What's Tachuan Village Like? - A Multicolored Oil Painting

Nature creates beauty all over the world, including in Tachuan Village. The autumn colors with red, yellow leaves, green plants interspersed with the looming white wall and grey tiles of Huizhou-style residences draw Tachuan a beautiful postcard. It captures the interests of lots of photographers. View from afar in a good time, the patches of farmland, diverse tints, overlapping peaks and mist-filled architectures create a dream-like fairyland there. If you are lucky enough, you may see authentic local farming in the field.

Know Tachuan Village before You Go

Located nearby Hongcun Ancient Village, Tachuan (塔川), also called Tashang (塔上), is a small and quiet ancient Huizhou style village with unique charm. In Chinese, Ta stands for tower, Chuan means water flow through from middle. Built on the hillside, the layered ancient houses with cornices and rake angles make the whole village like a pagoda standing in the valley, when seeing from a distance. Besides, a clear stream passes through the village, which the locals think would bring them infinite anima. Together, that's where Tachuan get its name from. Speaking of Tachuan, the most outstanding highlight must be the stunning autumn colors, the great poetic illusion that attracts large crowds every fall of year. Inside, there are dozens of houses tourists could visit to take a close look at original rural livehoods.

Tachuan Ancient Village Picturesque Scenery around Tachuan Village

Tachuan Village Photography Guide - Recommended Four Best Photo Sites

Most travelers mainly visit Tachuan for the beautiful natural scenery in full autumn color. If you are on a tight schedule, you can pull over at the signed photography points to have a panoramic view of Tachuan from far. In-depth photographers could lodge in farmhouses in Tachuan or surrounding area to seize the most beautiful moments of the village.

Because Tachuan Village is nested in the valley, the highway passes around the village from above, visitors can enjoy a fine distant view and take pictures along the road or from viewing platform in the village. Based on the previous experience, there are totally four best spots around Tachuan tourists can visit to take panoramic images. Tea gardens by the roadside give nice viewpoints. Check the useful shooting tips below for your Tachuan photography tour. Yellow Mountain Photography Tours >>

The First Photographing Point - Walk 2km along the Hongru Highway (宏儒公路) from west gate of Hongcun Ancient Village, obviously you will see a big signboard on right side of the highway. Through a short path, there provides a wooden viewing deck, which is the necessary way to Tachuan. It's a public site free of charge. Tourists can take overall views of the village, field, mountain and forest at a distance. Most importantly, it's a perfect location to shoot pictures of morning mists, smoke of cooking fires and sunrise in Tachuan Village.

The Second Photographing Point - Move on another 200 meters from the first point, here comes the second signpost (on the right roadside). This free place is often used to take pictures of the village, the row up row of white-wall and grey-tiled residences.

The Third Photographing Point - Turn opposite to the second point, walk across a stone-paved path and then clime less than 100 steps. Finally you will get to the third viewing platform at a high point, the best photography site of whole scene of Tachuan Village. Sometimes you will meet the ticket checking. If air is clean, you can make a worthwhile picture of Hongcun, Qishu Lake (奇墅湖) and color carpeted mountain ranges.

The Fourth Photographing Point - First, turn right from the second viewing point and enter the village, and next, follow nearly 100 meters-long path to the 4th photo site in Tachuan Village. The several Chinese tallow trees standing here are the brightest icons in Tachuan. During late autumn months, the red and maple leaves draw Tachuan a wonderful painting world with magic colors. Don't forget to buy tickets if you will visit this platform.

Tachuan Village Location Map of Best Four Photography Points of Tachuan Village
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Tachuan Ancient Village Colorful Field Scenery Viewed from Site 1

Best Time to Visit Tachuan

Tachuan Village and all Huangshan City are located in subtropics zone, thus, they enjoy a moderate monsoon climate. The yearly average temperature is 6℃-15℃. Among all months, Spring and Autumn are two excellent seasons for travel, because it's relative moderate all day, the sky is clear, air is fresh and there has greater chance of nice sunrise and sunset.

The best and most beautiful season in Tachuan is Autumn, during late October to late November, especially in mid and late November, when the crimson Chinese tallow trees and other colorful plants decorates the grey-tiled and white-walled houses eye-pleasing paintings. Meanwhile, that period is the most crowded time for Tachuan tour. Also, the golden sea of rape flowers in spring (March to May), lotus and sunflowers in summer (June to August) attracts groups of visitors. The morning mist and evening smoke of cooking fires rising from the rural village are extra attractive sights of Tachuan.

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Tachuan Ancient Village Late November is the Best Season to Record Beauty of Tachuan Village

How to Get to Tachuan Village from Huangshan City & Mt. Huangshan

Tachuan Village is located 15km of east Yi County, about 60km northwest of Huangshan City and 35km southwest of Huangshan Mountain. It is also lies on the way from Hongcun Ancient Village to Mukeng Bamboo Forest, with a short distance of 2.5km to each of them. After touring Hongcun, drive 5 minutes you can get to Tachuan and another 5 minutes is needed if you start from Mukeng Bamboo Sea. Suppose you may travel from other places to Tachuan, get a private driving with China Discovery is the most convenient way to travel to and around Tachuan. Besides, there are taxi service and public transportation available.

Hongcun to Tachuan Village: If you take car/taxi to Tachuan from Hongcun, it takes only 5 minutes. Outdoor sports lovers can rent a bike in Hongcun, riding about 15 minutes or walk there within 30 minutes.

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Tunxi (Huangshan City) to Tachuan Village: First, take more than 1 hours' bus from Tunxi to Yi County. The bus departs from Huangshan Bus Station to Yi County Bus Station every half an hour between 06:30am~17:00pm. Then change to mini bus to Tachuan, which leaves from 07:00am to 19:00pm every day. The second bus trip takes nearly 30 minutes.

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Mount Huangshan to Tachuan Village: Get downhill to Tangkou Town first. Afterwards, take shuttle bus from the Tourist Distribution Center in Tangkou Town to Hongcun during 07:00am to 16:40pm. The 55km-long trip needs around 1 hour. Then you can get to the nearby Tachuan Village by taxi, bike or walking.

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Xidi Ancient Village to Tachuan Village: Xidi lies in 20km southeast of Tachuan. It takes about 30 minutes by driving. Otherwise, tourists will transfer in Yi County.

Tachuan Ancient Village Tachuan Village and Nearby Attractions
Tachuan Ancient Village Tachuan Village Travel Map

Travel Nearby Spots with Tachuan Village

Hongcun Ancient Village, Lucun Village and Mukeng Bamboo Forest are the three popular attractions close to Tachuan. Usually, tourists make a stopover in Tachuan along Hongcun & Mukeng. The Hongcun Ancient Village, located merely 2.5km away from Tachuan is listed as UNESCO Cultural Heritage (together with Xidi), defines its top honor of "most beautiful Chinese village in painting" with picturesque lakes, composing pattern of ancient Huizhou style architectures, first drainage and Ox-like layout. Highly suggest you take some time to wonder around through narrow alleys, touch the old buildings, feel the traditional lifestyle and view the gorgeous scenery. Interested in local culture and history? Pay a visit to Lucun Village to closely observe more delicate wooden carvings. Maybe you will hear some interesting stories of the house owners. Further 2.5km east, the large-scale lush bamboo sea surround Mukeng Bamboo Forest offers a good place to refresh your eyes and stretch your body. It is also known as the scene where Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon were filmed. Top 8 Most Beautiful Huangshan Villages >>

Hongcun Ancient Village Pretty Moon Pond in Hongcun Village

Useful Travel Tips

1. Hongcun to Tachuan Traffic Tips: Since late Autumn, especially November is the golden season to visit Tachuan, you will probably be stuck in traffic on the jam-packed country road. Thus, walking is the most recommended way to get to Tachuan from Hongcun. Do pay much attention to the safety and better avoid the crowds.

2. Respect Local Farmer Work: Don't trample the crops when climbing up the hill/stepping in farmland to take photos.

3. Far-seeing or Enter inside. Compared to the architectures inside the village, viewing the whole Tachuan from far away photography points is more convenient and time-saving.

Hongcun to Tachuan Hongcun to Tachuan Road Condition in Fall

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