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Customized your High Speed Train Tour

Welcome to our "Customize your China High Speed Train Tours"! Now, you’re in a fast, convenient, comfortable, relaxing, affordable but different way to reach your China holiday!

To best suit your travel style and schedule, you could DIY your own trips by choosing the ideal rail routes from the following high speed train cities. You just need to select the lines, tell us your specific requirements, send the enquiry to us, and our 1-on-1 travel consultant will take care of the arrangements and every detail for you.

China High Speed Trains

Click the following China high speed train cities, view suggested travel length and hot, classic rail lines (travel time selected within 5 hours) from each city. Select yours and add to your customized high speed train trip list. Once you choose a rail line, you’ll see the most recommended speed train trips according to your wishes or likes. If match your interests, just feel free to add it to your wish list.

Click the Cities and Select your High Speed Train Routes!

Beijing Xian Shanghai Guilin Chengdu Wuhan Chongqing Yichang Luoyang Zhengzhou Xiamen Hangzhou Beijing Xian Shanghai Guilin Chengdu Wuhan Chongqing Yichang Luoyang Zhengzhou Xiamen Hangzhou
Harbin Tianjin Jinan Suzhou Changsha Dujiangyan Fujian Nanjing
Speed Trains from Beijing

Speed Trains from Beijing

Combine 3 days capital Beijing trip with bullet trains to Xian, Shanghai, Tianjin, Luoyang...

  • Beijing – Shanghai
  • Beijing – Xian
  • Beijing – Tianjin
  • Beijing – Luoyang
  • Beijing – Harbin
  • Beijing – Qingdao
  • Beijing – Jinan
  • Beijing – Pingyao
  • Beijing – Zhengzhou
Speed Trains from Xian

Speed Trains from Xian

Combine 2 days ancient Xian trip with G/D trains to Luoyang, Beijing, Zhengzhou etc.

  • Xian – Beijing
  • Xian – Luoyang
  • Xian – Zhengzhou
  • Xian – Wuhan
  • Xian - Taiyuan
Speed Trains from Shanghai

Speed Trains from Shanghai

3 days metropolis Shanghai trip with fast trains to Beijing, Hangzhou, Suzhou etc.

  • Shanghai – Beijing
  • Shanghai – Hangzhou
  • Shanghai – Suzhou
  • Shanghai – Nanjing
  • Shanghai – Wuhan
  • Shanghai – Yichang
Speed Trains from Guilin

Speed Trains from Guilin

Combine 3 days Guilin trip with high speed trains to Wuhan, Guiyang...

  • Guilin – Wuhan
  • Guilin – Changsha
Speed Trains from Chengdu

Speed Trains from Chengdu

Spend 2 days in panda’s hometown with bullet trains to Chongqing, Dujiangyan etc.

  • Chengdu – Chongqing
  • Chengdu – Dujiangyan
  • Chengdu – Mt.Qingchengshan
Speed Trains from Wuhan

Speed Trains from Wuhan

Combine essence of Wuhan with fast trains to/from Yichang, Shanghai, Guilin etc.

  • Wuhan – Yichang
  • Wuhan – Shanghai
  • Wuhan – Guilin
  • Wuhan – Nanjing
  • Wuhan – Xian
  • Wuhan – Beijing
High Speed Trains from Chongqing

Speed Trains from Chongqing

Take fast trains to Chengdu after your upstream Yangtze River cruise

  • Chongqing – Chengdu
High Speed Trains from Yichang

Speed Trains from Yichang

Take fast trains to Wuhan, Shanghai after the fantastic downstream Yangtze cruise

  • Yichang – Wuhan
  • Yichang – Shanghai
  • Yichang – Nanjing
High Speed Trains from Luoyang

Speed Trains from Luoyang

Combine 2 days Luoyang culture trip with fast trains to Xian, Zhengzhou etc.

  • Luoyang - Xian
  • Luoyang – Zhengzhou
  • Luoyang – Beijing
  • Luoyang – Mount Hua
High Speed Trains from Zhengzhou

Speed Trains from Zhengzhou

Visit Shaolin Temple before/after bullet trains to Luoyang, Xian, Beijing, Shanghai...

  • Zhengzhou – Luoyang
  • Zhengzhou - Xian
  • Zhengzhou – Beijing
  • Zhengzhou – Wuhan
  • Zhengzhou – Shanghai
High Speed Trains from Xiamen

Speed Trains from Xiamen

Explore Fujian Hakka Tulous by high speed train after Xiamen leisure trip

  • Xiamen – Fujian Tulou
High Speed Trains from Hangzhou

Speed Trains from Hangzhou

Spend 2 days in Paradise on Earth with speed train to Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing etc.

  • Hangzhou - Shanghai
  • Hangzhou – Suzhou
  • Hangzhou – Nanjing
  • Hangzhou – Wuhan
  • Hangzhou – Beijing

To make things easy, we have top High Speed Train Tours (covered three or more destinations) which is highly correlated with the rail routes you selected. If you like it, just add it to your customized itinerary. If not, please fill out your ideal destinations to travel before or after the high speed train trip.

When you plan to go and what you plan to see? Which seat class (second class seat, first class seat, business class seat) do you prefer? Do you need any vegetarian food or non-English-speaking guide? Please feel free to tell us any detailed requirements about your trip, so that we can help to make YOUR trip.

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