Mount Jiuhua Cable Cars - Route, Ticket, Opening Hours 2024

Mount Jiuhua is one of the “Four Greatest Buddhist Mountains” in China. Every year, thousands of Buddhist followers come here to worship the Buddha. As a World Geopark, Mount Jiuhua also attracts many tourists with its scenic view. You can either hike up and down or take a cable car to save your time and energy.

There are three cables car in Mountai Jiuhua that can respectively take you to Tiantai Temple, Baisuigong Temple, and Flower Terrace Scenic Area. Here is the detailed information about the route, ticket, operating hours, and suggestions about each cable car.

Mount Jiuhua Cable Car Map

Mount Jiuhua Cable Car Map (Click to Enlarge)

Tiantai Cable Car 天台索道 - Optional for Tourists Visiting Tiantai Temple

Mount Jiuhua Cable Car

Tiantai Cable Car

Mount Jiuhua Cable Car

Tiantai Temple

Route: Phoenix Old Pine - Tiantai Temple (Near South Gate to Heaven)

Cableway Length: 1400 meters, about 10 minutes

Operating Hours: 7:00-17:00

Maximum Capacity: 6 people

Ticket: One way: CNY 85 (Jan. 16 - Nov. 14), CNY 65 (Nov. 15 - Jan. 15); Round trip: CNY 160 (Jan. 16 - Nov. 14), CNY 120 (Nov. 15 - Jan. 15)

The 1400m Tiantai Cable Car crosses Minyuan and Tiantai Scenic Areas. Phoenix Ancient Pine, where you take the cable car upwards, is about 7.5 km (15min by sightseeing bus) from the entrance of Mount Jiuhua Scenic Area. The cable car will take you to Tiantai Temple after climbing several hundred steps. If you want to get to the highest point - Shiwang Peak, you need to hike about another 30 minutes. On the cable car, visitors can have a bird's-eye view of Minyuan Scenic Area and enjoy the scenery of different peaks.

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Note: If you do not want to take the cable car, the distance it covers will need 3-4 hours for hiking.

Huatai Cable Car 花台索道 - A Must for Visiting Flower Terrace Scenic Area

Mount Jiuhua Cable Car

Huatai Cable Car

Mount Jiuhua Cable Car

Huatai Scenic Area

Route: Fangjiali Village - Flower Terrace Scenic Area

Cableway Length: 2908 meters, about 20 minutes

Operating Hours: Jan. 16th to Nov. 14th: 07:30 ~ 17:30; Nov. 15th to Jan. 15th: 8:00 ~ 17:00

Maximum Capacity: 6 people

Ticket: One way: CNY 85 (Jan. 16 - Nov. 14), CNY 65 (Nov. 15 - Jan. 15); Round trip: CNY 160 (Jan. 16 - Nov. 14), CNY 120 (Nov. 15 - Jan. 15)

If you are going to visit Flower Terrace (Huatai) Scenic Area, Huatai Cable Car is a must because there is no walkway going up or down. Up to the cableway station, there is a viewing platform to see the scenery. It is said that Hutai is the most beautiful part of Mount Jiuhua, especially in spring when it is decorated with endless azalea. From here you can take the plank road along the cliff to Henvenly Terrace (Tiantai) Scenic Area and the hiking will take about 3 hours. When you get to Tiantai, you can go on visiting Tiantai Temple, Tiantai Peak, Shiwang Peak, etc. and then walk or take Tiantai Cable Car down the mountain.

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Note: You can also visit Henvenly Terrace Scenic Area first, then walk to Flower Terrace Scenic Area and take Huatai Cable Car down the mountain.

Baisuigong Cable Car 百岁宫缆车 - Short & Not Necessary to Take

Mount Jiuhua Cable Car

Baisuigong Cable Car

Mount Jiuhua Cable Car

Baisuigong Temple

Route: Zhiyuan Temple - Baisuigong Temple

Cableway Length: 452 meters, about 2-3 minutes

Operating Hours: 7:00-17:00

Ticket: One way: CNY 55 (Jan. 16 - Nov. 14), CNY 45 (Nov. 15 - Jan. 15); Round trip: CNY 100 (Jan. 16 - Nov. 14), CNY 80 (Nov. 15 - Jan. 15)

Baisuigong Cable Car is located in Jiuhua Street. Unlike the other two hanging cable cars, it is operated on the ground with an altitude difference of only 223 m. It can quickly take you to Baisuigong Temple, a key temple in Mount Jiuhua originally built in the Ming Dynasty (A.D. 1368-1644).

As the cable car only runs 452 meters and the path from Zhiyuan Temple to Baisuigong Temple is not very difficult for hiking (most people can finish in half an hour), it is not necessary to take this cable car if you are not in a hurry.

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Which Cable Car to Take on Mt Jiuhua

Whether to take a cable car and which cable car to take largely depend on your itinerary and physical condition.

If you have one day, you can visit Zhiyuan Temple, Huacheng Temple, Baisuigong Temple, and Incarnation Grand Hall first. Then take Tiantai cable car up to Tiantai Temple and then hike to Shiwang Peak. After that, take a cable car down the mountain.

If you have two days, you will have a looser schedule. On the first day, you can tour the sites in Jiuhua Street Scenic Area. On the second day, take a cable car or hike to Tiantai Temple. Then keep hiking to Flower Terrace Scenic Area and take Huatai Cable Car down.

How to Plan Your Mount Jiuhua Tour

How to Get to Mount Jiuhua: Take a flight to Chizhou Jiuhuashan Airport or take a high speed train to Jiuhuashan Railway Station from Shanghai, Hangzhou, etc. or drive about 2 hours from Huangshan Yellow Mountain.

Best Time to Visit Jinan: Mid-March to Mid-November, because the temperature is comfortable with the best scenery; many Buddhist festivals and ceremonies are held.

Top Places to Visit on Mount Jiuhua: 99-Meter Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, Longevity Palace, Huangcheng Temple, Tiantai Peak, Tiantai Temple…

No matter you’re a Buddhist follower or sightseeing tourist, 2 days is most suitable for a Mount Jiuhua tour. Detailed attractions and tour order can be flexibly arranged based on personal interest, time and energy.

If you specially visit Mount Jiuhua for Buddhist pilgrimage, then Buddhist temples are the must-visits. On your arrival day, you can visit the 99-Meter Golden Statue of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva at the north foothill. In and around Jiuhua Street, you can visit Huangcheng Temple - the first Buddhism temple of Mount Jiuhua, Incarnation Grand Hall which enshrines the flesh body of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, Zhantanlin Temple with massive delicate carved architectures and Zhiyuan Temple - the largest temple with the most complete layout, etc. On the second day, you can get to Longevity Palace to worship the incarnation of famous Chinese monk Haiyu (Wuxia) and Heavenly Terrace Peak (Tiantai Peak) where the highest temple - Tiantai Temple lies.

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If you’re also a traveler fascinated by natures and physical condition permits, then you can view charming mountain landscape in the Flower Terrace Scenic Area with a special Hanging Plank Road hiking experience.

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After your Mount Jiuhua tour, Mount Huangshan, just 2 hours’ ride away, is a popular UNESCO World Cultural & Natural Heritage worth your exploration with another 2 days. Chinese ancient culture buffs also like to visit Hongcun, Xidi and other ancient Huizhou-style village around the Mount Huangshan. If time allows, you may extend trip further to Wuyuan and Jingdezhen in neighboring Jiangxi, Mount Putuo and other famous Buddhist mountains and many more major tourist destinations in China.

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