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Tianjin High Speed Trains

Tianjin, formally called Tientsin, is one of four national direct-controlled municipalities and an international port city neighboring Beijing and Hebei Province in north China. The city is famous as the respected home base of Beijing Opera, fancy street lines of architectures in coexistent western and Chinese traditional, historical and modern style, funny crosstalk, and center for traditional Chinese Martial Arts.

Located on the Beijing Shanghai High Speed Railway, Beijing Tianjin Intercity High Speed Railway and Tianjin Qinhuangdao High Speed Railway, Tianjin serves as a vital rail hub from Beijing to Shanghai and Northeastern China. And as such, Tianjin has a wide high speed rail network to most major cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guangzhou, Harbin, Chengdu, Taiyuan, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Wuhan and more.

High Speed Trains to/from Tianjin

As the largest coastal city in northern China, Tianjin handles more than 600 high speed trains to connected cities, such as major tourist destinations of Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Chengdu, Harbin, etc. From the city, travelers can easily transfer to most regions of China on the same day. Besides, the short-distance intercity high speed trains connects Beijing and Tianjin conveniently within 30 minutes’ high speed train trip, whether you commutes for tourism or business between the two cities.

Tianjin High Speed Rail Map

Tianjin High Speed Rail Map

Popular High Speed Train Routes

With the world’s top level harbor of international cruises, Tianjin is chosen as a stopover city of high speed trains from Beijing to Harbin and Shanghai, and to other destinations. The short distance and fast train travel between Beijing and Tianjin makes the Double City Life more easy and budget. If you want to travel to Shanghai and Xian, check our popular Tianjin high speed train routes below to get inspired.

● Beijing Tianjin Intercity High Speed Train

Railway Stations: Beijing South - Tianjin /Tianjin South

Distance: 120 km/75 miles

Duration: about 0.5 hour

The Beijing-Tianjin Intercity High Speed Railway, which runs in a southeast direction, is the first high speed railway of China as well as the best showcase of China’s high speed railway economy. This line has delivered more than 250,000,000 passengers, and recently increased the train speed to 350km/h marks as its 10th anniversary. Since August, all trains on the line will be changed to the newest Fuxing Trains, offering a better travel experience between the two destinations. Within half an hour, passengers can transfer from Beijing to Tianjin, the two economic axis of Bohai Economic Rim, for business, travel or daily life easily and efficiently.

Currently, there are more than 160 high speed trains (including over 100 C trains & more than 50 G trains) running from Beijing to Tianjin every day. All the trains are changed to Fuxing Trains recently, and they are scheduled between about 6:00am to 23:00pm. Now a train trip between Beijing and Tianjin has been reduced to around 30 minutes, compared to 2 hours on the normal trains.

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Beijing Tianjin High Speed Train

Beijing Tianjin Intercity High Speed Train Map

Beijing Tianjin Intercity Train

Passengers Board Beijing Tianjin Intercity Train at Tianjin Railway Station

● Tianjin Shanghai High Speed Train

Railway Stations: Tianjin South/Tianjin West/ Tianjin - Shanghai Hongqiao/Shanghai

Distance: 1,196 km/743 miles

Duration: 4 hours 3 minutes ~ 6 hours 35 minutes

For travelling from Tianjin to Shanghai, there are many trains you can take, some starting from Tianjin to Shanghai and most of them are Beijing Shanghai High Speed Trains passing by Tianjin. The train travel time has been reduced from over 16 hours to the fastest 4 hours. Every day, Tianjin sends more than 20 high speed trains to Shanghai from 07:30am to 18:30pm. G5 train is the first train (a Fuxing Train) that leaves from Tianjin South Station at 07:33am to Shanghai Railway Station at 11:40am. G9 (12:33-16:36) and G15 (18:33-22:36) runs on Beijing Shanghai High Speed Railway only takes 4 hours and 3 minutes. Moreover, there is an extra overnight bullet train - D321 (22:21pm-09:09am) available. On the southeastward way to Shanghai, tourists could stop at Jinan (capital of Shandong Province), Nanjing (capital of Jiangsu Province), Suzhou, or extend China discovery to Hangzhou after 1 more hour’s ride.

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Shanghai Tianjin High Speed Train

Fantastic Skyscrapers of the Bound, Shanghai

● Tianjin Harbin High Speed Train

Railway Stations: Tianjin/ Tianjin West - Harbin West

Distance: 1,209 km/751 miles

Duration: 6 hours 13 minutes ~ 6 hours 56 minutes

Tianjin occupies the throat position of passes to Northeast China. Trains from Beijing, Shanghai Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Wuhan and Qingdao will all have stopovers at Tianjin. You could choose trains from about 08:00am to 15:54pm and have a good rest to prepare your winter holiday in Harbin. Traversing Beidaihe, Qinhuangdao, Shenyang and Changhun, you would finally terminate at Harbin West Railway Station after less than 6.5 hours’ train travel. Though there are still over 20 normal speed trains available with lower prices, it’s not recommended for most tourists, because the traditional trains take much longer duration, up to 17 hours. A warm tip for you: wear warm and do enough protections from the frozen cold weather and climate situation when you are going to tour Harbin and other cities in northeast China.

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Tianjin Harbin High Speed Train

Colorful Ice and Snow World in Harbin

● Tianjin Xian High Speed Train

Railway Stations: Tianjin West/ Tianjin - Xian North

Distance: 1,227 km/762 miles

Duration: 6 hours 8 minutes ~ 6 hours 20 minutes

Getting to the Home of Terracotta Warriors - Xian from Tianjin is entirely feasible within half a day by high speed train. Every day, Tianjin dispatches 5 G trains from Tianjin Railway Station, Tianjin West Railway Station to Xian North Railway Station, between 08:00am to 16:00pm. You will travel from north to central China via Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou (Shaolin Temple), Luoyang (Longmen Grottoes) on the fast, comfortable and advanced high speed trains. Don’t worry that you will arrive late in Xian, for latest train G1711 reaches Xian North Station at 22:25pm and the Xian Metro Line 3 (opening at 06:00am ~ 23:50pm) connects the station with Xian Ancient City Wall and downtown area directly. Once finishing tour of Xian, you can take the Xian Chengdu High Speed Railway to encounter the Giant Panda in and around Chengdu, or transfer to Chongqing to experience a Yangtze River Cruise tour along the China Three Gorges.

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Xian Tianjin High Speed Train

Xian Tianjin High Speed Train Map

More High Speed Trains from Tianjin

Except the popular high speed train routes above, Tianjin is also accessible from lots of else cities, including Hangzhou (8 trains for 5.5 hours), Taiyuan (3 trains for about 3.5 hours), Zhengzhou (16 trains for approximately 4 hours), Huangshan (4 trains for 6 hours), Chengdu (3 trains for 11 hours), Chongqing (1 train for 12 hours), Xiamen (1 train for 10 hours), Changsha (4 trains for 8 hours), Wuhan (8 trains for 6~7.5 hours) and to the 1,400 miles away Guangzhou (1 train for about 11 hours), etc.

If you are interested in a China high speed train tour package from or to Tianjin, please select from our recommended Tianjin High Speed Tours, or just contact our travel experts, they will help you tailor make the itinerary and arrange the train ticket and accommodation quickly and professionally.

Major High Speed Train Stations in Tianjin

Tianjin has 7 train stations serving on different high speed rail lines, including Tianjin Railway Station, Tianjin West Railway Station, Tianjin South Railway Station, Binhai Railway Station, Yujiapu Railway Station, Junliangcheng Railway Station, Tanggu Railway Station and 2 railway stations for ordinary trains, Tianjin North Railway Station and Yangliuqing Railway Station. Among all, Tianjin Railway Station and Tianjin West Station are two major stations running the largest number high speed trains to/from Tianjin. Tourists could take Metro Line 2, Line 3 and Line 9 to Tianjin Railway Station. Check more details about Tianjin Transportation Guide

Tianjin Railway Station Location Map Tianjin Railway Stations Location Map
(Click to Enlarge)

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