Badain Jaran Weather - Best Time to Visit Badain Jaran Desert 2023


Badain Jaran Desert has a temperate continental desert climate. The climate is extremely arid and precipitation is rare, and most of the rainfall is concentrated from June to August. The annual precipitation is 50-60mm; the average annual temperature is 7 ~ 8 ℃; the absolute maximum temperature is 37 ~ 41 ℃; the absolute minimum temperature is -37 ~ -30 ℃; the high temperature of sand surface can reach 70 ~ 80 ℃; the annual evaporation is more than 3500mm; the evaporation is 40-80 times of the precipitation. Summer is scorching hot with the highest temperature of 38-43 ℃ with strong sunlight in the hinterland area. Badain Jaran Desert is one of the areas with the most abundant sunlight and solar energy resources in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

The average annual wind speed is 4 m/s, and the strong gale happens about 30 days in one year, mainly northwest wind. There are few plants on the dunes. Only in the lower part of sand dunes or the lowlands between dunes, there are sparse shrubs, and the vegetation coverage rate is about 5%. There are many springs and inland lakes gushing out in the desert. Many colorful lakes are salty lakes, and only a few freshwater lakes can be used for drinking. Even in winter, the lake doesn't freeze.

Average Badain Jaran Desert Temperature by Month

MonthRecommended RateMax Temp.Min Temp.

Badain Jaran Desert Seasons to Go

The four seasons in the desert are quite different from those in other places at the same latitude. Due to the monsoon climate in eastern China, spring and autumn are very short. Because of the dry weather, less cloud and little rainfall, and strong sunlight, the heat from the sun is used to heat the earth and the air, so the temperature in summer is particularly high, and the temperature difference between day and night is particularly large, and it is unable to cool down through evaporation. Because the desert area is too dry, there is no water regulation. The temperature rises rapidly in spring and falls quickly in autumn. The total period in spring and autumn is only about two to three months.

Best Time to Visit Badain Jaran Desert

In most cases, spring and fall are the best times to visit the desert with the most comfortable temperature in one year. If you just go, it is still okay with your tour group and the guide. The peak season for tourists is from June to October, and every August and September is Badain Jaran Desert Cultural Tourism Festival, with horse racing, camel racing, sand dune climbing, and other Mongolian traditional sports competitions held there. However, if you are planning to have a desert crossing trip or looking for a lot of treks in the desert, summer is too hot for you for the temperature of the sand dune surface is general about 40℃. Instead, the wintertime from Nov to March of the next year will be suitable for desert trekking with less evaporation but the temperature can be very low at night.

Dressing Tips: You must wear long clothes and trousers in the desert. It's better to wear windproof & sandproof suits, quick-drying clothes and high top hiking shoes with sandproof covers. It's better not to wear jeans. In addition, when walking in the desert, it's necessary to wear a sun hat. You can also choose to wear a headscarf for better heat dissipation >>More Desert Travel Tips

Sunlight and Temperature of Badain Jaran Desert

Strong Sunlight, Intense UV Radiation; Large temperature difference between day and night; Very Hot in Summer;
Temperatures rise so high quickly that people are at risk of dehydration and even death without preparation and professional guide. At night, the desert cool also very quickly because it lacks the insulation provided by humidity and clouds.

Badain Jaran Weather

Badain Jaran Avg Sun Hours & UV

What to Do: In the desert, you should avoid exposure to the sun at all costs. Sunburns can be very serious, and heatstroke or heat exhaustion can be fatal. It is advisable to wear a hat, sunscreen, and dark sunglasses. You need to wear light and quick-dry clothes, like long sleeve shirts, and long pants. Remember to reapply sunscreen periodically to your exposed areas. It’s better for you to walk in the early morning or late afternoon when the sunshine and heat become less intense.

Humidity and Rainfall of Badain Jaran Desert

Low Humidity; Little Rainfall;
The humidity is near zero in Badain Jaran Desert in most areas, while in the lakeside area, it will be higher with some vegetation around. It barely rains and the average annual rainfall is only between 50-60mm and most of the rainfall only occurs in July and August. However, the evaporation of precipitation is between 40 and 80 times than that of rainfall. As the sun keeps baking this cloudless land, water vapors quickly in the air and the rain brings trivial influence to the humidity in the desert, and the light rains never reach the group.

Badain Jaran Weather

Badain Jaran Monthly Preipitation

What to Do: In the desert area, you need to keep hydrated and carry at least one gallon per day/person of drinking water, so water preparation is a must before your travel. You can also bring a water bottle. Plastic containers work better than metal containers. While drinking water can be obtained at several residential areas in the desert such as the temple and hotels in the Badain Jaran desert, you cannot rely on that. You will also come to see some beautiful colorful lakes, but most of the water from the lakes is not drinkable and water sources must be clean and purified.

How to Plan Your Badain Jaran Desert Tour

How to Get to: Travelers usually travel to Badain Jaran Desert from Zhangye, which takes a 3 hours’ drive only. It takes a longer time if transferring via Lanzhou, Dunhuang, Alxa Left Banner or Ejin Banner.

Best Time to Visit: Late September to Late October when temperature is moderate, more sunny days with little wind and rainfall.

Places to Stay: Mongolian yurt near Badain Jaran Lake or other lakes in the Badain Jaran Desert scenic area and hostels in Badain Jaran Town.

For all travelers, the most popular and classic itinerary is spending 2 days for a Badain Jaran Desert tour, from which you can fully enjoy a wild adventure in its miraculous sights and experience various interesting desert activities. After the long ride, you will firstly accommodate in Badain Jaran Town.

In the next day morning, you will take a local chartered sand buggy organized by the officials to visit the iconic lakes and sand hills. During the stops, you can visit Badain Lake and a giant Genghis Khan Sand Carving nearby, Yinderitu Lake, the biggest saltwater lake in the desert with 108 mysterious springs, Bilutu Peak - “Mount Everest in the Desert”, Badain Jaran Lake (Temple Lake) where an over 250-year-old Tibetan monastery stands and displays the most beautiful reflection of the yellow sands, green plants and white temple. Camping in a special Mongolian yurt helps you enjoy an amazing sunset and sunrise in the desert. On the second day, you will continue the thrilling Jeep safari and explore the Nortu Lake, the largest lake, and Baori Taolegai - the largest singing sand dune in the world. You can try a camel riding, sand sliding and a desert walking to enrich your trip.

✔ 3 Days Badain Jaran Desert Real Esence Tour with Jeep Safari

Usually, tourists travel to the northwestern China often visit Badain Jaran Desert with famous neighboring destinations, like Ejin Banner (Ejina Populus Euphratica Forest), Zhangye (Danxia Landform - colorful “Rainbow Mountains”), Dunhuang (Mogao Caves - Oriental Louvre) and other wonderful places in Qinghai, Gansu, Xinjiang along the Silk Road or in the Inner Mongolia.

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