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Beijing Weather December & Useful Tips for Travelling Beijing in December

It's cold and snowy in Beijing in December. Comparing with the temperature in November, it's more chilly and drier. However, the coldness also brings a lot of fun and beautiful snowscape. It is the second best time to visit beijing. It is dry, snow-covered, less busy and economical. You will meet fewer crowds in the scenic areas and the hotel rate and restaurant prices both go down during the off season. Visiting Beijing in December, you can encounter the stunning side of the snowy Great Wall and trace the solemnity of the sacred Temple of Heaven and feel the royal atomosphere of the Forbidden City.

Temperature in Beijing in December

The temperature of Beijing in December is freezing and dry. The indoor heating system is provided in almost every household. The average temperature is approximately -2°C / 28°F, 4°C / 39°F during daytime and -6°C / 21°F at night. It barely rains in winter. Even it rains, the rainfall becomes like snow and ice immediately due to the low temperature. From the beginning to the end of the month, the temperature in Beijing keeps going down with ups and downs and reaches the lowest point around Christmas. Bring some warm clothes if you are coming in December.>>Beijing Weekly Weather Forecast

Beijing Weather in December

Beijing Highest & Lowest Temperature in December 2018 Day by Day (Click to Enlarge)

Beijing AQI in December

The AQI in Beijing in December is below 100 in most of the days during December. The average AQI in Beijing in December is 75, and the lowest is only 33 and the most of the days are good and moderate with only few abnormal unhealthy days in the early December, according to the statistics in 2018. It is quite nice to do outdoor activities and enjoy the beautiful winter scenery of Beijing in December. However, since the temperature is cold outside, you are not encouraged to stay outdoor for a long time.>>Know More About Beijing AQI

Beijing Weather in December

Beijing AQI in December 2018 Day by Day (Click to Enlarge)

What to Wear & Pack in Beijing in December

It is very cold in Beijing in December. The temperature drops a lot during the night, but the heating is provided in almost every household since November. Check the weather forecast at least one week in advance and pack suitable items.

Clothes: Thick sweater, heattech clothing, long pants, wool coat, down jacket, winter coat

Accessories & shoes: Boots, sneakers, muffler, hat, gloves, warm tights, mask, sunglasses

Forbidden City Snowscape Forbidden City Snowscape

Things to Do & Places to Visit in Beijing in December

The Forbidden City, Great Wall are the top two scenic sites that can be visited all year around. Especially during the winter, you can find the most beautiful snowscape in the Forbidden City. White snow and golden glazed tiles in the backdrop of the red walls make you feel like you are walking in the oil paintings with bright colors and royal atmosphere. Getting to the outskirts of Beijing, you will be stunned by the magnificent views of the Great Wall covered under snow, like a dragon lying atop the mountains. Hiking along it, you will be amazed how wise and diligent the ancient is.

Besides hiking and roaming around, you can also go to Shichahai (什刹海) where the local Beijingers gather and enjoy the ice skating. As the host of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, Beijing has a lot world-class ski resorts. There are multiple ones for you to try, such as Nanshan ski resort (南山滑雪场), Huaibei ski resort (怀北滑雪场) and Shijinglong ski resort (石京龙滑雪场).

If the cold weather holds you back, hanging out with your friends and family at different museums and hutongs in Beijing is also an awesome way to relax yourself in the chilly December. National Museum of China and the Chinese Art Museum are the representative ones.

After the feasting to your eyes, Beijing Hotpot and Peking Duck are what you can not miss in winter!

Since Harbin, "the ice city of China" is to the north of Beijing, you are also recommended to go there to enjoy the marvellous winter scenery and ice festivals, if you have more time.

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Beijing Weather in December Temple of Heaven in December
Beijing Weather in December Turret of Palace Museum in Winter

Insider Tips for Travelling Beijing in December

1. For outdoor activities in Beijing during winter, please keep warm and wear thick clothes such as down jackets, sweaters, gloves, etc. It's better to wear anti-skid shoes or sneakers if you would like to go hiking. You are suggested to wear sunglasses to protect the eyes from snow blindness and do the warm-up exercise if you are going to ski.

2. There might be a lot of people during Christmas and the end of year in the shopping malls and scenic areas in Beijing. If you would like to come during this time, please book your ticket and hotel weeks in advance.

3. Beijing is now available for the 144-Hour Visa-Free for Transit policy. With valid international travel documents and connecting flight tickets to a third country, you can stay in Beijing for 6 days without a visa.

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Beijing Weather in December Winter Scenery in Beijing

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