Tianjin (Port) to Beijing Tour Plans - How to Travel from Tianjin / Tianjin Port to Beijing

Tianjin and Beijing are both mega-city of China. Together with Hebei Province, they form the Jingjinji (Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei) Capital Economic Zone of China. With hundreds of years’ history, dynamic modern development, and a not-far distance, many people would cover these two cities in one trip. Here we have illustrated how to travel from Tianjin to Beijing, including the reasons, transportation means, and recommended travel plans.

Travel from Tianjin to Beijing

Tianjin Beijing Transfer Map

Why Travel from Tianjin to Beijing

1. Convenient & Fast Transfer Between Tianjin and Beijing

The high-speed railway network of China has really shortened the transfer time between cities. Nowadays, taking a high-speed train from Tianjin to Beijing only needs 30 minutes and you seldom need to worry that you can’t get a ticket because there are nearly 200 trains a day!

2. Colorful Travelling Experience in Tianjin and Beijing

Compared with Beijing, the capital of China for several centuries, some people may not be that familiar with Tianjin. However, Tianjin has long been an important transportation hub city in China’s history, which enables it to be more open and endows it with both eastern and western features. Travelling Tianjin and Beijing, you can see all kinds of architectures in typical Chinese, British, French, Italian, German and Spanish style, experience the difference between Chinese courtyards in Beijing Hutongs and those in Tianjin such as Shi Family Courtyard, take a cruise on Haihe River or boating on Kunming Lake in the Summer Palace, and take many other activities such as hiking the Great Wall, watching a Kungfu show, riding the Tianjin Eye, etc.

3. Try Diverse Cuisines and Snacks in Tianjin and Beijing

Apart from the local food like Goubuli Steamed Stuffed Bun (Goubuli Baozi), Ear-Hole Fried Cake (Erduoyan Zhagao), Fried Dough Twist (Ma Hua), Cao’s Donkey Meet, Chatang, Pancake Rolled with Yau Char Kwai (Jianbing Guozi) in Tianjin and the roasted Duck, Cooked Beef or Sheep Tripe, Fried Liver, Lǘdagunr, Yellow Pea Cake in Beijing, other cuisines such as Japanese sushi, Korean barbecue, Vietnam salad roll, etc. are all available in those two cities. Just be ready for the treat!

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Travel from Tianjin to Beijing Summer Palace in Winter Sunshine


Travel from Tianjin to Beijing Tianjin City Night Scene


Travel from Tianjin to Beijing Tianjin & Beijing Food

How to Get to Beijing from Tianjin

With about 125km (84mi) away, the frequent C train (“Chengji Dongche”, Intercity EMU Train, 城际动车) and G train (“Gaosu Dongche”, high speed EMU Train, 高速动车) will take you from Tianjin to Beijing within only 30 minutes. There are also long-distance buses for your choice but they will take about 2 hours.

High Speed Trains from Tianjin to Beijing

From around 6:00 in the morning to 01:00 at night, there are nearly 200 high speed trains running from Tianjin to Beijing. The C trains are the most time-saving ones and they only need 30 minutes. G trains are also recommended and they will take about 45 minutes. Most of the high-speed trains start from Tianjin Railway Station or Tianjin West Railway Station and all of them arrive at Beijing South Railway Station. Here we just list part of the train schedule updated in June, 2019 for your reference. Please check Tianjin to Beijing Train Schedules for real-time train information.

Train No. Depart Arrive Dep. Time Arr. Time Duration Price (RMB)
C 2026 Tianjin Railway Station Beijing South 10:50 11:20 30 minutes 54.5/88/174
G 220 Tianjin Railway Station Beijing South 16:53 17:28 35 minutes 54.5/88/99/174
C 2668 Tianjin West Beijing South 20:00 20:32 32 minutes 54.5/88/174


Tianjin Railway Station (天津站)

Location: #1, Xinwei Road, Hebei District, Tianjin (天津市河北区新纬路1号)

Tianjin Railway Station, also known as Tianjin East Railway Station, is located on the north bank of Haihe River where Hebei District and Hedong District of Tianjin City meet. It is a large-scale transportation junction integrating functions to take railways, metros, buses and taxis, and an important part of Tianjin Railway Hub. Tianjin Railway Station was originally built in A.D. 1886 during Guangxu Period of the Qing Dynasty; it was officially put into operation in A.D. 1888. Then in 1950, 1987 and 2008, it went through 3 times of rebuilding and expansion. As of September 2009, the total building area of Tianjin Railway Station is 185,000 square meters covering 10 platforms and 18 rail tracks. Now it mainly serves Tianjin-Shanhaiguan Railway, Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway, and Tianjin-Qinhuangdao High-speed Railway.

From downtown (Binjiang Road, Heping District): Tianjian Railway Station is actually located in downtown area. You can get to Binjiang Road in 15 minutes’ drive.

From Tianjin West Railway Station: about 8km, 30 minutes’ drive.

From Tianjin Binhai International Airport: about 19km, 40 minutes’ drive.

Travel from Tianjin to Beijing Tianjin Railway Station

Tianjin West Railway Station (天津西站)

Location: #1, Xizhan Front Street, Hongqiao District, Tianjin City (天津市红桥区西站前街1号)

Tianjin West Railway Station, located between Ziya River and South Canal in Hongqiao District, is one of the five starting stations of Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway, and the largest railway station in Tianjin City. Tianjin West Railway Station was built in August 1909, the first year of Xuantong Period in the Qing Dynasty, and was also rebuilt and expanded for 3 times. On June 30, 2011, the renovated Tianjin West Railway Station was put into operation. Up to June 2011, the total building area of Tianjin West Railway Station reached 180,000 square meters with a scale of 13 platforms and 26 rail tracks. Now it mainly serves Beijing-Shanghai Railway, Tianjin-Baoding Railway, Tianjin-Qinhuangdao High-speed Railway, Tianjin-Shanghai High-speed Railway, and Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway.

From downtown (Binjiang Road, Heping District): about 8km, 30 minutes’ drive.

From Tianjin Railway Station: about 8km, 30 minutes’ drive.

From Tianjin Binhai International Airport: about 26km, 50 minutes’ drive

Travel from Tianjin to Beijing Tianjin West Railway Station

Beijing South Railway Station (北京南站)

Location: #12, Yongwai Avenue, Fengtai District, South Beijing (北京市丰台区永外大街12号)

Beijing South Railway Station is the largest train station and a principal pivot departing and receiving most of the trains in Beijing, which is located at 7km southwest of Temple of Heaven for 20 mins’ ride. Initially built in A.D. 1897, it went through 2 years’ reconstruction and expansion, and turned up again as a highly-modernized high speed train station with 13 platforms and 24 rail tracks. Based on the link of Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway and Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway, it provides a well-developed transport network throughout the whole country.

To downtown (Tian’anmen): about 10km, 40 minutes’ drive.

To Beijing Capital International Airport: about 40km, 70 minutes’ drive

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Travel from Tianjin to Beijing Beijing South Railway Station

Long-distance Buses from Tianjin to Beijing

Apart from the high speed trains, you can also take dozens of long-distance buses to Beijing from Tianjin Tongsha Passenger Station (天津通莎客运站) or Tianjin West Passenger Station (天津西站客运站). The buses usually operate from 07:00 to 18:00 and the travelling time is about 2 hours. Tianjin West Passenger Station also provides hourly direct buses to Beijing Capital International Airport from 5:00am to 18:00pm. You can check the detailed schedule and ticket information at the station.

Tianjin Tongsha Passenger Station Location:
Xinzhao Road, Hedong District, at the back square of Tianjin Railway Station

Tianjin West Passenger Station Location:
Junction of Xiqing Road and Fuxing North Road, Hongqiao District, just about 500m to the west of Tianjin West Railway Station

How to Get to Beijing from Tianjin Port

Tianjin Port is located at the estuary of Haihe River, about 70km from Tianjin downtown. At present, there is no direct train or bus from Tianjin Port to Beijing. You can transfer to Tanggu Railway Station, Binhai Railway Station, or Tianjin Railway Station first and then take high speed trains to Beijing.

Option 1: Via Binhai Railway Station (40 minutes’ drive or 1.5 hours' bus + 1 hour’s high-speed train)

Binhai Railway Station is about 25km from Tianjin Port. It only takes about 40 minutes to drive there. Direct buses are also available and it needs about 1.5 hours. 10 C-trains travel from Binhai Railway Station to Beijing every day. The earliest one departs at around 06:30am and the latest one is around 20:00pm. The trains will take you to Beijing safely in an hour.

Option 2: Via Tanggu Railway Station (45 minutes’ drive or 2 hours' bus + 1 hour’s high-speed train)

Tanggu Railway Station is about 30km from Tianjin Port, by car it only takes 45 minutes, but by bus you will need 2hrs. There are 13 daily C-trains from Tanggu to Beijing. The earliest and latest trains respectively leave Tanggu at around 07:30am and 21:30pm. You will need to spend about 1 hour on the train.

Option 3: Via Tianjin Railway Station (1.5 hours’ drive or 2.5 hours’ bus + 30 minutes’ high-speed train)

If the trains from Binhai Railway Station or Tanggu Railway Station do not fit your travel schedule, you can choose to get to Tianjin Railway Station first and choose one from the nearly 200 high speed trains. But it may take you more than 2.5 hours to get to the station from Tianjin Port by public transportation with a distance of about 72km (1.5 hours by car).

How to Travel from Tianjin to Beijing

Having known so much about these two cities, what exactly should we do while in Tianjin and Beijing so as to fully explore them? Here are some suggestions on how to plan a Tianjin trip and a Beijing trip.

How to Plan a Tianjin Tour

It usually needs two or three days to cover the highlights of Tianjin. You can spend one day visiting North Jiefang Road Financial Street (the “Wall Street in the East”), Five Great Avenues (Wudadao Area), and Jingyuan Garden which is the former residence of the Last Emperor of Qing Dynasty – Puyi. Then spend another day exploring the most eye-catching building in Tianjin - Porcelain House (China House), Shi Family Courtyard, a large and well-kept civil residence with unique features of Qing Dynasty in north China, and Tianjin Ancient Culture Street, where you can enjoy the special architectural styles, take folk crafts, and taste the delicious local snacks. At night, you can try a relaxing cruise (available from April to November) trip on Haihe River to appreciate the beautiful cityscape of Tianjin. If you are a hiking lover, the ancient and steep Huangyaguan Section of the Great Wall is highly recommended to be added to your itinerary.

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Travel from Tianjin to Beijing Tianjin Ancient Culture Street

How to Plan a Beijing Tour

Generally speak, 2 - 4 days are sufficient to explore the best highlights of Beijing. You can visit Tiananmen Square, now the largest city plaza in the world, Forbidden City, one of the world’s five most important palaces, and Summer Palace, the largest and best-preserved royal garden in China on the first day. Then spend another day hiking the famous Mutianyu Great Wall and having a walk at the Sacred Way on your way back to central Beijing. On the third day, you can have some leisure time at the Temple of Heaven and hop on a rickshaw to experience the typical Beijing Hutongs. If you have more days, you can go for an in-depth Great Wall hiking or photography tour, and explore more hidden attractions in Beijing city.

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Travel from Tianjin to Beijing Forbidden City

Travel with China Discovery

If you have other ideas or questions about a Tianjin Beijing Tour, please feel free to contact us. We are also specialized in tailor-made tours that fit you best according to your own interests, requirements, traveling time, etc. We will provide you with reliable drivers, professional guides and comfortable vehicles. You don’t need to worry about the tickets, transportation, meals, accommodation or any other problem; all you need to do is just enjoying your trip!

Recommended Tianjin Beijing Tours

Top 3 Tianjin Beijing tours chosen by most customers to explore Tianjin Beijing in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

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