Beijing Weather November & Useful Tips for Travelling Beijing in November

It is still warm in the early days, but soon turns cold from the late November. However, it's not the coldest time yet. For the southern travellers, the temperature is basically the lowest for most of them. If the old and children need to go outdoor, they'd better wear more clothes. In addition, the atmospheric convection in Beijing slows down obviously in winter, so the haze days and cloudy days will increase. Since it is off-season after November 15th, the hotel rate in Beijing gradually goes down as it gets colder. If you want to visit Beijing, you'd better come to Beijing before November 15 for the weather is still slightly warmer and the air quality will be better before heating system starts.

Temperature in Beijing in November

The temperature of Beijing in November is cold and dry since it starts to step into winter, and the temperature difference varies a lot between day and night. The average temperature is about 5°C / 41°F, 10°C / 50°F during the day and 0°C / 32°F at night. There are far fewer rainy days, only 1 day in total in 2018, so it is even drier than October. Sometimes the sandstorm may occur during the windy days due to the dry weather. Make sure a mask is included in your packing list to Beijing.>>Beijing Weekly Weather Forecast

Beijing Weather in November

Beijing Highest & Lowest Temperature in November 2018 Day by Day (Click to Enlarge)

Beijing AQI in November

The AQI in Beijing is affected by the standstorm to the north and the coal burning for heating during November. The average AQI is 77, ranging from 30 to 201, according to the statistics in 2017. Four fifths of the month can be counted as good and healthy days. There are only 6 abnormal days affected by the sandstorm to the north of Beijing. Since the AQI is changing from year to year, the historical data is just for your reference.>>Know More About Beijing AQI

Beijing Weather in November

Beijing AQI in November 2017 Day by Day (Click to Enlarge)

What to Wear & Pack in Beijing in November

After the mid-November, the temperature is gradually proaching the freezing point. If you come in late November, bring some thick clothes and check the weather forecast at least one week in advance.

Clothes: Thick cardigan, shirt, knitted shirt, sweater, jeans, windbreaker, coat, thick jacket, down jacket.

Accessories & shoes: Boots, sneakers, flats, muffler, stole, hat, gloves

Beijing Weather in November Our Customers from Visiting Beijing Great Wall in November, 2016

Things to Do & Places to Visit in Beijing in November

If you come in the early November, the red autumn leaves have not faded away and winter starts to unfold its snowy beauty in Beijing.

Hiking on the Great Wall, strolling around the Forbidden city and the Fragrant Hill Park, you can take a look at the last flaming marks the autumn has left. Besides the outdoor activities, if you come with the children and the elderly, you can also try to explore the Beijing Hutongs and have a bite of the dumplings from the local family. If you love art, there are whole a lot of museums around Beijing City, such as the National Museum of China , The Chinese Art Museum and the National Centre for the Performing Arts. Among them, there are numerous works on Beijing folk customs, which fully reflect the traditional Beijing culture. If you would like learn more about the local culture, it is very worth visiting from Tuesday to Sunday (most of the museums will be closed on Monday).

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Insider Tips for Travelling Beijing in November

1. Check the weather forecast in advance. Beijing is very dry in November, so it is necessary to bring moisturizing cream, mask and lip balm. If you travel at night, it is windy and temperature is always below zero, wear a thick coat, scarf and hat to keep warm.

2. Beijing is now available for the 144-Hour Visa-Free for Transit policy. With valid international travel documents and connecting flight tickets to a third country, you can stay in Beijing for 6 days without a visa.

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