How to Get to Mutianyu Great Wall: By Train, Bus and Taxi 2023

Mutianyu Great Wall (慕田峪长城), stretching for over 5400m long, is regarded as the "essence of the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty". It's located in the north suburban of Beijing, Huairou District, 75km away from the city center (2h by car). This great wall, linking Gubeikou (古北口) in the east and Juyongguan (居庸关) in the west, was served as the vital strategic military point from the ancient time. Moreover, Mutianyu section is the "longest great wall in China" so far and since protection work is well done here, tourists can now see its original appearance and enjoy the real ancient culture of the great wall. Also, the spectacular natural scenery in Mutianyu Great Wall always impresses visitors here for its abundant vegetation.

Location: Bohai Town, Huairou District, Beijing, China北京市怀柔区渤海镇慕田峪村

Travel with China Discovery -Recommended

It's not very recommended to take public transportation to Mutianyu Great Wall. Since there is no direct train from Beijing to Mutianyu Great Wall, you may encounter troublesome traffic jam or language barriers along your way to the suburban Beijing. China Discovery offers private car service for every customer visiting Beijing. Our skilled driver and experienced guide will pick you up wherever you are in Beijing including the airport, train stations, and busy scenic areas, etc. It's time-saving and much more safe and you will be escorted all the way to Mutianyu Great Wall with comfortable travelling experience and professional travelling guidance.>Contact Us Now

Mutianyu Location Map Mutianyu Location Map
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Mutianyu Transportation Map Mutianyu Transportation Map
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Bus to Mutianyu Great Wall

Taking a shuttle bus from Beijing Qianmen Tourist Center (北京前门旅游集散中心) can be the most commonly used travelling way for tourists visiting Beijing. The total price for one shuttle bus ticket is 100 RMB per person, including the entrance fee in Mutianyu Scenic Area. It will not stop on the way there, taking you directly to Mutianyu. Besides the shuttle bus, the normal city buses, bus 916 and bus 867 also serve passengers to Mutianyu area, which takes longer time and needs to transfer at Huairou District.

Mutianyu Shuttle Bus-Recommended

● Start: Beijing Tourist Distribution Center 北京旅游集散中心(前门中心店)

● Location: Near Metro Line2 Qianmen Stop Exit C 前门正阳门箭楼西南角(近地铁2号线C口出)

● End: Mutianyu Great Wall Parking Lot 1

● Bus fee: RMB 100 (including the entrance fee)

● Opening Time: 9:00am-15:30pm

● Note: Along you way from the bus station at Qianmen to Mutianyu Great Wall Scenic Area, the bus will stop several times and Mutianyu will be the last stop. Please be aware of the surroundings and do not get off at wrong stops.

Beijing Bus 916 Beijing Bus 916

Bus 916 to Mutianyu

Bus 916 is the most common bus taken by tourists to the Mutianyu Great Wall from downtown Beijing. It can not take you directly to the scenic area. You are recommended to get on the bus at Dongzhimen Wai Bus Station (东直门外站). Please note there are normal bus 916 and 916快 (it means bus 916 express), and the later one runs on the highway to Mutianyu and it is much faster than the normal bus 916. After getting on the bus 916 or 916 express, you will pass over 10 stops and finally get off at Huairou North Rd (Pinyin: Huairou Beidajie 怀柔北大街), then you need walk across the street and go straight for about 500 meters to find Huairou North Rd Stop on the other side of the road where you can take Bus h23/36/50/24/35 to Mutianyu Roundabout (Pinyin: Mutianyu Huandao 慕田峪环岛). It is the nearest stop to the scenic area within only 200 meters.

Mutianyu Roundabout Mutianyu Roundabout

Bus 867 to Mutianyu

Bus 867 is a nonstop bus from Dongzhimen Wai Bus Station (东直门外站) to Mutianyu, departing from 7am with 2.5 hours' duration. The bus from Mutianyu to Dongzhimen Wai Bus Station (东直门外站) departs from 2pm and the last one will leave by 5pm. The bus fee for one-way trip is about 16 RMB. Though Bus 867 is quite convenient, it only opens during the peak season (April to the mid-November).

Dongzhimen Wai Bus Station (东直门外站)

Dongzhimen Wai Bus Station is located to the Metro Line 2 Dongzhimen Stop, Exit B and you need walk around 5 to 10 mins to get to the corner of Xiang He Yuan S Street (香河园南街) and Dongzhimen Wai Xie Jie (东直门外斜街), and Bus stop is outdoor there.

Train to Mutianyu Great Wall

Since there is no direct train from downtown Beijing to Mutianyu, passengers can get on the train at Beijing Railway Station and get off at Huairou Station. From Huairou Railway Station, you can always grab a cab or take a bus to Mutianyu Great Wall Scenic Area. The duration of the train is about 1 hour.

Beijing Huairou Train Schedules

Dep. ~ Arr. Railway Station

Train No

Scheduled Dep. ~ Arr. Time Duration

Hard/Soft Seat

Hard Sleeper




1h 7min

About ¥12.5

About ¥58.5

Beijing EastHuairou



1h 2min




2h 35min

HuairouBeijing East



1h 2min

HuairouBeijing East



1h 2min




1h 2min

Where to take a train

Beijing Railway Station 北京站 Pinyin: Beijing Zhan

● Address: 13 Hutong Jia, Maojiawan, Dongcheng District, Beijing 北京市东城区毛家湾胡同甲13号

Beijing East Railway Station 北京东站 Pinyin: Beijing Dong Zhan

● Address: 7 Baiziwan Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing 北京市朝阳区百子湾路7号

Huairou Railway Station 怀柔 Pinyin: Huairou Zhan

● Address: 1 Fuqian East Rd, Huairou District, Beijing 北京市怀柔区府前东街1号

Huairou Railway Station to Mutianyu Great Wall

It's about 19km from Huairou Railway Station to Mutianyu (30min by car), and you can take a taxi there and it costs about 50 RMB. Since there is no direct bus from Huairou Railway Station to Mutianyu. You can take bus 916 first and then transfer at Huairou North Rd Stop (Pinyin: Huairou Beidajie 怀柔北大街) and take bus H35/H23/H07 and stop at Mutianyu Roundabout stop (Pinyin: Mutianyu Huandao 慕田峪环岛).

Taxi to Mutianyu Great Wall

The taxi fee from Beijing Capital Airport to Mutianyu is about 200 RMB. If you leave from downtown Beijing, the price will be significantly higher for the longer distance. However, most taxi divers are not willing to take you there for only a one-way trip (75km, 2h), and you may need to negotiate with the driver for a round-trip and the price is expensive, around 650 RMB.

Huairou Railway Station Huairou Railway Station
Beijing Railway Station Beijing Railway Station

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Jiankou to Mutianyu

Mutianyu Great Wall is one of the representative great wall sections in Beijing. It's tourist friendly with cable car/ tabbogan available and the scenery there is spectacular and beautiful, while Jiankou is a section of wild, primitive unrestored walls which are partially ruined by the coming visitor. Even the two sections are next to each other within only 10 km (6 mi)it's not recommended to hike independently from Jiankou to Mutianyu for the safety reasons.

To connect the both of the great walls, China Discovery offers professional travel guidance from Jiankou to Mutianyu. The duration to take a hike is around 4 hours and you will stroll over multiple watchtowers and trek ups and downs along the mountain ridges. >>Contact us now

Besides hiking from Jiankou to Mutianyu, you can also take a bus/private car to get to Mutianyu from Jiankou.

>>How to Get to Mutianyu from Jiankou | Jiankou to Mutianyu Hike

How to Plan a Great Wall Hiking Tour

Besides Mutianyu Great Wall, there are many other great walls offering you the same marvellous views, including Jinshanling Great Wall, Badaling Great Wall and Simatai Great Wall. You can hike and explore either the wild or the well-preserved sections of Great Walls and commemorate the man-made wonder of the ancient Chinese people. China Discovery offers you tailor-made tour service, and you can fully experience all the famous great walls in 2 days. If you have more time, it's also recommended to explore other attractions in Beijing, such as the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven, and More!

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Mutianyu - Watchtower Densely Placed Watchtowers in Mutianyu Great Wall

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