Beijing Weather September & Useful Tips for Travelling Beijing in September

Autumn is the best season to visit Beijing, while September is the best month. For it has already cooled a lot and the daytime is much longer than the coming winter days. Native tourists become less for the summer break has ended; the intense rainy season is over, and the weather is milder. It's a good time to travel to the Forbidden City to appreciate the most colorful royal buildings, to enjoy the red leaves in Fragrant Hill, to explore and hike on the different sections of the Great Wall.

Temperature in Beijing in September

The temperature of Beijing in September is pleasant, cool and dry. It's already very cool in the morning and evening, after the hot summer days. The average temperature is about 20°C / 68°F, 26°C / 79°F during the day and 15°C / 59°F at night. There are far fewer rainy days, only 1 day in 2018. You don't have to worry about the hot sunray or the unexpected rainstorm.>>Beijing Weekly Weather Forecast

Beijing Weather in September

Beijing Highest & Lowest Temperature in September Day by Day (Updated in 2018, Click to Enlarge)

Beijing AQI in September - Best AQI Month

The AQI in Beijing during autumn is the best among all the seasons. According to the statistics in 2018, September is the best month with the lowest AQI (26) in Beijing. The highest is 130, and the average AQI is 56. There is not one single day unhealthy during the whole month, and most of the days are good and moderate. Only 3 days affect sensitive people. It is quite nice to do outdoor activities and enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery of Beijing.>>Know More About Beijing AQI

Beijing Weather in September

Beijing AQI in September Day by Day (Updated in 2018, Click to Enlarge)

What to Wear & Pack in Beijing in September

From the beginning of September, the temperature gradually cools down. Although sometimes it is still hot at noon. If you come in late September, bring some thick sweaters and jackets and check the weather forecast at least one week in advance.

Clothes: cardigan, short-sleeved or long-sleeve shirt, thin long-sleeve shirt, thin one-piece, long skirt,Airy shirt, thin pants, shorts, jeans, sweaters, jackets

Accessories & shoes: sneakers, flats, sunscreen, umbrella, handkerchiefs or small towel.

Beijing Weather in September Our Customers from USA Visiting Mutianyu Great Wall in September, 2019

Things to Do & Places to Visit in Beijing in September

September is a month you can encounter the richest colors in Beijing. From the mid-September, the forest begins to turn orange and red and a lot of fruits get ripe and juicy.

If you would like to stay in the city, the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven are the two recommended places where is stunning all year around. You can even bring a kite with you to experience the traditional recreation of the Chinese royal family did over thousands of years ago.

A few tens of miles away, the sweet-scented osmanthus is blooming in the Summer Palace where the fragrant smell accompanies the boating visitors upon the rippling lake. Going further, you can get to the outskirts of Beijing, to appreciate the fall foliage in Fragrant Hill Park and Jinshan Park, to pick the autumn fruit in the local family with your beloved ones.

Besides these activities, what you should not miss in September in Beijing is to hike on the Great Wall! Walking along the “flaming natural gallery” where the Great Wall lies atop, passing through the stunning maple tree vegetation by S2 train, taking a nice shoot of the rosy Great Wall at sunset or sunrise, you can experience tons of cool activities in September as long as you can image.

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Beijing Weather in September Forbidden City in September, Photo by Our Customer
Beijing Weather in September Our Customer from Philippines Visiting Mutianyu Great Wall in September, 2019

Insider Tips for Travelling Beijing in September

1. The Mid-Autumn Festival (the 15th day of the 8th month in Chinese lunar calendar) always comes during the late September and mid-autumn festival will bring some fun activities, such as making mooncakes, enjoying the full moon, special temple fairs and lantern shows, but also a large group of travellers will leave for/from Beijing and you may expect a price rise in accommodation and meals, and choose to visit famous attractions on a weekday.

2. Check the weather forecast in advance, and bring both short shirts and warm clothes as the temperature goes up at noon and drops down a lot at night.

3. Beijing is now available for the 144-Hour Visa-Free for Transit policy. With valid international travel documents and connecting flight tickets to a third country, you can stay in Beijing for 6 days without a visa.

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Beijing Weather in September Our Customers from USA Visiting Forbidden City in Autumn, 2019

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