The Impression Shows - Awesome Impression Series Live Performances

Have you ever experienced the thrill of watching a performance set against the backdrop of majestic mountains, flowing rivers, and ancient buildings? The Impression series, brought to life by the visionary director, Mr. Yimou Zhang (张艺谋), renowned for his spectacular work directing the opening and closing ceremonies of the 28th Olympic Games in Beijing, along with his talented team including Chaoge Wang (王潮歌) and Yue Fan (樊跃), has garnered widespread acclaim from visitors to these scenic attractions. As there is a word saying, “If you miss the Impression Show, you miss the highlight of the attraction”.

Picture yourself seated before a stage unlike any other, surrounded by nature's grandeur, as simple yet enchanting elements such as lights, sounds, and shadows weave together to create a spellbinding experience. Let the magic of these performances transport you to a realm where the beauty of the earth meets the human creativity. Don't miss your chance to witness the extraordinary - book your tickets to an Impression Show now!

Top 7 Recommended Impression Shows 2024

Among all the performances of the Impression Series, we here list the top recommendation with better rating and reviews from our guests and netizens on, etc. for your enjoyment of the large-scale performance of real landscape. Check the detailed highlights, performing time, tickets and place of each impression show at below.

1. Impression Sanjie Liu (印象·刘三姐) - China's First Live Landscape Performance

Directed by: Yimou Zhang, Chaoge Wang, Fan Yue

Time: 19:30; 21:05 (Winter) 20:00; 21:35 (Summer)

Duration: 70 mins

Tickets: CNY198 / CNY228 / CNY268 / CNY368 / CNY628 / CNY828

Attraction: Yangshuo

Venue: Sanjie Liu Song Fair, Tianyuan Road, Yangshuo, Guilin

Transportation: walk about 25 mins from the West Street in Yangshuo County

It is the first creation of the Impression Series. Officials from World Tourism Organization said after watching the show, “it’s worth taking a flight from anywhere in the world to watch the show.” Nestled along the picturesque Li River in Guilin, this enchanting show unveils the region's breathtaking landscapes, rich ethnic culture, and the timeless tales of Sanjie Liu and the local fisherfolk. With over 600 talented actors and actresses, the performance immerses you in the authentic essence of life along the Li River, offering a glimpse into its vibrant culture and traditions. As the landscapes of Yangshuo transform with the changing seasons, the directorial team expertly harnesses a kaleidoscope of colors to paint a vivid tableau of nature's wonders. Moreover, it's a revelation of how nature's spirituality intertwines with human beauty, showcased through graceful dancing, soulful music, and lyrical storytelling against the backdrop of hills and water. With its magical blend of lighting, music, and performances, Impression Sanjie Liu promises an unforgettable visual feast that will stir your soul and ignite your sense of wonder.

Notice: The annual closure of Impression Sanjie Liu varies according to the season and the specific performance schedule. In winter, the show is usually closed for about 1 month before the Chinese New Year, while in summer, the show is usually closed during the first month of the lunar calendar. In 2024, the show was closed from January 13, 2024 to February 11, 2024; and the show resumes its normal performance on February 12, 2024 (the third day of the first month of the lunar calendar).

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Impression Sanjie Liu
Wonderful Impression Sanjie Liu

Liu San Jie Show
Our dear guests watching Impression Sanjie Liu

Impression Sanjie Liu
Live Performance Impression Sanjie Liu

2. Impression West Lake / Enduring Memories in Hangzhou (印象·西湖 / 最忆是杭州) - Where Art Meets Technology

Directed by: Yimou Zhang

Time: 19:40; 21:10

Duration: about 50 minutes

Tickets: CNY310 / CNY370 / CNY360 / CNY420 / CNY980

Attraction: West Lake

Venue: Yuehu, West Lake, Hangzhou

Transportation: local buses No.7, 52, 27, 118, Y10, 103 and more can take you to the “Impression of West Lake” ticket office

The Impression West Lake has been a praisable live show to enjoy the landscape of the West Lake. And the Enduring Memories in Hangzhou show created by Yimou based on the original Impression show was a nice concert during the G20 Summit in Hangzhou in 2016. Prepare to be spellbound by nine captivating performances, including the graceful Dance of Picking Tea Leaves, the timeless Ballet of Swan Lake, and the classic love story of Chinese Romeo and Juliet. With each act, you'll be swept away by the seamless blend of traditional Chinese artistry and awe-inspiring Western influences. From the harmonious melodies of musical instruments to the dazzling display of lights, springs, shadows, and fireworks, every moment is a symphony for the senses. In just 50 minutes, you'll be treated to a sensory feast that will leave you applauding alongside fellow audience members. So if you find yourself in Hangzhou, don't miss the opportunity to witness this stunning on-water performance and immerse yourself in the brilliance of Chinese culture showcased to the world.

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Notice: The show runs from early March to the end of December. Performances are held daily, with only one show on Sundays and Thursdays, and an additional show on Saturdays depending on the crowd. The first show starts at 19:40, and the second show starts at 21:10.

Impression West Lake - Enduring Memories in Hangzhou
Captivating Impression West Lake
Impression West Lake - Enduring Memories in Hangzhou
Impression West Lake
Impression West Lake - Enduring Memories in Hangzhou
Impression West Lake

3. Impression Lijiang (印象·丽江) - Magnificent and Unique Folk Performance

Directed by: Yimou Zhang, Chaoge Wang, Fan Yue

Time: 13:20; 14:50

Duration: about 1 hour

Tickets: CNY198 / CNY270

Attraction: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Venue: Blue Moon Valley Theater, Ganhaizi, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Lijiang

Transportation: take direct bus to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain from Lijiang for about 1 hour.

Unbelievably, the Impression Lijiang presents the multiple features of the mysterious Lijiang together onto the real large stage on 3100 meters high in the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Created by the visionary Mr. Zhang and his talented team, this extraordinary spectacle unfolds across six captivating parts, woven into two mesmerizing chapters. From the heartfelt toast to the majestic snow-capped peaks to the solemn ceremony of blessing, each segment reverberates with reverence for nature and echoes the timeless spirit of a sacred kingdom nestled within everyone's heart. Step into the realm of authenticity as you witness scenes of everyday life in Lijiang, portrayed with unparalleled authenticity and grace. As the show unfolds against the backdrop of the pristine snow-capped mountains, framed by the azure sky and wispy clouds, you'll be spellbound by the seamless blend of advanced special effects, traditional folk costumes, and the pure melodies of over 500 local performers. With every moment meticulously designed to enchant and inspire, Impression Lijiang promises an unforgettable visual extravaganza that will leave you breathless with wonder.

Notice: Except for weather or equipment maintenance factors, "Impression Lijiang" performs every day. Specific performance times and schedules may vary depending on peak or off-peak seasons. During peak seasons, "Impression Lijiang" has three shows each day, scheduled for 9:00 am, 11:00 am, and 2:00 pm, while during off-peak seasons, there are usually two shows per day, at 11:00 am and 2:00 pm.

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Impression Lijiang
Splendid Impression Lijiang
Lijiang Impression Show
Impression Lijiang Performing
Impression Lijiang
Our Delightful Guests Watching Impression Lijiang in 2023

4. Impression Dahongpao (印象·大红袍) - The Sole "Impression" Work of World Natural and Cultural Heritage

Directed by: Yimou Zhang, Chaoge Wang, Yue Fan

Time: 19:30; 21:00; 22:30

Duration: about 70 mins

Tickets: CNY208 / CNY238 / CNY268

Attraction: Wuyi Mountain

Venue: Impression Dahongpao Theater, Dawangfeng Road, Wuyishan

Transportation: take bus No. 6 to Chaboyuan Stop for about 1 hour; driving for about 30 mins

Imbued with the essence of Wuyi Mountain in Fujian province, a UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage Site, the Impression Dahongpao stands as a radiant gem amidst emerald peaks and crystal-clear streams. Here, a specially designed stage, gracefully rotating 360 degrees, offers visitors a dynamic vantage point to immerse themselves in the spellbinding performance. As the audience is enveloped by the breathtaking scenery, they are transported into a world where the captivating aroma of Dahongpao tea mingles with the whispers of nature. This enchanting performance, intricately woven around the theme of Dahongpao tea, unfolds like a captivating tale, divided into nine chapters that unveil the essence of Mount Wuyi and its vibrant local culture. With over 300 performers, the spectacle delves into the rich tapestry of tea history, the artistry of tea-making, and the timeless legends of Dawang and Yunv. Through evocative storytelling, mesmerizing dances, and soul-stirring melodies, audiences are not only entertained but also enlightened, as they explore the profound connection between humanity and nature. As the stage comes alive with the interplay of light and shadow, every narrative thread is brought to life with vivid intensity, offering deeper insights into the mysteries of life and the transformative power of a simple cup of tea.

Notice: The show is closed for maintenance from January 10th to February 10th each year, usually resuming after the sixth day of the first lunar month. In 2024, the show was closed from January 7th to February 10th.

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Impression Dahongpao
©Impression Dahongpao Official Weibo
Impression Dahongpao
©Impression Dahongpao Official Weibo
Impression Dahongpao
©Impression Dahongpao Official Weibo

5. Impression Wulong (印象·武隆) - A Spectacular Performance in a 200-Meter-Deep U-Shaped Canyon

Directed by: Chaoge Wang, Yue Fan; Yimou Zhang as artistic advisor

Time: 19:30; 21:30

Duration: about 70 mins

Tickets: CNY200 / CNY300 / CNY550 / CNY800

Attraction: Wulong Karst Landscape

Venue: Taoyuan Grand Canyon, Xiannvshan Town, Wulong County, Chongqing

Transportation: drive from Chongqing downtown for about 2-2.5 hours

What would the impression show be with Mr. Yimou Zhang being the artistic adviser? The Impression Wulong would give you the best answer. Nestled within Wulong County in Chongqing, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site renowned for its mesmerizing karst landscapes and famed as the backdrop for Transformers 4, this esteemed production unfolds against the backdrop of the "disappeared working song." In a riveting 70-minute spectacle, a medley of local treasures unfolds before your eyes. From the iconic imagery of Father's Boat and Pleasant Sunrise to the poignant narratives of the Story of Boat Tracker and Crying Marriage, each segment exudes the authentic essence of Chongqing's local flavor. With dance, song, lights, and sounds, the performance immerses audiences in the rich tapestry of Ba and Shu folk culture. But beyond mere entertainment, the show serves as a poignant ode to the vanished labor scenes of yesteryears, evoking reflection on the impact of industrialization and technological advancement. It resonates with the enduring spirit of our ancestors, echoing our reverence for history, memory, and the profound cultural heritage that shapes our lives.

Notice: During the winter season, due to cold weather and the need for equipment maintenance and upgrades, "Impression Wulong" enters a winter break. The show was closed from December 24, 2023, with the reopening date for 2024 to be announced later. Typically, the show stops in December and resumes during the Chinese New Year period the following year.

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Impression Wulong
©Impression Wulong Official Weibo
Impression Wulong
©Impression Wulong Official Weibo
Impression Wulong
©Impression Wulong Official Weibo

6. Encore Pingyao (又见平遥) - Immersive Cultural Tourism Experience

Directed by: Chaoge Wang

Time: 14:00; 16:00; 19:00; 21:00

Duration: about 90mins

Tickets: CNY238

Attraction: Pingyao Ancient City

Venue: No. 154, Shuncheng Street, Pingyao

Transportation: take bus Pingyao No. 1 / Pingyao No. 108 / No. 108 for about 30 mins from the north gate of Pingyao Ancient City

Step into the enchanting world of Pingyao Ancient City in Shanxi, where history comes alive in the vibrant performance of Encore Pingyao, the only Impression show set within a Chinese ancient city. Created by the visionary Chaoge Wang, this captivating spectacle unfolds within the hallowed grounds of the World Cultural Heritage Site, immersing audiences in the rich tapestry of Pingyao's 2000-year-old story, history, and culture. Unlike traditional theaters, Encore Pingyao defies conventions with its unconventional setup – no main entrance, no traditional stage, no seats, and no lobby. Instead, performers seamlessly traverse between different spaces, weaving together a narrative that spans business, daily life, introductions, and comprehensive cultural performances. Over 90 mesmerizing minutes, visitors are transported back in time, witnessing the life of Pingyao people about 150 years ago during the Qing dynasty. Through the lens of this immersive experience, the soul of Pingyao's past is vividly brought to life, inviting travelers to embark on a journey through time and discover the essence of this ancient city.

Notice: Performances are held from Tuesday to Sunday, with no shows on Mondays. There are two performances each day at 14:00 and 19:00, lasting 90 minutes each. During peak tourist seasons, additional shows may be added at 10:30, 16:00, and 21:00. From February 3rd to February 10th, 2024, the show enters a maintenance phase. Normal performances resume on February 11th.

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Encore Pingyao

©Encore Pingyao Official Weibo

Encore Pingyao

©Encore Pingyao Official Weibo

Encore Pingyao

©Encore Pingyao Official Weibo

7. Impression Putuo (印象·普陀) - Seamlessly Blending Marine, Buddhist, and Visual Arts Cultures

Directed by: Chaoge Wang, Yue Fan; Yimou Zhang as artistic advisor

Time: 20:00

Duration: 70 mins

Tickets: CNY139 / CNY169 / CNY199 / CNY238 / CNY368

Attraction: Putuoshan Mountain

Venue: Impression Putuo Theater, Zhujiajian, Putuo District, Zhoushan

Transportation: drive about 10 mins from Zhoushan Putuoshan Airport

The Impression Putuo is particularly different with the three main elements of human, Buddhism and Zen. And this amazing show has high standard techniques of sounds, lights, electricity, best combined with the natural landform and landscape at Putuo in Zhejiang. Therefore, the impressive effects enables it a must-see show for your coming to Putuo Mountain. With nine captivating chapters, the performance explores Buddhist pilgrimage, ceremonial rituals, and the profound inspiration of Zen philosophy. Through simple yet profound stories, audiences are invited to embrace love, compassion, and the pursuit of inner peace. But the magic doesn't stop there – behold the 360-degree rotating stage, unfolding like a magnificent panorama, as mesmerizing singing and artistic performances transport you to a realm of tranquility for just 70 minutes.

Notice: The show usually runs every evening from 20:00 to 21:10, with ticketing starting at 19:30. However, additional shows may be added during peak seasons.

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Impressin Putuo
©Impression Putuo Official Weibo
Impressin Putuo
©Impression Putuo Official Weibo
Impressin Putuo
©Impression Putuo Official Weibo

More Wonderful live Impression Shows

Apart from the above top recommended shows of Impression Series, there are also some other great impression shows created by the team of Yimou Zhang for your unforgettable enjoyment in the attractions, such as the Encore Mount Wutai to show the special Buddhist culture and splendors of Mount Wutai, the Impression Hainan to present the passionate culture and the sea in Hainan Island, the Impression National Music to give best display of traditional Chinese music and instruments, and the Impression Melaka to be show. Let’s go to treat our eyes, ears and minds!

Useful Tips for Watching Impression Shows

1. The performing time duration and sessions may be changed according to the local weather such as heavy rain, snow, thunderstorm, some important holidays and so on. Also, some may be cancelled during very cold months such as January, February, and December, etc.

2. For some shows held in summer or wet places, such as Yangshuo, West Lake, etc., you are recommended to prepare mosquito repelling or stickers if need.

3. High altitude: the stage of Impression Lijiang is 3050 meters high above the sea level, so you could decide whether to go to see the show according to your physical condition.

4. For more detailed information about transferring to the venue of the Impression shows, you could ask our travel expertise for help.

5. The above information of price, performing time, durations and addresses of performance venues are only for your reference, subject to the practical situation.

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