Badaling Great Wall Maps 2023: Location, Transportation, Tourist & Cableway

As the earliest developed and the most famous great wall in both China and abroad, Badaling Great Wall is the outstanding representative of the Great Wall and the quintessence of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall. It is restored and popular, easily accessible and barrier-free. Avoid going there on weekends and Chinese Holidays. After your reaching there, you will be amazed at the zigzag ancient walls, the splendid cultural heritage.

To help you plan your Badaling Great Wall Trip, the following maps, including Badaling Location Map, Badaling Transportation Map, Badaling Tourist Map and Badaling Cableway Map, etc. are provided for your reference.

Badaling Great Wall Location Maps

Situated in the northwest suburban area of Beijing, Badaling,Yanqing District (北京市延庆区八达岭), it is about 15 km from Juyongguan Great Wall; 44 km from Ding Tomb; 67 km from Bird Net; 60km from Summer Palace; 75km from Mutianyu Great Wall; 77 km from Tiananmen Square; 79km from the Temple of Heaven.

Badaling Great Wall Transportation Map

There are usually 3 ways to get to Badaling Great Wall from Beijing downtown.

By car (Option 1) - fast & comfortable, about 2 hours

Many taxi drivers are not willing to take you to Badaling, or they will charge your a higher price for a round-trip, since it is too far. If you want to save the transportation troubles, you can choose the private car service provided by China Discovery. We will pick you up from your hotel and send you to the great wall safely with comfortable vehicles, skilled drivers, and professional guides.>Contact us now

By train (Option 3) - cheapest, 2.5 hours

From Beijing downtown to Badaling, the most economical and fastest way is to take a S2 train. It departs at Huangtudian Station (黄土店站) and takes only about 50 minutes to 1.5 hours to get to Badaling Railway Station. Since the S2 Train is sightseeing train, it can not be booked online. The serving time is from 6am to 9pm during the peak-season and 7am to 22pm in off-season.

By bus (Option 2 & 4) - 2.5 hours

There are two bus choices. The first one: Badaling Tourist Bus. You can get on the bus after the flag-raising ceremony of Tiananmen Square at Qianmen Tourist Station (北京旅游集散中心前门站) and get off Badaling Parking Lot. The direct tourist bus from downtown Beijing to Badaling departs in every 30min from 9am to 5pm during the peak season. Besides the tourist bus, you can choose to take bus 877 from Deshengmen Station (德胜门) and arrives at Badaling Great Wall at the last stop.

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Badaling Great Wall Tourist Map

Badaling Great Wall fully embodies the strategic role of military defense. After several times of restoration, more than 3,741 meters' walls are now available for tourists, including 16 towers and one fortress. Neighboring the Badaling forest park, the great wall is divided into two sections by the ticket office, namely the south section and the north section. There are parking lots and bus stops at both of the two sections. Badaling Railway Station, a memorial and hotels are in the northern area.

Badaling Great Wall Cableway Map

There are two cableways at Badaling Scenic area, namely the south cableway and the north cableway. If you get to Badaling by train, you are recommended to take tha south cableway to South Tower 4 or 5, otherwise you will need to walk around 20 min to the North Cableway to the North Tower 7 or 8.

How to Plan a Great Wall Hiking Tour

Badaling Great Wall is very popular among both domestic and foreign travelers. One day is enough to fully explore Badaling Great Wall. It is recommended to start your trip early to avoid the traffic jam and crowds.

Besides Badaling Great Wall, there are many other great walls offering you the same marvellous views, including Jiankou Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall, Huanghuacheng Great Wall and Simatai Great Wall. Exploring the neighboring Junyongguan Great Wall, trekking on steep mountain ridge of Jiankou Great and the near section of the better preserved Mutianyu Great Wall, admiring the lakeside Huanghuacheng Great Wall, you can encounter different sparking sides of each section and commemorate the man-made wonder of the ancient Chinese people. China Discovery offers you tailor-made tour service, and you can fully experience all the famous great walls in 2 days. If you have more time, it's also recommended to explore other attractions in Beijing, such as the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven, and More!

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