How to Get to Jinshanling Great Wall | Simatai to Jinshanling 2023

Known as the essence of the Great Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall connects Simatai Great Wall to the East and Gubeikou Great Wall to the west, and it is adjacent to Miyun District, Beijing, in the north. It is the representative section, located at the intersection of Beijing, Tianjin, Liaoning and inner Mongolia.

Jinshanling Great Wall starts at Longyukou in the West and ends at Jinglou in the east. The whole section is around 10.5km. The shortest distance between two watchtowers is less than 60m, and the longest distance is less than 200m. The density of the tower building should be the highest among all the Great Walls. There are fewer tourists, less steep hiking area, and the same magnificent views.

To get to Jinshanling from Beijing, you can only take a tourist bus there during the peak season, or get there by city bus or train, but both of them are not recommended, for it is really troublesome to transfer by bus and the train takes 5 hours which is two times of the duration by car.

Location: Hualougou, Bakeshiyin Town, Luanping County, Heibei 河北省承德滦平县巴克什营镇花楼沟村

Distance: about 154km to Beijing downtown, 91km to Chengde City.

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Jinshanling Location Map Jinshanling Location Map
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Jinshanling Transportation Map Jinshanling Transportation Map
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Travel to Jinshanling Great Wall with China Discovery - Recommended

It's not very recommended to take public transportation to Jinshanling Great Wall. Since you may encounter troublesome traffic jam or language barriers along your way to the suburban Beijing. China Discovery offers private car service for every customer visiting Beijing. Our skilled driver and experienced guide will pick you up wherever you are in Beijing including the airport, train stations, and busy scenic areas, etc. It's time-saving and much more safe and you will be escorted all the way to Jinshanling Great Wall with comfortable travelling experience and professional travelling guidance.>Contact Us Now

Tourist Bus to Jinshanling - Recommended

There is direct tourist bus departing from Beijing at 7:40 am at Dongzhimen Wai Bus Station from mid-March to mid-November, and it will bring you back from the place you get off at Jinshanling and leaves there by 16:00pm. The ticket fare is around 120 RMB for a round trip, including the entrance fee and cableway fee. Taking a tourist bus, you don't need to transfer, and it is quite convenient during the peak season.

● Depart From: Dongzhimen Wai Bus Station (915, 924 bus station) 东直门外汽车站

● Location:45 Dongzhimen Xie Rd, Beijing 北京东直门外斜街45号 (915, 924 bus station)

● How to get there: Take Metro Line 2/Line 13 and get off at Exit B, then go straight to the east and walk for about 200 meters and you will see Dongzhimen Outer Street (Pinyin: Dongzhimen Wai Xie Jie, 东直门外斜街). Walk along the street for about 400 meters and you will notice the sign, "金山岭长城" where you can purchase the tickets and get on the bus.

Bus to Jinshanling Via Gubeikou

Since the tourist bus only serves from mid-March to mid-November, you can also take a city bus 980 from Beijing to Miyun Shaonian Gong Station (密云少年宫站) and the duration will be approximately 1 hour. When you get off the bus and turn right when you see the traffic light, you may need to walk for 200m and stop at the China Mobile Building (中国移动大厦). The bus station to Gubeikou (古北口) is right in front of the building, and you can take bus 25 to Gubeikou Station.

Guibeikou to Jinshanling

Though Guibeikou is only 16km away from Jinshanling (25min by car), there is no bus to Jinshanling Scenic Area, and the only way to get there is chartering a private bus or negotiate with the local drivers and ask them to take you there and pick you back to the city. Since you don’t really know if they are licensed divers, it is not recommended to do that, especially by yourself.

Simatai to Jinshanling

Simatai Great Wall and Jinshanling Great Wall are two connected sections, and they are near to each other. Though some local tourists will choose to hike from Simatai Great Wall to the other side of the great wall and the distance between the two sections is only about 10km, you are not recommended to do that since there is a section of wild great wall located in the border between Heibei Province and Beijing, which is far beyond the reach of scenic staff. If any emergency happens, it's hard to send people to leave, and the public transportation is still limited. Therefore, the only legal way to get to Jinshanling is to take a private car when you finish Simatai section. The whole duration by car will be around half an hour.

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Simatai to Jinshanling Jinshanling Transportation Map
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How to Plan a Great Wall Hiking Tour

Besides Jinshanling Great Wall, there are many other great walls offering you the same marvellous views, including Jiankou Great Wall, Badaling Great Wall and Simatai Great Wall. Exploring the neighboring Simatai Great Wall, trekking on steep mountain ridge of Jiankou Great and the near section of the better preserved Mutianyu Great Wall, admiring the famous and renovated Badaling Great Wall, you can encounter different sparking sides of each section and commemorate the man-made wonder of the ancient Chinese people. China Discovery offers you tailor-made tour service, and you can fully experience all the famous great walls in 2 days. If you have more time, it's also recommended to explore other attractions in Beijing, such as the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven, and More!

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I would like to enquiry, if there is any bus to get to Jinshaling in December?


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Dear Mr. Khai,
The direct tourist bus from Beijing to Jinshanling Great Wall has stopped since Nov 1st for the cold weather and it will reopen in the springtime. The only way to Jinshanling by public transportation is taking bus 980 to Miyun and transfer to bus 25 to reach Gubeikou Station and charter a car to Jinshanling there, and the duration will be about 5 hours.
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