Practical Tips for Expats Travel in China

Travelling in a foreign country is never as convenient as touring your own country. China is no exception. Things can be further difficult in this diverse land. In an effort to help you with a wonderful trip in China, we list some useful Travel Tips & FAQs for Expats in China. Here are the essentials you need to know and do before you go.

Where to Travel in China?

The amazing China offers a lot to the visitors. No matter you are nature lovers, culture fans, hiking aficionados, foodies or photography enthusiasts, you can find somewhere wonderful to go. Looking for some inspirations? Please check China Places to Visit for Expats >>

China Tours in Chengdu China Tours in Chengdu

Always Keep Your Passport & Visa "Alive"

Valid passport and visa are usually the musts for you to travel around China. Therefore, you are always highly suggested to protect them well. If your visa is going to expire, please revitalize it before planning your trip. And during your trip, please always keep them safe. Besides, always carry them with you. It may be a sorry thing when you left them on the plane or so.

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Passport & China Visa Passport & China Visa

Travel with An Experienced Travel Agency

Travelling with the help of a professional travel agency is always the best choice, because you can get rid of the annoying travel restrictions rules and you won't get panic when you encounter an outbreak during your travel. We China Discovery know the first-hand knowledge about Expats Travel in China. And our experienced travel consultants give you One-on-One service from the tour planning to the last minute of your trip. Besides, we always have a Plan B for you if an emergency happens. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us and travel with us NOW!

China Discovery Travel with China Discovery

Book Everything in Advance

For safety reasons, most attractions have a daily limit on the number of people permitted to enter. On your departure day, there may be no room or ticket of the train that perfectly matches your schedule left. Therefore, you are always suggested to book everything in advance. At least one day in advance is advised. If possible, book them one week or even one month in advance.

>> How to Book a Tour at China Discovery?

China Tour Packages China Tour Packages

Be Aware of the Crowds During the Peak Seasons

If you are going to have a China tour during the peak season like the first week of May and October, please be aware of the crowds. First, you are suggested to book everything in advance (at least one week in advance), or you may find no ticket left. Second, try to avoid peak hours to visit some especially popular sites if you hate to take pictures with no scenery but numerous heads. Get up earlier may be a good choice. Alternatively, find some less-crowded wonders. However, it may be not an easy thing. Contact us if you need some suggestions. We always have the first-hand knowledge.

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Daocheng Yading Nature Reserve Trekking Daocheng Yading Nature Reserve Trekking

Embrace the Local Culture

China has diverse cultures. The traditions and customs vary from city to city and even village to village. Please always show your respect to their cultures and religious. For instance, don't take offensive pictures of the monks and interiors of monasteries until you get a promise.

Recommended China Expats Tours

Top 3 China Expats city tours chosen by most customers to explore China Expats in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary,or tailor your own trip now with us.

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