China High Speed Train Travel in 2024 - Speed Highlighting Destinations

Why Taking a High Speed Train to Travel Popular China Destinations?

How would you plan you China tour in 2024? Why not try the high speed train?

Taking a flight is not the only popular way for your China travel. As the so rapid completion of high speed rails in China, planning a China tour by the high speed trains is becoming more “IN”. Not only with the highest running speed of 350km/h that is a shining point to experience, the new bullet trains also provides more better environment and new facilities in the carriage for you to enjoy freely. Furthermore, a lot of popular destinations and transportation hubs, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Chengdu, Guangzhou, and so forth, have connected each other by the bullet trains, with so short traveling time at present. Therefore, you are highly recommended to get on a bullet train to discover the wonderful culture, history, landscapes, gourmet, and other highlights in China in 2024 around the corner.

Top Popular High Speed Rails in China

Among all the high speed rails crisscross in China, there are top 9 popular rails selected by China Discovery. You could take a bullet train to travel along the rail to savor the special charm of the passing destinations. Check the detailed highlights along each rail.

Beijing to Shanghai – Newest Fuxing Train Experience

Length: 1318km; 4.5-5.5 hours (highest speed: 350-400km/h)

Via: Tianjin, Jinan, Qufu, Xuzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, etc.

Schedules: 40 daily trains during 06:43 ~ 21:23

Beijing Shanghai high speed train travel needs only about 5 hours between the two major economical centers. More surprisingly, the world known fastest and newest Fuxing trains have been running on this rail. Get on the new train to experience the super speed in the world between Beijing and Shanghai! Check more about Beijing Shanghai High Speed Trains.

>> 6 Days Beijing Shanghai Tour by High Speed Train

>> 7 Days Shanghai Beijing Tour by High Speed Train

Beijing Shanghai Fuxing Trains

Beijing Shanghai Fuxing Trains

Beijing to Xian – Ancient Capitals Exploration

Length: 1212km; 4.5-6 hours (highest speed: 250-350km/h)

Via: Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Mount Huashan, etc.

Schedules: 14 daily G trains during 06:53 ~ 18:55

High speed train between Beijing and Xian has perfectly linked the old capitals in China with 4.5 hours. Plan a travel to the Forbidden City in Beijing and the Ancient City Wall of Chinese historical charm together with the world advanced speed train, your holiday to China would be really cool and enviable. Check more about Beijing Xian High Speed Trains.

>> 6 Days Classic Beijing Xian High Speed Train Tour

>> 8 Days China Ancient Capitals Tour (Beijing / Luoyang / Xian)

Beijing Mutianyu Great Wall

Beijing Mutianyu Great Wall in Summer

Xian to Chengdu – Encounter with Pandas & Terracotta Warriors

Length: 643km; about 3-4.5 hours (highest speed: 250-350km/h)

Via: Jiangyou, Jianmen Pass, Guangyuan, Guanghan, etc.

Schedules: 7 daily G trains and 16 D trains during 07:45 ~ 19:36

Really a “star” in the eyes of Chinese people and many international tourists. Needing only about 3 hours, this rail would take you to get close to the impressing Terracotta Warriors and adorable panda babies, and moreover to taste the diverse kinds of delicious gourmet in Xian and Chengdu to treat your taste buds. Check more about Xian Chengdu High Speed Trains.

>> 5 Days Classic Tour by New Xian Chengdu High Speed Train

>> 6 Days Chengdu Xian City Enjoyments with New Bullet Train Experience Tour

Chengdu Giant Panda

Take A Selfie with the Panda

Hangzhou to Huangshan – World Heritage Line

Length: 503km; 3-3.5 hours (highest speed: 200-350km/h)

Via: Yiwu, Shangrao, Dexing, Wuyuan, etc.

Schedules: 2 daily G trains during 09:49 ~ 19:13

This is one of the most popular high speed rails to take travelers to discover the world heritage sites in the eastern part of China. Be sure not to miss the West Lake, Mount Huang, Wuyuan rape flowers, Sanqing Mountain, and other fantastic world-class landscape for the relax of your eyes and mind. Check more about Hangzhou Huangshan High Speed Trains.

>> 5 Days Yellow Mountain Tour from Hangzhou

Huangshan Mountain

Mount Huang Winter View

Chengdu to Chongqing – Pandas Close-up & Yangtze Cruise

Length: 308km; 1.5-2.5 hours (highest speed: 350km/h)

Schedules: 47 daily trains during 06:44 ~ 21:40

This popular railway would start your ultimate leisure holiday to savor the unique delicacies in the two favored destinations. Prepare your camera for the chubby giant pandas in Chengdu and the gorgeous Three Gorges during the relaxed cruising on the Yangtze River! Also, the World Heritage Sites of Mount Qingcheng, Mount Emei, Leshan Giant Buddha, Dazu Stone Carving, Wulong Karst, etc. would lighten your travel to the most. Check more about Chengdu Chongqing High Speed Trains.

>> 8 Days Best of Sichuan with Yangtze Cruise Tour

>> 3 Days Chongqing & Chengdu Essence Tour

Yangtze Three Gorges

Yangtze Three Gorges Winter Red Leaves

Shanghai to Kunming – Eye-pleasing Line

Length: 2253km; 10.5-12 hours (highest speed: 350km/h)

Via: Jiaxing, Hangzhou, Nanchang, Changsha, Kaili, Guiyang, Anshun, etc.

Schedules: 4 daily G trains during 07:22 ~ 11:15

The long Shanghai Kunming high speed rail connects the beautiful sceneries of the passing tourist destinations together with 10.5 hours’ riding. The prosperous Shanghai, painting like Zhejiang Province, featured ethnic culture and buildings in Hunan and Guiyang, enchanting splendors and stories in Yunnan, etc. would give you a visual feast. Check more about Shanghai Kunming High Speed Trains.

>> 3 Days Kunming Spring City Tour

>> 7 Days Kunming & Guizhou Ethnic Culture Tour

Kunming Stone Forest

Kunming Stone Forest in Summer

Lanzhou to Urumqi - “Silk Road Line”

Length: 1776km; 11.5-12.5 hours (highest speed: 250-350km/h)

Via: Xining, Zhangye, Jiayuguan, Turpan, etc.

Schedules: 4 daily D trains during 07:50 ~ 10:45

Searching for special route? Lanzhou Urumqi High Speed Rail is your choice. It would take you to appreciate the special highlights along the ancient Silk Road in China. During your seeking for the historical culture there, do not miss the Qinghai Lake, “Rainbow Mountain”, and the holy Tianchi Lake and sweet grapes in Xinjiang, etc. Check more about Lanzhou Xinjiang (Urumqi) High Speed Trains.

>> 6 Days Hexi Corridor Discovery Tour (Zhangye / Jiayuguan / Dunhuang)

>> 9 Days Ancient Silk Road Treasure Tour

>> 10 Days Classic Silk Road Tour

Zhangye Danxia

Splendid Zhangye Danxia Landform

Hangzhou to Suzhou – Earthly Paradise Line

Length: 243km; 1.5-2 hours (highest speed: 250-350km/h)

Via: Jiaxing, Shanghai, Kunshan, etc.

Schedules: 26 daily trains during 07:38 ~ 20:43

This nice line linking Hangzhou and Suzhou is your best transferring choice to admire the two heavenly cities in China. Within only 1.5 hours’ riding, you would experience how the high speed train takes you to see the charming West Lake and Longjing tea plantations in Hangzhou and to feel the traditional classic gardens in Suzhou.

>> 3 Days Hangzhou & Suzhou Beauty Tour by High Speed Train

>> 5 Days Shanghai Hangzhou Suzhou Highlights Tour

Hangzhou West Lake

Hangzhou West Lake Sunset in Summer

Beijing to Kunming – World Longest Line

Length: 2760km; about 10.5-12.5 hours (highest speed: 350km/h)

Via: Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Kaili, Guiyang, Anshun, etc.

Schedules: 3 daily trains during 08:00 ~ 19:35

Crossing from the northeast to the southwest of China, Beijing Kunming High Speed Rail is the longest high speed rail so far in the world. Just along this only railway passing 6 provinces, you could experience the various landscapes, cultures, food, and other attractive elements.

>> 4 Days Kunming & Dongchuan Red Land Photograph Tour

Kunming Dongchuan Red Land

Kunming Dongchuan Red Land in Autumn


Besides the top popular high speed railways selected by China Discovery, there are also many great speed railways for your China travel to highlighting destinations by the bullet train. >> Check all high speed rails in China

Hot Destinations with High Speed Train

China has a large number of great destinations for your discovery during your holiday, and there we select top 6 destinations well connected by high speed trains for your experience. Check the details at below.

Beijing – Ancient Capital

Long been the capital city of China, Beijing is the best to look for the Chinese history and savor the magnificence of the past royal families and old structures. Remember visiting the great wall, one of the world miracles.

Beijing has bullet trains to Shanghai for about 4.5 hours, to Xian for about 4.5 hours, to Guangzhou for about 8 hours, to Zhengzhou for about 2.5 hours, to Luoyang for about 4 hours, to Hangzhou for about 5 hours, to Nanjing for about 4 hours, and so on. Check more about Beijng High Speed Trains.

Must-visiting Sites: Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Great Wall, Summer Palace, Beijing Hutongs, etc. Check all Beijing Highlights.

>> 2 Days Beijing Layover Highlights Tour

>> 3 Days Beijing Essential Short Stay Tour (Visa Free)

Tiananmen Square

Beijing Tiananmen Square

Shanghai – Oriental Metropolis

Reputed as the “Oriental Pearl”, Shanghai is also called the “Magic City” for its rapidly developed economy and culture. Stroll to feel the brilliant prosperity and tracks from the 18th century of this mixed-blood.

From Shanghai, you could experience the high speed train to Hangzhou for about 1 hour, Beijing for about 4.5 hours, Xian for about 6 hours, Suzhou for about 30 minutes, Huangshan for about 4.5 hours, Nanjing for about 1 hour, to Jiuhuashan for about 3.5 hours, to Zhengzhou for about 4 hours, to Yichang for about 8 hours, to Lanzhou for about 10.5 hours, to Kunming for about 10.5 hours, etc. Check more about Shanghai High Speed Trains.

Must-visiting Sites: The Bund, Yu Garden & Bazaar, Shanghai Museum, Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai Disney Resort, Jade Buddha Temple, etc. Check all Shanghai Highlights.

>> 2 Days Classic Shanghai City Tour

>> 3 Days Shanghai Past and Present Contrast Tour

Shanghai Night View

Night View of the Bund in Shanghai

Xian – Great Ancient City

The Historic Xian is one of the 4 Greatest Ancient Capitals in China. The world-hit Terracotta Warriors and other famous sites would tell you about its booming and amazing history.

Before or after discovering the old flavor of Xian, you could take a bullet train to Beijing for about 4.5 hours, Shanghai for about 6 hours, Luoyang for about 1.5 hours, Huashan for about 30 minutes, Lanzhou for about 3 hours, Jiayuguan for about 8 hours, Zhengzhou for about 2 hours, Pingyao for about 2.5 hours, etc. Check more about Xian High Speed Trains.

Must-visiting Sites: Terracotta Warriors, Ancient City Wall, Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, Muslim Quarter, Shaanxi History Museum, etc. Check all Xian Highlights.

>> 2 Days Xian City Break

>> 3 Days Classic Xian Tour

Xian Terracotta Warriors

Xian Terracotta Warrior

Guilin – Picturesque Resort

“Guilin’s scenery is the best in the world.” So, feel free to enjoy a holiday in this picturesque destination to feel the unbelievable skill of our nature.

From the picturesque Guilin city, high speed trains are available to Guangzhou for about 2.5 hours, to Shenzhen for about 3 hours, to Guiyang for about 2.5 hours, to Kunming for about 5.5 hours, to Wuhan for about 5 hours, to Changsha for about 3.5 hours, to Beijing for about 10.5 hours, etc. Check more about Guilin High Speed Trains.

Must-visiting Sites: Li River, Yangshuo, Longsheng Rice Terraces, Longji Rice Terraces, Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave, etc. Check all Guilin Highlights.

>> 3 Days Classic Guilin Tour – Guilin Brief Vacation

>> 4 Days Li River Hiking with Yangshuo Highlights Tour

Guilin Li River

Guilin Li River Sunset View

Chengdu – Home of Giant Pandas

Chengdu is an internationally popular tourist destination. This “Land of Abundance” has famous delicious food like hot pot, adorable giant pandas, and unique leisure culture.

From Chengdu, the high speed trains could take you to Mount Emei for about 1.5 hours, to Dujiangyan for about 20 minutes, to Chongqing for about Check more 1.5 hours, to Yichang for about 6 hours, to Shanghai for about 13 hours, to Beijing for about 14.5 hours, to Wuhan for about 7.5 hours, etc.Check more about Chengdu High Speed Trains.

Must-visiting Sites: Chengdu Panda Base, Wenshu Temple, Jinli Old Street, Jinsha Site Museum, Chengdu Renmin Park, etc. Check all Chengdu Highlights.

>> 2 Days Chengdu City Break

>> 3 Days Chengdu Highlights Tour

Giant Pandas in Chengdu

Chengdu Giant Pandas

Zhengzhou – Cradle of Chinese Kung Fu

Zhengzhou, one of the 8 Great Ancient Capitals in China is a wonderful place to seek the Chinese culture. Also, it is famous for the Chinese Kung Fu originated there.

From Zhengzhou, you can get on a high speed train to Xian for about 2 hours, to Shanghai for about 6 hours, to Beijing for about 2.5 hours, to Kunming for about 8 hours, to Kaifeng for about 20 minutes, to Luoyang for about 40 minutes, to Hangzhou for about 5 hours, to Changsha for about 3.5 hours, to Huashan for about 2 hours, etc. Check more about Zhengzhou High Speed Trains.

Must-visiting Sites: Shaolin Temple, Henan Museum, Yellow River Scenic Area, etc. Check all Zhengzhou Highlights.

>> 2 Days Dengfeng Shaolin Kung Fu Tour from Zhengzhou

>> 3 Days Zhengzhou Shaolin Temple Highlights Tour

Shaolin Temple Kung Fu

Chinese Kung Fu at Shaolin Temple


Apart from the top hot destinations with high speed train, you could also take a bullet train to visit many other welcome destinations, like Suzhou, Luoyang, Huashan, Chongqing, Nanjing, Xinjiang, and so forth. Check all high speed train cities in China.

Plan a China High Speed Train Travel in 2024

If you are planning to spend your holiday in China by high speed train to experience it super speed, new configuration, and enjoy the highlights along the way, congratulations! You are one of the fashionable people. Just please feel free to contact our professional Travel Consultant, they familiar with the rail network sincerely help you tailor make a high speed train tour in China to meet your needs and satisfactory, of course, with decent quotation.

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