Mutianyu Great Wall Cable Car 2024

With a long history and splendid natural landscape, Mutianyu Great Wall is the essence of the Great Wall of Ming dynasty attracting lots of foreign travelers. It is available to have a hiking journey to travel the whole Mutianyu Great Wall or take a cable car to the hillside. If you are not a serious hiker, taking a cable car up or down is a great way to save your time and energy. For those travelers with seniors or kids, taking a car is also top recommended. There are two cable car routes from the entrances of Mutianyu Great Wall to the hillside Great Wall, and the cable cars operating in the two routes are totally different – one covered cable car and one chairlift cable car.

Mutianyu Great Wall Map Map of Mutianyu Great Wall Cable Cars (Click to Enlarge)

Enclosed Cable Car to Mutianyu Great Wall

Route: North Check Ticket Entrance to No.14 Watch Tower

Cableway Length: 723 meters, about 5 minutes

Operating Hours: 08:00 ~ 18:00 in summer and 08:30~ 16:40 in winter

Maximum Capacity: 6 people

One-way Tickets: 100RMB for adults and 50RMB for children (shorter than 1.4m)

Round-way Tickets: 120RMB for adults and 60RMB for children (shorter than 1.4m)

Mutianyu Great Wall Cable Car Our Customers Taking Mutianyu Great Wall Cable Car

Known as "the No.1 Cable Way of the Great Wall of China", the Mutianyu Great Wall cable way integrates safety, comfort and efficiency together. It is equipped with 58 enclosed cable cars which open and close automatically. Even the disabled are able to get on and off the cars easily and safely at the station. Compared with the chairlifts, the enclosed cable cars are more suitable for a family travel with little kids and the seniors because it runs more stably and passengers will feel at ease. From the sightseeing window, you can easily admire the beautiful landscape around Mutianyu Great Wall. When you get off the cable car, you still have some steps to climb to get up on to the wall itself.

How to Get to Lower Cable Car Station?

If you take the Mutianyu shuttle bus or travel with us, you will reach Mutianyu Great Wall Parking Lot. After you get off your bus or car, walk about 100 meters and get to the North Entrance. Then, turn left you will find the cable car station. The whole waking from the park to the station takes only about 5 minutes. Learn more about How to Get to Mutianyu Great Wall>

Travel Ideas after Getting to Great Wall by Covered Cable Car

The enclosed cable cars will take you up to the No. 14 watchtower. Facing the great wall, you can walk toward east (to No.1 watchtower) or west (to No.23 watchtower). It’s more downhill on the wall to No.1 watchtower, so the hiking will be quite easier. The scenery between No.14 and No. 6 watchtowers are quite charming. Some travelers will walk from No.14 watchtower to No.6 watchtower and then take a chairlift or gondola down to the great wall. If you want a more exciting and physically demanding experience, hike from No.14 watchtower to No.20 watchtower. The wall from No.18 watchtower to No. 20 is called "Real Man Great Wall" because it’s very steep and you need climb with both arms and legs to get up there. After this wonderful journey, you need to go back to No.14 watchtower to take the cable car or continue hiking to the beyond great wall areas.

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Chairlift Cable Car to Mutianyu Great Wall

Route: South Check Ticket Entrance to No.6 Watch Tower

Maximum Capacity: 2 people

Duration: about 5 minutes

Operating Hours: 08:30 ~ 16:30

One-way Tickets: 100RMB for adults and 50RMB for children (shorter than 1.4m)

Round-way Tickets: 120RMB for adults and 60RMB for children (shorter than 1.4m)

Apart from the enclosed cable car, chairlift is also a great way to take up to Mutianyu Great Wall. It is a proper ski type chairlift without locking mechanism, so fabulous views will be given to you undoubtedly. However, your feet just press down on the air and it looks extremely dangerous. So it’s not recommended to take a chairlift cable car for kids. Some bold travelers choose a chairlift up to the great wall and more exciting toboggan down.

How to Get to the Lower Chairlift Cable Car?

The lower chairlift station is just located near the south entrance. Within 5 minutes’ walking, you can get to the station from the park lot. Learn more about How to Get to Mutianyu Great Wall>

Travel Ideas after Getting to Great Wall by Chairlift Cable Car

After getting to No.6 watchtower, you also get two choice – turning west to higher great wall or the turning east to the lower area. Usually, travelers turn right (west) to No.20 Watchtower for better sightseeing. You can hike as long as your body condition allows. Usually it takes more than 2 hours to climb from No.6 Watchtower to No.20 Watchtower.

Tips for Taking Cable Car on Mutianyu Great Wall

1. The enclosed cable cars and the chairlift are operated by two different companies. As the result, if you want to choose one way to go up and the other way to go down, you need to buy two one-way tickets which cost 200RMB totally. The chairlift cable car and the speed slide (toboggan) are operated by the same company, so it is available to take a chairlift to the great wall and take toboggan down to the bottom with a round-way ticket which cost just 120RMB.

2. In the bad weather with strong wind, rain or snow, the chairlift cable car will be temporarily closed.

3. There are only three toilets built on Mutianyu Great Wall, one located near the No.14 watchtower, one located near No.6 watchtower and another located near No.4 watchtower. In the cold winter, the toilets might be closed due to frozen water pipe.

4. Although Mutianyu Great Wall is less crowded than some other popular great walls (like Badaling Great Wall), there are still many travelers in some Chinese Holidays, including May Day, National Day, Qingming Festival, etc. You may need to queue for 1~3 hours for the cable car.

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