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Recommended Longer Tours to Explore Chengdu and Nearby

It is suggested to stay at least 2 full days in Chengdu so that you can get a deeper insight into the essence of the panda city which is not only from the pandas, but also from local delicacy, unique culture, cityscape, etc. Spending more days in the area to travel to World Heritage Sits, such as Mount Emei and Dujiangyan, is also very worthwhile. Chengdu is also the gateway to Jiuzhaigou National Park. China Discovery is specialized in tailor-making all kinds of Chengdu Sichuan tours. Please contact us if you haven't found a suitable tour package.

Panorama of Leshan Giant Buddha
2 Days Best Chengdu Leshan Giant Buddha Tour

Chengdu / Leshan Giant Buddha / Chengdu

This 2 days tour with unique itinerary will take you to enjoy an in-depth exploration of Leshan Giant Buddha as well as the best of Chengdu. You will have a full day to discover the mystery of Leshan Giant Buddha and appreciate his magnitude from different angles – close sight, panoramic view and distant view and in two different ways – hiking and boating. Subsequently, drive back to Chengdu and immerse yourself in the relaxing & pleasurable time of Chengdu – to stay with the most attractive Giant Pandas and experience the slow-pace life in Chengdu’s popular sites, like People's Park, Wenshu Temple and Jinli Old Street. A lot of fun is ready for you.

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Experience Chengdu local living style in People's Park
2 Days Leisure Chengdu Private Tour with Panda Visit

Chengdu: Jinli Street, Giant Panda Base, Wenshu Temple

See the Chengdu’s treasure Giant Panda is the number one task of your Chengdu tour, which usually only needs a morning to finish. How to make fully use of your rest time in Chengdu? Don’t worry, there are many things to see and to do. Chengdu is not only the city of panda, but also known for its laid-back living style. This tour will help you accomplish your panda dream, also take you to dig beneath the modern surface of Chengdu to reach the best part of the city’s history and culture, with the most highlighting sights covered in a leisure trip. It is the best trip for the first-timers.

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Sichuan Cuisine Museum
2 Days Best Chengdu Food Tour with City Sightseeing

Chengdu / Sichuan Cuisine Museum / Chengdu

Chengdu is not only the hometown of Giant Pandas, but also the UNESCO City of Gastronomy. This 2 days tour specially designed for you to enjoy the best food experience in Chengdu while without missing the best tourist attractions in the city, such as Panda Base, Jinli Street, Wenshu Temple, etc. It is a rare chance to see, enjoy and experience authentic Sichuan cuisine. You not only watch with your eyes, but also listen with your ears, smell with your noses and taste with your mouths, and of course, cook with your hands, as you will be taken to Sichuan Cuisine Museum to learn to cook some authentic Sichuan cuisine dishes.

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Look up at Leshan Giant Buddha from its foot stage
4 Days Classic Leshan Buddha & Mount Emei Tour from Chengdu

Chengdu / Leshan / Mt. Emei / Chengdu

A great tour of a visual feast to explore two magnificent World Heritage Sites around Chengdu - Leshan Giant Buddha and Mount Emei in a leisure way, also visit the adorable Giant Pandas in Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and get other Chengdu highlights. Airport (train station) pick up and drop off, English-speaking guide, private cars are covered.

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The multi-faced golden statue (48m) of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva at Golden Summit
7 Days Sichuan Discovery Tour

Chengdu / Leshan / Emei / Chengdu / Jiuzhaigou

This is the best tour of Sichuan's BESTS, strongly recommended for the first-timers, best deal for normal travelers, families with kids, seniors and couples. Stunning scenery, treasured culture, turbulent history - the land of Sichuan has the perfect set of ingredients such as Giant Pandas, gastronomy city, Jiuzhaigou splendors, Leshan Giant Buddha & Mount Emei, and this Sichuan Discovery tour is the recipe that brings them all together with more than a dash of comfort. At the same time, it is a trip of heritage. There are 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites awaiting your exploring - Jiuzhaigou Valley, Huanglong Valley, Leshan Giant Buddha and Mount Emei, which bring you cultural comfort, natural visual feast and experience of diversity.

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Five-flower Lake in Rize Valley
5 Days Chengdu Jiuzhaigou Comfortable Tour

Chengdu / Huanglong / Jiuzhaigou

If you're always keen on exploring the heavenly beauty and digging fantastic culture, this is the best trip for you. Explore the two most popular tourist destinations in Sichuan - Chengdu and Jiuzhaigou on this air-land combo tour. Start in Chengdu, where you will encounter with the Giant Panda families closely, enjoy a cup of green tea in a local park and hunt for Sichuan snacks at Jinlin Old Street. Then escape to the flight trip to Jiuzhaigou where you will explore Jiuzhaigou Valley and Huanglong Valley. They are two neighbors of World Heritage Sites. After Jiuzhaigou trip, you can either fly back to Chengdu or fly to other travel destinations instead, such as Beijing, Xian, etc.

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