited Xian and would like a deeper exploration, then Gansu’s Hexi Corridor (Zhangye, Jiayuguan and Dunhuang) - essence of ancient Silk Road is the best recommendation and a classic trip takes about 6 days.

☛ 6 Days Zhangye Jiayuguan Dunhuang Discovery Tour
☛ 5 Days Silk Road Tour from Xian to Dunhuang by Flight
☛ 5 Days Luoyang Xian Tour by Train

Travelers with 7 ~ 8 days can visit more Silk Road destinations. You can explore the Hexi Corridor with neighboring Qinghai, enjoy beautiful Qinghai Lake and other stunning landscapes and cultures, or travel farther to Xinjiang, unveil the mysterious Western Regions in top destinations - Turpan, Urumqi and Kashgar. Depending on your pace, you can even take some side trips, such as travelling to Karakul Lake from Kashgar.

☛ 7 Days Miraculous Land Tour from Dunhuang to Zhangye Xining
☛ 8 Days Classic Xinjiang Tour including Urumqi Turpan Kashgar Tashkurgan

A holiday of 10 ~ 15 days and a longer length is suitable to cover major destinations along the Silk Road in China. You can flexibly arrange an itinerary based on your interests. The most classic Silk Road tour covers Xian, main destinations in Hexi Corridor and Xinjiang, and takes just 10 days. Qinghai and Ningxia are popular regions for an in-depth Silk Road adventure. If time allows, you can visit the holy land of Tibet (Lhasa, Shigatse, Mount Everest, Mt.Kailash...) which has impressive Buddhist and Tibetan culture and plateau vista, and other destinations in China to experience the vast and diversity of China.

☛ 10 Days Classic Silk Road Tour (Xian/Dunhuang/Turpan/Kashgar)
☛ 11 Days In-depth Wild Silk Road Adventure Tour
☛ 12 Days Epic Silk Road Tour including Qinghai Lake and Zhangye Danxia
☛ 15 Days Classic Ancient China Silk Road Tour with Bullet Train Experience
☛ 19 Days Silk Road & Tibet In-depth Tour

China Silk Road Travel Our customers Cameron Family from New Zealand visited Terracotta Warriors in Xian in July, 2021. China Silk Road Travel Our customers Erin family from USA visited Zhangye Danxia Geopark in Gansu in August, 2020. China Silk Road Travel Kashgar Old Town ©骆小洛的世界 / mafengwo

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Since most destinations along the ancient Silk Road are located in the remote Northwest China and some attractions are scattered far from the cities, it’s best to travel with a local professional travel agency, like China Discovery, to enjoy a Silk Road adventure. We will not only help you plan a suitable travel itinerary, but also arrange all the services you need, including tour guides and drivers, transfer vehicles, hotels and tickets, meals, etc., to make sure you make an educational cultural and historical travel with relaxing visual enjoyment. You can find more inspiration from our Most Popular China Silk Road Tours or contact us to customize a special one.

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